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  1. "You are looking live, at sold out RFK stadium, where the 7 and 4 Washington Redskins take on the 3 and 8 St. Louis Cardinals. Let's go to Jimmy the Greek for his thoughts on this game." "Brent, I just hate the Redskins and it's obvious when I make a prediction like the 3 and 8 Cardinals going into one of the toughest stadiums in the world and throttling the Redskins." Washington 30, St. Louis 28. I loved those really long boards they had where they compared everything between the two teams - every position, intangibles, etc. But it was obvious the Greek disliked Washington.
  2. You are absolutely right and i'm so glad i didn't say i'd quit my job if i didn't get the attribution correct. What i'm curious about is not so much evaluating QBs, but evaluating evaluating QBs. Leaving aside unknown and random factors that can't be accounted for, how do some guys blow QB evals year after year without any scrutiny of how they're doing evals? What are they looking at and why are they so wrong? If it's the system the QBs end up in, why are knuckleheads routinely drafting guys utterly unsuited to what the team wants to do?
  3. Mel Kiper also predicted that Jake Locker Jimmy Clausen* would be a great QB and that if he (Locker) failed, he (Kiper) would quit his job. Locker failed and Kiper didn't quit his job. Think about this for a moment: It's bad enough that Kiper predicted Locker would be a great QB. Ok, people blow QB predictions all the time. But Kiper's so bad, he couldn't even predict that he *wouldn't* quit his job if he blew that prediction -- and quitting his job was entirely up to him. That's how bad a prognosticator Mel Kiper is. He can't even predict something completely up to
  4. Jones Hurts Heinicke? I don't effing think so. If anything, it's Heinicke Jones Hurts. Those are puns btw.
  5. This isn't the NBA. Losing badly is not the cure for what ails you.
  6. Tremble's going to Tampa at #32. Gronk ain't going to play forever and when you soundly defeat your opponent in the Super Bowl, you have the luxury of making great luxury picks at 32.
  7. It doesn't matter where you pick or how many picks you have if you have a clueless scouting department and even worse management/ownership. After the draft, I was talking with my stray cat friend Toonses*, and he couldn't believe how bad the haul stunk. It's not a function of having multiple 2nd round picks that you end up with a narcoleptic tight end, a guy with bad knees *at the time*, and the fastest knucklehead in the draft when we could've drafted Jordy Nelson, Desean Jackson, Calais Campbell, Jamaal Charles.... With the salary cap the way it is, assuming you have a competent draft tea
  8. Tremble just seems to have the strength, attitude, desire, and charisma to be a force on the field. Plus he's got a WWF name with marketing potential all over it.
  9. You can't keep him contained, tied-up, or stuck in a box. Houdinicke
  10. Chris Godwin insists he won’t grab a bigger payday and end up someplace “where I’m going to be miserable.” -- that's the attitude I'd want as a coach/owner/fan. It's like Scotty said to Geordi on that ST:TNG episode Relics - (paraphrasing), "You're young and the chief engineer on a starship. It's the best time of your life." Or you could be the chief engineer on a garbage scow. They need those too and probably pay a lot more.
  11. Perhaps mediating multi-team trades using a neutral mediator who keeps things secret would be a good way of improving NFL trades. After all, the league has an interest in a higher-quality product across the board, not in lopsided trades or trades that should be made but aren't. Happens a lot in multi-party litigation.
  12. I can't dispute that at all. In fact, you are absolutely right. There are 32 NFL teams. Subtract from that the teams in salary cap hell, have a history of managerial dysfunctionality, have a history of overreaching for draft prospects, have a history of overpaying free agents, and those who manage to scrape into the playoffs on a 1-and-done every few years. The result is a number slightly greater than the number of teams that agree with me. Couldn't hurt to try something different.
  13. If WFT trades Chase Young for anyone, Mojo, Karma, Fate, and Newton's 3rd Law will be the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse of WFT.
  14. If you have a QB like Wilson, why wouldn't you want his input on the offense? I'd sit down and design it with him if i were the OC. Also, WTF happened with Tua? Now he's a bust? With QB the crapshoot that it is (e.g. Darnold, Mariota, et effing al) and salary cap issues being the tail that wags the dog, trading up for a QB (or anyone, really) will, in a few years, cost you (and set you back) bigtime. If you want to win consistently in the National Salarycapfootball League, spend $$$ on a scouting dept., trade out of the first round altogether, acquire lots of lesser-round picks, and s
  15. Andrew Luck winces in agreement. I really can't see Watson being thrilled to be traded to a team less dysfunctional than Houston but no more talented post-trade. Build the team that QBs will duel each other to come to. Also, if you want a better chance of keeping your top players when they're young, get 'em married, get them some kids, get those kids into good, local schools and the wives heavily involved in the community, and while it's no guarantee, they're a bit less likely to move on.
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