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  1. It’s obvious that Turner is still figuring out how to best utilize McLaurin and just overall getting a feel for how to properly attack the defense. He should have been having TMC running those quick slants earlier in the game and making use of his speed. He also should have called screens earlier in the game, especially when it was obvious they were pinning their ears back. Hated that our rb’s had only one catch the whole game IIRC. Also hated that they never had Haskins try to use the snap count on the defense to slow them down. 


    This team is still young and learning, but so is it’s OC. But, the defense should be able to help him out more with less mobile qb’s. Kyler is special, but he can go **** himself this week. 

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  2. Too much Qb watching from our db’s especially Landon on that 1st touchdown and Moreland on a 3rd or 4th down conversion later in the game. Also didn’t like the cushion given to Hopkins on some plays when the previous game showed how often he ran hitch routes. 


    Apke is still way too slow with his decision making and letting people get behind him. Darby is still not good at playing the ball at the catch point. 


    KPL had a much better game and played like last year’s tape said he could be. 


    This offense needs much better play calling in the first half to make up for their glaring weaknesses. AG had a better game, but he’s still more athlete than running back but he has promise and is hopefully improving with every game so far. 


    Haskins needs to be better, but he needs some help. Inman is a disappointment and needs to have better awareness for a vet. Sims had some costly mistakes in special teams and that o-line is terrible. I hope to god someone steps up here in the next couple games. I’m kind of glad we haven’t signed Scherff yet. 

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  3. I think AG will have a much better game today. He knows he was to slow to process and he needs to trust his first read and pull the trigger. There is no time for that kind of thinking, sense and go and he showed it with that 20 yard run or whatever. That should give him confidence, plus I'm interested to see if they have him out in the slot or outside more often. I could see him having 80 or more all purpose yards today and feeling pretty good about that kind of performance.

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  4. I love that we have a truly disruptive defense and an offense that is at least trying to manufacture uncertainty on every play. That is one of the places where coaches and scheme have such a huge impact on talent and we finally have a staff that understands that and doesn't neuter their players pre-snap. It was so nice to see the Eagles out there confused and chattering when we were in the red zone and applying schematic pressure on them for once.

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  5. 4 minutes ago, HTTRDynasty said:

    I still don't know why Rivera decided to sign Davis over Tre Boston.  I'll never agree with that decision.  


    Boston, with this defensive front, would have had 6+ INTs.  His knock is run defense, but so is Apke's.  And Boston is much better in coverage.  Also, Boston had 6 tackles and 1 forced fumble last Sunday, so maybe his run defense has improved.


    I think it's the youth movement. Tre Boston is 28 and Sean Davis is 26. I doubt he fit with the long term vision.

  6. 4 hours ago, -JB- said:

    Why not Collins @ FS & Curl SS?  Apke is just not going to cut it.


    Collins strength isn't being the center fielder, covering sideline to sideline with speed. His strength is in the box. I believe Curl is the same with a 40 time of 4.6, but I haven't watched enough of his tape to form my own opinion. 


    Apke has that speed, his problem is pulling the trigger on a decision and trusting his eyes. That's why he's late on his angles and hitting the gas to cover the TE and WR streaking down the seams. However, on the one TD that people are killing him on, he was dealing with choosing between two people threatening to  attack deep and it held him long enough for Wentz to attack the outside leverage and put the ball in a place where only Ertz or Goeddert could get it. He needs to do better for sure and that comes with experience, but for that single play I understand why he missed. The key now will be seeing if he does improve or is he just another guy who can't process fast enough to make use of his speed in the NFL.


    Edit: Lol, I should have read more of the thread before responding. @Koolblue13 pretty much said everything I just wrote.



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  7. Man, it was crazy how many 3rd downs Wentz was able to manipulate with his snap count. It wasn’t just the three offsides, but he also used one on a 3rd down to get Moreland to jump and show he was blitzing. 


    My dude KPL had a tough game. Got scored on twice, missed one interception, and then the one he did catch got negated by a ticky tacky neutral zone infraction. His first one, he over extended on his initial jam at the line and wasn’t square with Ertz or Goddert, can’t remember, which allowed him to get picked out of the play. Then that second score, he slowed his feet and allowed the TE to get past him and Apke did his usual first half slow to react thing. 


    Guys were stiff and too in their heads in that first half. But I did like that we didn’t have a single holding penalty called on our o-line IIRC. I liked that 3rd and 2 play call in the red zone that schemed Logan Thomas wide open for our first TD. People were hating on Scott Turners play calling, but that one was nice. I also liked how we used tempo against the eagles and had them confused and chattering pre-snap. It feels like that always happened to us but we never imposed our will and pace on anybody. 

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