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  1. Yeah, im not digging the short hair on Jeff Gordon's wife.
  2. Yup....And im not kidding about the jersey thing. It has happened before.:doh: Unless those pics you showed were from last year. Anyway, have a great time at the game.
  3. No, I remember this actually happened at least once last year. I think they may have been playing the Braves. I remember the announcers were making fun about it. :laugh:
  4. I'm with you. Those things are so nerdy lookin'. Even Tom Brady wouldn't look cool on one.
  5. Atlanta 10 Pittsburgh 0 Bottom 7th...That will teach those Pirates to shut us out the first two games.
  6. Only song I like of theirs is Mr Brightside.
  7. I had a #1 combo from Chic-Fil-A today.
  8. ...says the guy that lives in "MD", yet is a Tar Heel fan.
  9. Is he playing that song, "Come Monday"?
  10. Ok, this guy also has his **** together. Chip's my favorite Brave of all time.
  11. This girl has her **** together.:cool:
  12. How you start the season can sometimes define how your season is gonna go. Stop raining on my parade, bro.:saber:
  13. Braves are now 5-1. Best record in the bigs. The Marlins (also 5-1) are our next victim.
  14. First off, you live in DC. You don't like the Nats? Or is it you were a Braves fan long before they came along? As for the red unies. They only wear them on Sunday @ home. I really like them. What don't you like about them?
  15. Yeah, Big Macs are probably more of a guy thing, now that I think about. Sort of in the Thickburger mold from Hardees. Still surprising to me that you've never tried one. Btw, if you ever get the Whopper, ya gotta get it with cheese.
  16. You've never had a Big Mac? Wow. I figured everyone had at least tried it once. They are really good. But my go to there is the QP with cheese (minus the onions).
  17. I'm a Twix fan as well. Reese's Cup, too. Milky Way. Snickers. I could go on and on. Its amazing that im not fat.
  18. The Asteroids one is pretty clever, too.