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  1. Man, it seems obvious how much this dude has grown since last year. I said this back when we drafted him, but the trait I like most about Dwayne is his growth response to complexity and adversity. He’s obviously still working on body synergy and maintaining it under pressure, but his mind and decision making are maturing very well. In his first year I was surprised by his ability to move and sense pressure, but relieved and heartened to see that his initial failures didn’t break him and he was still willing to play aggressive and his mind didn’t blank out under stress. This afford
  2. Lol, if that’s the Ryan Anderson press conference from a week or so ago I love where he calls that one reporter scribblez
  3. Yup, apparently US Marshals raided his Grandma's house while he was there and confiscated a bunch of weapons. He didn't get charged, but that paired with him running around in Vegas, being focused more on new cars and toys than the playbook, and reportedly being a negative influence on the other rookies validates the character concerns. Plus, they wanted him to be a running back foremost and he was getting blown up in pass protection and not showing much explosion.
  4. Lol, Raiders out there trading drunk. Either that or Lynn Bowden isn’t fitting in out there. I liked him in the draft, but had questions about character and thought AG had more juice though. I had Laviska over AG because of production, but with his injury history I might end up missing on that one.
  5. It was interesting to hear Ron in his presser say that the competition is still on-going, especially for the first 4 games. He wants to see who steps up and shows they can be a part of this teams core for many years to come.
  6. Man, there are some interesting guys that might get cut this week according to this athletic article. https://theathletic.com/2042496/2020/09/03/cbs-wanted-a-look-at-all-32-teams-needs-and-gluts-heading-into-cut-down-day/ Arizona Cardinals Need: Cornerback. Robert Alford suffered a season-ending pectoral injury last month, robbing the defense of a projected starter opposite Patrick Peterson. Glut: Receiver. DeAndre Hopkins, Larry Fitzgerald and Christian Kirk might be as good as any trio in the NFL. The Cardinals also have high hopes for 2019 second-round pick
  7. More eagles injuries. I’m glad our team took the time to ramp up for each phase of camp.
  8. We weren't the only ones ****ing about our teams weird ass scrimmages.
  9. I think I heard in Ron’s press conference that Schweitzer is back practicing, so if both he and Josh Garnett push Wes to the back of the bus than he might be headed to the practice squad. It also seems to me that Keith Ismael is safely ahead of Ross P. on the depth chart. I don’t think I’ve heard of Ross playing with the ones at all, plus Ismael is showing he can flex to guard. Also, the Antonio Gibson being confused thing seems a little overblown in light of what Ron said about him today. They’ve got a tailored plan for him where they throw stuff at him and then back off and then
  10. Chadwick Boseman had a nobility of spirit that exuded off the screen in movies like Black Panther and 42. I’ll never forget what he did for me, in being able to see black nobility, leadership, as an advanced culture alive on the screen. It ****ing hurts that he’s gone. I ****ing hate that we’ve lost John Lewis, Elijah Cummings, and now Chadwick Boseman in the past 2 years. So many of my heroes passing on.
  11. @volsmet a guy I remember you being high on.
  12. @Skinsinparadise No doubt and I agree that those players would have had a better chance here based upon their internal make-up. For the record I actually don't think Geron Christian will succeed to the point of ever being great and I'm just hoping for Donald Penn level production or better, because at this time he seems to lack the requisite level of mental and emotional intensity despite his physical gifts. Psychology was my major in college as well and I've spent the last ten years building a movement based model of the internal systems/structures behind consciousness
  13. Giants getting hit with some injuries
  14. @Skinsinparadise I feel you and don’t disagree with anything you said. My comment was more about reacting to/moving the conversation out of possible binary roads and being able to speak about the entire system of which both internal and external motivation play a part in a bi-directional feedback loop that creates interconnected layers of nature and nurture internalizations over time with relative levels of effectiveness. Internal motivation that is an identity level internalization, as in a part of who you are and interconnected with a well practiced value system will
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