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  1. They can easily convert salary for say Lawrence and Cooper and create space that way, it gets them Dak back in on the tag, but it leaves them very little remaining space and a heap of cap pushed into future years and no star QB under contract in 2022. Not the wisest approach so let’s hope they do it.
  2. I really don’t think they can tag him. Not unless they seriously restructure several deals. They need that LTD deal to get his cap number well under 20mi in 2021. I could also see them agreeing a trade up in the draft too. Top 3 or 4 pick, depending on how Miami go maybe they trade back with the Lions.
  3. The tag for Dak is about 37mil isn’t it. Haven’t looked that up recently though.
  4. Lions got to be a candidate to trade up into the top 3 or 4 for a QB now.
  5. I’m inclined to agree. We are short on information at the minute, but if we do become involved in the race for one of the top players and miss out, yep it’s going to be a major letdown. Probably impacts any meaning pursuit in the high end WR market too.
  6. WR Kendrick Bourne is another to keep an eye on, depending on how we intend to address that position.
  7. Verrett and Witherspoon are the two for me. I like the latter in terms of age and potential value. Hopefully we can find a 2021 version of Darby at that 3-4mil contract range.
  8. make Smith a post June 1 release and we clear 19mil in 2021 cap space. Throws 5.4mil of dead cap into 2022 which seems a smart approach to me this offseason.
  9. Hopefully Stafford can warm to the idea of the WFT.
  10. There’s a hell of a lot of free agent CBs hitting the market. Darby at 6-7mil per year seems reasonable to me. Not sure he’d be happy taking that though, not initially anyway.
  11. The Colts wanting Wentz was the early talk wasn’t it. Has the HC change, especially with who they have hired, now got him back in the game in Philly?
  12. The media reported our trade for Smith in January. It was just reported as ‘a deal in principle has been agreed’ between both teams.
  13. Wonder what impact this all has on the pukes and Dak. So many potential QB options and starter jobs up for grabs.
  14. I said yesterday that the Stafford announcement must have accelerated some discussions over Watson. They all have to link. Much like our move with Alex Smith. Just get everybody on one big Zoom meeting and sort it out today
  15. Yep. I think Trent probably walks. I also expect some of that secondary to get a look from our new GM. Posted the list a while back.
  16. The 49ers can reportedly cut Jimmy G and create 24mil in space instantly. Edit - And he does have a no trade clause that he would have to waive if a trade was in the works.
  17. Maybe Rivera just doesn’t gel that good with Smith, or he thinks he’s a little inexperienced at present. Maybe lacking a bit of pulling power around the league circles.
  18. Need to be proactive in our QB search. Seems like an unusually high number of teams in the market.
  19. Oh. That’s a very bad look. Disgusting and appalling if true.
  20. that’s a great post to wake up to on a Monday morning, Thanks.
  21. Agree, I’d be comfortable still having 3,3,3,4,5 in the draft to make key additions.
  22. come on, get with it. We are getting Stafford so Golladay will be the WR target.
  23. what, you would trade picks and leave him as an impending FA in 2023?
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