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  1. That's what's called a force multiplier -- someone who not only upgrades his specific unit but other units around him; in this case, the DL. It's like playing Doom* and finding the rocket launcher -- yeah, your shotgun and chain gun are pretty powerful weapons, but if you want elite defense, you need to be pumping rockets into that pack of whatevers, because those whatevers ain't just zombies. It's not an apt analogy to compare where we could be with our previous strong D/weak O teams. Why? Because Alex Smith is not comparable to Jason Campbell, Todd Collins, etc. Right now, if
  2. The key to the game is very simple: feed McLaurin and feed Gibson (and if Gibson can run the HO, then Gibson can feed McLaurin). Smart defense, no penalties, and yeah, the Team can win.
  3. The Hell with that. The Team fielded a team and embarrassed the Cowboys, playing with several HOFers, during the 1987 strike. We had guys who were playing on work release, for crying out loud. One, 1, of them made the team when the strike ended. Baltimore Ravens or Baltimore Chicks, which is it?
  4. Do you mean stalwart? There's no way Chase could be a stall worth. For one thing, he doesn't play WR. No way I'd pay Scherff what he's going to want while not paying for "above-average" C who can kick to G if necessary. That's why you keep both Lez bon temps lez Roullier and Ismael - guys get hurt playing this collision sport.
  5. With Sweat who was actually drafted in the first round glaring at me over there, with his hands raised higher than I can throw a football, I'm going to pretend that Terry was taken with our 2nd round pick. Oh, hi Montez, yes, why yes I'd love to have your autograph, especially being our 1st draft pick in 2019!
  6. Is this the first team in NFL history to rise 11 spots in the draft while winning their game that week? I mean, if you think about it, we went from 19 to 8 during a week in which we won.
  7. See the guy who's #22 on the chart above? Frank Grant. Little-known fact: When he was traded by Head Coach Jack Pardee in 1978, WFT was 6-0. After the trade, WFT went 2-8 to finish the year 8-8. We were 3-0 in the NFC-E when the trade was made, including a 9-5 victory over Dallas on MNF when Dallas was the best team in the NFC. If Jack Pardee had not cursed himself by trading Frank Grant when he was 6-0, the Gibbs Years would not have happened. If you think I'm making this up, I'm not. Don't mistake embellishment for making stuff up.
  8. Yes you do, right after you also point out that we'd have won both games this year if Alex Smith was the starter.
  9. And we replace those players with ... wait for it ... overpriced free agents and UDFAs! Nah, brah. We just draft smart. If we draft 19th, we miss out on only 19 players in the entire draft. After that.... Think about this for a moment: we can draft the best player available (to the entire league) in rounds 2-7. We can't do anything about round 1 unless some guy falls from above 19 to 19 for whatever reason (see Dan Marino (pothead), Jon Allen (congenital arthritis), etc.), BUT at the start of the draft, if there's a consensus best rd 2 guy -- we can get him. Consensus 3rd round guy
  10. Oh, well, yeah, those 86, 89, and 90 teams just sucked.
  11. You know what good teams don't do? Good teams don't pitch a fit about picking 19th. They pick 19th and then go smack the next j-hole in the mouth.
  12. There is no reason this offense cannot average 3 points each series. It only has to get in FG range. It doesn't need the big play. Teams that need the big play get a flashy touchdown, but 3 FGs beats a flashy touchdown. Mark Moseley says hi. Hi, 1982 NFL MVP and Super Bowl winner! Alex Smith will be the starting QB of the Washington Teamsters for as long as he's the best QB on the roster. You've got a 2nd-tier QB (which is hardly a bad thing) with strong leadership and mentoring skills, one of the best WRs in the league (McLaurin), the most dynamic rookie non-QG (Gibson) whom everybody
  13. Nobody is going to stick their neck out and give you anything for Haskins. Whoever makes that trade is getting death threats and then if (when) Haskins fails, one of those threats might be for realz. Not happening.
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