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  1. What the **** is this? You've got a guy posting about real life tragedy, with people's clothes being melted onto their skin and you come at him with this ****? One trash person laughs at his posts, another complains about memes when it's not memes, but what seems to be actual photos of his neighbors devastation, and then you top it off with some dense ass attempt at victim blaming? Some of the people posting on this site disgust me.
  2. Haskins hasn't met the developmental benchmarks needed to be the starting QB. When he does so, he can be, but not before, no matter what fans may want. If I had to choose a static date to start him, it would be against Miami in week 6, but a static date is a stupid way to go about determining when he starts. He has to meet those dynamic thresholds of NFL Level fundamentals in processing, mechanics, and protections. This is necessary because, those base level fundamentals will be what protects him from regression and supports him as he strives for an upwards progressive curve.
  3. Definitely and I wonder if he’s even fully recovered yet. I hope he continues to ball out because he has the physical tools. The last spots for WR are gonna be a fierce battle this year. Also, happy to see Steve Sims doing well and maybe breaking into the 2nd string spot for slot receiver according to Standig’s depth chart. Ive had my eye on him since we picked him up after the draft.
  4. I understand and there probably is a combination of your last two points involved, but it is what is is. Remember though, this is the media and skill positions are flashier, especially when there is no tackling and sacks allowed in practice. They have way more opportunities to shine and the expectations are lower for that group than the d-line. But, with all that said Reed and Cam are still balling out there and making good with near every rep. With Cam, the height, the hands, and body control are all there. It's just a matter of can he stay healthy.
  5. Was watching Redskins Practice Live and JP Finlay’s and Larry Michael’ top 3 performers at camp so far are 1. Jordan Reed 2A Cam Sims 2B Matt Ioannidis Their saying everyone in the media watching camp has Reed as their top guy. He’s made major strides and is looking his best since before 2017. JP said Cam should be starting over Doctson (and Mclauren is also in that conversation). And Matt is even stronger and is just dominating dudes and that includes Brandon Scherff, which wasn’t necessarily the case last year.
  6. Kyshoen Jarrett is also a guy who was able to learn and play corner, slot, and some safety all as a rookie. The dude has the mental talent for the game.
  7. You might wanna watch quoting pictures my dude. That whole mod rule violation and all that.
  8. @PeterMP I feel you and that's why I carefully wrote that the apathy is a dynamic issue that translates on both sides with different mixtures and compositions that can be wholly or partially applicable to different people on that spectrum. Those dynamics are important and I mentioned them specifically so we don't fall into generalities about apathy or fail to see how it effects everyone in different degrees across different parallel tracks that may or may not overlap. Like I said, no one comes out clean in all this. We all need to be better and put in effort so that we improve t
  9. And just to be clear, it's not just racial apathy, it's apathy towards women's autonomy, LGBTQ protections , religious diversity, etc. It's a dynamic mixture that will be applicable in part or in whole to different people still open to voting for Trump that all sit on that spectrum. There is a spectrum of apathy as well for the Left towards what the Trump supporters and others value, that could include things like gun rights, free speech, and fetal protections. No one comes out clean in this, but there is a reasonable pathway through all that if one takes the time and effort to touch all th
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