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    The Impeachment Thread

    People trotting out the “unseemly” defense are ignoring or ignorant of the two separate criminal referrals issued in response to the call or what the FEC chair has repeatedly called a felony (albeit indirectly). The Barr/Trump DOJ quashed those referrals because supposedly they “can’t quantify the value” of a Ukrainian investigation on Biden but that’s bull**** and besides it’s still obviously in the arena of high crimes and misdemeanors since it goes against the very spirit of protecting our elections from abuses of power and foreign influence. This is kind of **** is exactly what impeachment isn’t supposed to be for.
  2. I don't get shows like Succession. Why are shows centered around such ****ty people fascinating to Americans? It's gotta be more than shaudenfraude right? Even that is a ****ty ass motivation.
  3. Fresh8686

    2020 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    So it looks like the dolphins and bengals are our main competition for the top of the draft. And both are looking for a new qb most likely. We could still end up at #3 and have our choice at Young, Thomas, or Okudah. Then there is also the fact that the bucs, titans, and bears could all be looking for new qbs as well, which might open the door for a trade down scenario even at #3 if Burrows, Love, and Hurts continue to progress.
  4. Fresh8686 Redskins Name Bill Callahan Head Coach

    We seem to be finally practicing in pads again after not doing so in over 2 weeks.
  5. Fresh8686

    The Impeachment Thread

    I really ****ing hate how so many politicians now a days love to start deflecting a question or giving a non answer by saying “now let me be clear”.
  6. This dumbass has no idea what in the **** he's even talking about.
  7. Fresh8686

    Xbox One Vs Ps4

    Persona 5 bored the hell out of me.
  8. Fresh8686 Redskins Name Bill Callahan Head Coach

    Does anyone know if they practiced in pads today? I saw some interesting comments from some players saying that they haven't practiced in pads in over 2 weeks and that really messes with them in their ability to train with the correct contact points and stay sharp in that respect. If that is true it kind of adds some reasoning to why we're having so many holding calls.
  9. Fresh8686

    0-6 Start, Tell Me It Can't Happen, Please....

    In some cases I can understand that, but in most cases **** that, I'm a fighter. If scorched earth is the only way, then let's do it and see who dies from the chemo first, me or the cancer.
  10. Fresh8686

    0-6 Start, Tell Me It Can't Happen, Please....

    Maybe it'll help for some here to look at it this way... The Redskins have Cancer. Stage 3 Dan and Bruce Butt-hole Cancer and it's terminal, but a slow death. Going between 0-16 and 3-13 is the chemo. It can hurt and be a miserable time, but it's the only shot at reaching to the core, where the most hardiest of cancer cells are still hanging on. The chemo might not work, but it's better than nothing and the only shot we have to at least put this cancer in remission.
  11. Fresh8686

    Chris Thompson where do I begin?

    Showing emotion is not weakness. Crying is not weakness. Hating on or being afraid to show emotion or cry, because you are pressed by what others might think about you or because you think it's not "manly" is a weakness. It's also a symptom of hyper or sometimes toxic masculinity. Being vulnerable, but still getting **** done and having life handled is the sign of a mature man.
  12. Fresh8686

    Erosion Of The Redskins Fanbase

  13. Fresh8686

    Erosion Of The Redskins Fanbase

    Get'em Scott. Tell him how we all really feel and blow his ass up on tv.
  14. That's what happens when both forums center around "leaders" who are arrogant, incompetent, and self-delusional.
  15. Fresh8686

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    This ****ing **** said he isn't trading Trent Williams
  16. Fresh8686

    !!!!0mgz!!!! Trent Williams finally showed up

    If we can somehow trade Trent and Kerrigan for some combo first or second round picks and then end up with chase young at #2 or #3 overall... man that wouldn’t be too bad at all.
  17. Fresh8686

    The Impeachment Thread

    Maybe I missed it, but has anybody made the connection yet between the files the IG gave to Congress yesterday that was filled with conspiracy theory nonsense meant to smear former Ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch and what Trump said on the Zelensky call? Isn't that persuasive evidence that Trump had foreknowledge of his people's efforts to fabricate said smear campaign so they could install a sycophant in her stead?
  18. Fresh8686

    The Impeachment Thread

    Yup, no doubt. The worst of those three though is actually the dude in that picture who is Gordon Sondland and not Bill Taylor. Sondland is even more of a P.O.S. in my opinion because he was the one who was trying to get them off the chat and clean-up any mention of the pressure Trump was applying. He's not even a career official IIRC, just some Republican Mega-donor who bought himself a position through his donations.
  19. Fresh8686

    The Impeachment Thread

    From the FEC Chair, for the people who don't think what Trump did was a big deal...
  20. Man, I always hold my breath when I see this thread pop up at the top of the page. Sigh of relief this time.