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    Football (or soccer as it's known over there) I support West Bromwich Albion - the only team in the world who mean more to me than the Skins.
  1. Maybe I'm biased but the Haye v Ruiz fight was pretty entertaining. Ruiz is one tough so and so, can certainly take a punch.
  2. I'm sure glad you did, although the feed is real choppy right now, better than the nothing I had before!!
  3. I'm trying the streamtorrent link at http://www.myp2p.eu/broadcast.php?matchid=54880∂=sports, missed another TD. Damn.
  4. It says if you send him a message he'll give you the password, but when I try and sign up nothing happens.
  5. Top man, I was getting frustrated with all the other links, nothing was working for me. Hope I haven't missed our only TD of the day!! :eaglesuck
  6. what link you watching, ADTHE working fine for me.
  7. Showing us some mercy? Atdhe is working if you are a sucker for punishment like me.
  8. My P2P stream just froze, then switched to the Bears/Cards game, to be honest, don't know if I can be bothered to try and find a working link, it's so painful to watch us right now.
  9. download Stream Torrent and paste this link st://A0ECgpwEdTkDOQaCoAHIgBZsnxxfWWWNVfWdYt1J84H1ihcHU1Q4MzE5NophAIpBB2RlZmF1bHSKogZTcG9ydHM=/
  10. I would also be very grateful for a pm with a link please. HTTR
  11. Thanks my friend, was getting mighty frustrated, link went live just in time to see a sack HTTR!!
  12. I watched the Pats game there, it was a good feed, hope tonights as good.
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