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  1. You know this is some xenophobic, racist, Karen ass **** right?
  2. Basically, we're at the point where I need to get a note from my doctor telling them I have stage 3 CKD, seizures, and breathing issues, even though my boss knows I have these problems already. I've got a phone appointment with my doctor today and hopefully she can find the time to write a quick note for me. It's nonsense, but I'm jumping through the hoops and getting it done rather than fighting with them further about it.
  3. My work is trying to ignore the part of phase 2 that explicitly states that employers are to “encourage telework whenever possible” and get everybody back in the office. **** is super stressful for me and my wife, who spent all weekend going through EEEOC and ADA websites to find information to push back against that, especially since I'm high risk. My hands are shaking from the stress and fighting with my boss about it this morning almost sent me into a seizure.
  4. Been watching a lot of analysis on this past years successful rookies like McLaurin, Metcalf, Brown, and Samuels. Plus some stuff on Christian McCaffery, Joe Mixon, and David Johnson to get some idea of where Antonio Gibson might be able to succeed as both a WR and RB. One thing i like about Kyle and his team is they draft with balls. They aren’t afraid to go after guys who show high upside across multiple traits, even if the sample size is small. AG broke at least one tackle on over 48% of his carries which lead all running backs. The guy in second place to him, was a full 10% lower than him. According to the redskins he’s 6’2” and 228 lbs which is taller and heavier than both AJ Brown and Deebo Samuels while also running a 4.39 40 yard dash which is faster than both of them who ran 4.48/4.49 respectively. He’s also never fumbled the ball in his college career, was injury free, and averaged over 11 ypc. However, the problem with AG is his jab step is inconsistent at best and rarely forces the DB to commit to a given leverage. If he can work on some of that hip tightness and jab and drive more forcefully he should be able to win more effectively at the line and out of his breaks in the ways both AJ and Deebo did. However, AJ has actual straight up pass rushing moves he uses to fight off press that I don’t expect AG to show at any level this year. I hope more for a Deebo level and pathway for success in accelerating out of press. I think DK Metcalf’s level of acceleration and double move ability is out of AG’s reach, but he’s just a notch below and still has the capacity to make both LB’s and corners pay if he can get their hips turned just a bit. I’m looking for three steps or less on breaks in hook or hitch routes to have any chance of separation and AG has shown that. He’s got the speed to be enough of a threat to see consistent off coverage and he has the strength to maintain leverage on his routes, however his contested catch percentage is poor and you’re asking too much of him for any serious work on the outside this year. He’s got potential to be a 3-Down capable running back and he’s able to be our pass catching back who can flex to slot right now (albeit with a limited route tree). Our bigger Christian McCaffery, although CMC is obviously a much much more polished and proven product, especially when it comes to setting up blocks and route running. I really like AG and what he can eventually turn into, especially if we can really get him going in both the run and pass game. He’ll free up Sims to focus more on just playing the slot and will be our inside zone, sweeps, and screen guy. And although it’s a small sample size I did like his run blocking potential and have some hope for his pass-blocking on 3rd down. It should be fun as hell watching him along side AP or Guice in two back sets with McLaurin and Harmon/AGG on the outside and whoever the hell our TE will be, I guess Logan Thomas. Next I’m watching Saahdiq Charles and trying to figure out how much his hand fighting, punch placement and mental game will need to improve to have a guy like Joe Thomas as his ceiling, given that they have similar measurables. SC’s got great footwork, although he can lose it some when he has to make multiple lateral adjustments, but he’s also an absorber rather than mauler in most cases, but his pull game is nice and he can get out there in a hurry. I like the potential and schematic fit of this draft class, given the capital we had to work with and for once we have a unified direction as a team and coaching staff that also includes manufacturing uncertainty with motions and disguises that will keep other teams from teeing off on us all the damn time.
  5. It’s still weak as ****. You may not realize it yet, but when you say stuff like that trying to get validation or appear in whatever way, people who are actually successful look at that as a sign of immaturity and weak character. You get respect/validation by providing value and helping others in some way, not by tearing others down to no purpose other than self-entertainment. Anyways, back on topic. I am seriously looking forward to seeing two back sets with both Guice and Gibson in the back field. Both have plus pass catching ability and serious power. They’ll be a match-up nightmare for teams. If you play them heavy motion Gibson to the slot and feast on the LB match up. If they put an extra corner/safety on the field then mash on em, especially with willing blockers at our skill positions like McLaurin, Harmon, and Moss who has already developed decent blocking chemistry playing along side our hopefully future LT in Saahdiq Charles.
  6. Jesus Christ, the fact that two people who demonstrate such stupidity are elected leaders is an indictment upon humanity.
