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  1. Yea, those mocks are weird. They had your boy Cosmi going in the third which is hard to believe. Sage Surrat annoys the **** out of me with the way he runs and makes use of his hands, but he can glide and has great play strength and length, but I wouldn't put him above Amon Ra St. Brown and I'd have them and Assante Samuel Jr. higher up the board. Regarding spring football, my concern is how are those guys going to handle going from spring football straight into preparing and playing just a couple months later in the NFL? Will they be able to recover properly? Will they have rookie
  2. It's even better. Ron said it in his presser. He even told the reporters that if it is not up-tempo, keep him accountable and tell him and he will correct it, IIRC.
  3. Come on y'all... The correct way to do things is to make a pick based on content of character, competence, and behavior. However, that correct way is also bending or being diluted by the historical under-representation of women and darker skinned women specifically for this particular political cycle. Now, there is a nuance that is being missed in this cycle, when it comes to the fact that white men are seemingly being excluded from the VP pick. Some people react to this as a kind of racism and it can be construed in that way, but they are missing a greater point. White
  4. Man, I was happy as hell to hear about a tangible up-tick in the temp of practice, especially compared to last year. Practice fast, play fast.
  5. By all accounts that's exactly what they are doing thankfully. Both him and Mclaurin seem to be saying that one of they're main priorities for off-season work was expanding their route tree and Sims mentioned in this interview IIRC that they had him working the same stuff as last year, plus on the outside and even single receiver sets.
  6. It was interesting to hear Dwayne in this interview mention that they are having him do RPO work.
  7. Yup, if I’m remembering correctly the things I’ve seen/read that he could improve on is converting speed to power with a strong bull rush especially, developing a spin move and just overall a greater variety of pass rush moves and counters, and finishing with a rip move in some cases to turn some of those pressures into more sacks. The bottom line is the guy was so dominant in so many different basic, but lethal ways that he didn’t have to develop a greater variety and manufacture uncertainty to win. He didn’t give a **** if dudes were so scared of his inside/outside scissors that
  8. Yup, he’s good and super expensive. He also represented the dc sniper. Weirdly enough, my fed judge was the same judge that Paul manafort had.
  9. Oh snap, Guice hired the same lawyer I had for my fed case.
  10. I wouldn't be surprised at all if Sewell opted out and for more unexpected news Trey Lance might be transferring to another school. Man, I know he's seen as a 1st Rounder already, but it'll be interesting to see how he performs on a new team with a new system in the middle of all this Covid stuff while still maintaining his draft stock if he does indeed transfer. I thought this was pretty cool from a scouting perspective. It talks about being aware of your biases and cleaning your filters after your emotions are spiked by either a negative or positive play and premature
  11. Look at that get off for a man at that size. A 1-gap penetrating scheme will make Daron Payne a problem for offenses, lol although he might have gotten an early jump. And I'm happy as hell to see Montez still pulling ahead even with the added weight in that second group. Chase had him up until the last leg, till Montez hit him with that final burst. You can see Chase hates to lose.
  12. We've been watching it too and while Jess is annoying as ****, the other characters are hilarious. Season 5 and what we've seen of 6 have been our favorite so far.
  13. I was watching that training camp live thing WFT has on their YouTube channel and it was cool to hear Julie Donaldson say that Reuben Foster is viewed as definitely being ready to play some time this season. She basically said it’s not a question of if, but when, even if it does end up being some time in the middle of the season. I can’t wait to see what he brings to this LB group.
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