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  1. But then you have this ... Which opens the door for trouble, especially when paired with Sessions response to Sen Leahy's question. Superficiality is subjective, but this comment (if it bears out) makes it objectively true that he did discuss the campaign in some capacity, no matter how small and arguably committed perjury.
  2. We have way more than two Americas people.
  3. Personally, I'm angry as hell for the people who chose to put this guy in office, but I can keep myself from indulging in that anger beyond a given point. If we're going to be a part of the solution rather than the problem, we have to be the type of people that LEAD towards that solution. Our behavior has to be congruent with that path. Be angry, but don't indulge so much that it turns spiteful or hateful and poisons you, or closes the door on people, because we make the mistake of viewing a given group as a monolith. Muslims are not a monolith, Christians, republicans, democrats, trump supporters... each and every one of those groups has different degrees of differentiation that effect receptivity towards being people who can join us in leading towards that solution. No matter who you are or what you ascribe to I'll judge you on the same set of standards in regard to that solution and how much I can trust you to be devoted to protecting and not destroying it's potential. If you live in an isolated bubble of ignorance and are willing to exploit and treats others as disposable and further destroy what little trust this nation still has I will resist your efforts and hold you accountable in as calm and constructive a way as I possibly can. No matter what "side" you are on. Will some people have more things they need to redeem themselves upon? Definitely, none of this makes the harm from this okay, the responsibility doesn't go away, but it does give those few who want the chance, an opportunity to say "those lines we crossed, we will never do so again and from this day on we will be better". And then it's like everybody else, being only as trustworthy as the quality of how your life matches your standards. In a way I believe the very purpose of fighting is for protecting trust. Not just it's presence, but protecting the things inside us that allow or enable us to even trust in the first place, because it is a truly terrible thing when those things are damaged within a person.
  4. There are so many women who know that face and body language trump had there from abusive fathers and boyfriends. I saw a woman who voted for him, completely lose whatever trust she had given him because she knew on such a deep personal level the type of man who creates that pain and shut down in a woman. Empathy and that shared experience is what changed her view. Sometimes we get so angry towards the people who voted for this man, but it's not that anger and definitely not spite that will reach them. It's the humanity and shared experiences that connect us on a personal level that will carry that load of convincing people. Living right, rather than treating people wrongly in this zero sum competition to be seen as right, by twisting the optics or narrative. ... now with that said, that doesn't mean we don't hold each other accountable and resist if warranted. No, it means we do that AND do it gracefully, with empathy, and with standards of both decency and discourse. We can't lose sight of being and behaving as the people we want to be as we struggle against those who would see that taken from us. What good is a win, if you lose who you wanted to be in the process?
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    Random Therapy Thread

    I feel so... determined right now. I've processed the shock, the despair and disbelief, the anger and fear... and I've stood back up.. If my surroundings get darker, I shine brighter. I always respond with my best when things seem to be at their worst. Love, Decency, Harmony, Discernment, Beauty, Freedom... my dedication and effort to sheltering and nurturing those things so they grow within me and around me have only deepened. The abyss that lies in the darkest corners of human possibility does not bring me to cower as it draws closer to my door. I've already faced death and been through prison. The worst you can do is make the conditions around me harder as I build... but you won't stop me from building. Maybe this post sounds weird or overly emotional to some, but it's where I'm at in response to the uncertainty and stress of our times. A deeper dedication to the best we can be in the face of the worst manifesting itself more visibly.
  6. This last episode was super interesting to me. My wife is a counselor and we were talking earlier about the dynamics of an abusive environment and some of the characteristics generally present on both sides of the relationship. And then we get this episode, with especially this scene You see how the "jailed become the jailers" with the abused actively participating in the creation of false narratives like "they can't survive without negan" and "eventually every community will be his". A sense of dependency, deeply internalized, that keeps the abused from generating the motivation to leave, while also chipping away at their ability to make choices for themselves. Accepting dependency and a modicum of security for a limited life with just enough struggle of upward mobility to momentarily distract themselves from how ****ty their life now is... plus the others around them provide the necessary fodder for the venting of frustrations and projecting of inner turmoil. Speaking of projection, it's interesting to me how Negan projects an identity onto his bat and then attributes this thirst and urge for violence and punishment to it. Kind of gives this surface level out for him to still be charming while running some twisted "good cop bad cop" routine with Lucille. Anyways, sadly enough, those same abuse dynamics are present in this country's political discourse.
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    Xbox One Vs Ps4

    Anyone here ever play Mount & Blade: Warband? It just released for the PS4/Xbox today and while the graphics look like ass, it's right up my alley as far as the gameplay and strategy. Plus, I like melee games and I've already played out Dying Light: The Following.
  8. I loved Kabaneri, even more than Attack on Titan in a lot of ways since I could relate to the main character so much. But, Re: Zero is just on a whole other level. It's a different flavor than the other two, but it's deep and incredibly nuanced. It's about this dude who gets transported to another world and every time he dies, he gets returned back into a specific spot in time to "give it another go". So kind of like that movie Edge of Tomorrow, but with much better execution in my opinion. There is an episode 1A and 1B, I'd recommend watching those plus episode 2 to give it a fair shot. At first, I stopped for a bit after watching some of 1A, thinking it was some slice of life ****, but then when I gave it another shot I was hooked. I'm actually re-watching it again from the beginning with my Wife, while I wait for the new episodes to come out, it's that good. Plus, there is so much to pick up on the second time around, that a person only appreciates after having an idea of all that lies ahead.
  9. I highly recommend Re: Zero - Starting Life in Another World. For me at least it's easily the best anime of the year.
  10. I've been really enjoying the movies I've seen this year about cooking. I thought Chef was awesome as well and I watched the 100 Foot Journey this weekend with my girl. The Kadam family leaves India for France where they open a restaurant directly across the road from Madame Mallory's Michelin-starred eatery.
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    The biking thread....

    Dammit, I misread and thought this was the bikini thread. Edit: actually judging by some of the pictures, thank god it's not.
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    Something cool thread

    Shadow Warrior
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    **** the Cowboys

    **** the cowboys those soft-boiled, cotton candy ass ****es, y'all pop-tart mother****ers is sweet and soft in the middle.
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    **** the Cowboys

    Just bumping this thread because I love when the first thing I see when I come to ES is **** the cowboys