  7. Man playing HZD for the first time was amazing. They made hunting with a bow and arrow feel so damn good. Put me down as loving the gameplay of TLOU 1. I just finished replaying the game and had a great time. Playing as Ellie was the best part, just rushing cannibals, throwing bottles into their faces, and stabbing them over and over again. Then ducking and running into the cover of snow, and circling back around to pick them off, one by one. Its good tension and I’m looking forward to more of it this coming Friday.
  8. Can we rename or add to the name of the other thread?
  9. I'd almost bet money that that mother****er is just repeating a line he heard from a movie.
  10. A narcissist will never understand the shared power of coming together for a common cause.
  11. Beautiful, her fire gives me hope. Bad ass little freedom fighter.
  12. What? No offense, but I disagree with some of your above assumptions. It can still be our hometown team as the Washington Warriors, still the same team I rooted for, with the same history, but now paired with evolution, growth. The name is not at all what makes this connection. It has to do with the shared history me and my family have with this team and the overall shared history our towns have them. That's what makes a team yours, it's that shared history. All those Sundays as a kid with your family, to those Sundays as a man with my own family and the way the whole city was up or down on Monday depending on whether we won. We invested in that team, in our guys, and just like the guy 's names changed with every season, but the connection still remained, so to would that be the case if the team name changed. Change does not divorce you from your past, instead it progresses the arc of your overall story. The Washington Redskins are a part of my story and my life and they will still be a part of my story as the Washington Warriors or whatever they decide to call themselves. I love the thought of having a team that has grown with me over time, just like I love the thought that in our history we grew to have the first black QB to win the Superbowl and we had the most success with a high character coach like Joe Gibbs. I love those high-points of our shared history and more of those high-points won't negate the past ones.
  13. I feel you and I'd prefer YouTube as well. But, I've really been enjoying having access to coaches film and that kind of makes navigating their janky ass menus worth the time.
  14. This is the same thinking privileged others have about the pain of police brutality and systemic racism. If you ignore their pain, hopefully they'll go away and stop bothering you. Personally, I want the name changed, because it does hurt people. I'm not at all saying it hurts on the same level of police brutality and systemic racism, but it does hurt. My wife is partially native american and she hates the name. I'd rather just call them the Washington Warriors in my house than ignore my wife's issue with this and hope it goes away. Her feelings are important to me and so are the feelings of every other native american who does feel some sort of pain about this. And miss me with the often trotted out line that only white people who aren't connected with Native Americans don't like this. I'm not making my decisions based on those people and if some native americans are fine with the name and symbol, I get that too, but I also guarantee you, we could find a way to honor them that is even better than the name "Redskins" that they would also be fine with. I don't feel a cost or pain to changing the name. Certainly, one that isn't commensurate to the pain and disappointment I remember seeing on my Wife's face when I wasn't immediately on board with changing the name.
  15. It's most likely because Haskins has shown a clear and defined upward trend over the course of last season, while Kyle Allen was up and down. You really should re-watch Haskins' last couple games, they are free to re-watch with the NFL All-Access Pass or whatever they called it being open for all till the end of July.
  16. Ain’t nobody said that **** here. I get the pent up feeling but people are more often rightfully pushing back against people with uninformed opinions who oversimplify what is going on and often do so while ignoring the constant pain that is causing this **** in the first place. There is a difference between having your opinion shut down because of your skin color versus because one is saying some off brand ass ****. Which again no one here is doing to you from what I’ve seen.
  17. That’s amazing, thanks for sharing that. I have severe spinal stenosis in the left side of my neck and for awhile that damage was acting like an amplifier to my every emotion while also having this negative distorting affect and somehow I was able to adapt to get my gut to viscerally reject that pathway and rewire around it. I had to walk around for months with a big blank spot feeling around that side of my neck as a healthy bypass to that location was generated to the point of regaining feeling. It was hard because if my brain thought about or “touched” those damage pathways it would mess with my ability to think, cause massive stress, and sometimes lead to seizures.
  18. I feel you, I feel it too. The struggle is all in the open now and people are engaged, rather than apathetic and we’re adapting. We know their playbook of divide and conquer and yes they have their base, but this is our time. Millennials outnumber boomers now and we’re more educated and diverse than ever before. But, if we **** this up and go back to apathetic and allow this **** to keep going, the next generation will be too far behind the starting line with too high a hill to climb. The plutocrats are readying for their next big step and readying the courts and legislative drones to pave the way. Now is the time to strategize, organize, and mobilize so we shoot our shot to knock these ****ers down before they put the boot on our necks as surely as they did to Floyd. I actually feel more hope, not less, as I see my people and my leaders responding and holding their standards as they protest while also trying to protect themselves and others from the virus. My heart both breaks and rises for their courage and integrity.