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  1. As BurgundyYoda said on another post, reading comprehension is hard.... You are absolutely correct in your analysis. He's an all-stats/no-trophy QB. I don't hate the guy and Jackturd Allen really screwed that pooch, but Kirk was utterly disingenuous about handling his end and his travails in Minny do give me some mild, comedic relief "in these times". So keep each other safe and stay 2 cart lengths away from anyone who wants Cousins back on this team.
  2. Including LeRibs! One UDFA will - Patterson. He's going to be our ball of energy (ala CY) on O. Our roster doesn't need much work. At this point, it's about individual/unit/team training and execution.
  3. So what you are saying is that Kirk will get you to the second round of the playoffs but no farther so you'd rather lose in the first round with Fitz to get a better draft pick. That or you think all white QBs look alike, thus confusing Kirt and Fitz (hint: Cousins doesn't have the guts to throw down a beard like Fitz) because what you wrote makes no sense otherwise.
  4. In an era of constant and significant roster turnover caused by free agency and the salarycapasarus, rating schedule difficulty is stupid. It was different up until those two things, but it runs contrary to the idea of parity and quick-fixes which the NFL wants. I get it, the yacking heads are bored. The other stupid thing is a 17-game schedule. Just go to 18 and call them the Federals.... Guys are going to be beaten down hard by mid-January when the NFL's second season (ooops, wrong sport) starts. Start the season a week earlier (Labor Day weekend) and end it the last weekend in Decembe
  5. Our DL is so good, Fitz is going toss INTs inside the opposing 5 yard line just so our guys can rack up safeties. They'll even start paying him to do it. Bonus: we get the ball back.
  6. The first couple of pages of this topic are hilarious in retrospect. Of course he's playing in 2021 - where do you think the settlement $ is coming from?
  7. College coaches look to recruit DEs that are 6'6 - 6' 7? What? How many DEs in the NFL are 6'6-6'7? There is ONE defensive player on the entire team 6-6 (Sweat) and none 6-7. Perhaps B-K grew a couple of inches in high school to hit 6-4, which is what colleges look for over 6-2.
  8. Maybe his comp is Art Monk? I wouldn't mind that at all.
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