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  1. *I'm with you on this. I live a stone's throw from Philadelphia, and one of my nephews went to Temple; so, I watched Ionnidas DOMINATE, at '0/1/3-Techniques'. Coach Tomsula has raved about Matt during OTA's & Mini-Camp! Our Team is gonna 'surprise' EVERYONE (but 'US'), this season! I'm hanging on MY prognostication of '12-4 to 15-4' & 'Back-2-Back' Lombardi's!!! 'HTTR-4-LIFE (since I arrived in the USA, at age-7, 1965)'!!!
  2. *Just as Coach said: "Ziggy is a DE (who, 'badd-assedly', 'took one for the TEAM - playing 'WAAAAAAAY-OUT-OF-POSITION', as an 'UNDERSIZED NT')!!!" Go over Ziggy's STEELERS Tape, at DE...
  3. *I Think that WR Brian Quick's 'Lack of Opportunities/Production' Stemmed from His 'Newness' to Both Jay's System & The Offensive PlayBook'! To My 'Old (60-Years) Afrikan Eyes', Quick & Doctson are 'VERY-Similar (in Speed & Abilities)'! Look(while Quick was a Ram - with Case Keenum at QB): I Think, with the Addition of Richardson, and with Smith at QB, Our 'Overall Receiving Corps (TEs & RBs Included) is 'a Bit More Dynamic & Explosive (with Jay 'Dialing **** Up') Than 'at FIRST-Glance'!?! *The Vikings are Goi
  4. *As a Vietnam-Era Navy Veteran (NavSecGru/NacSpecWar-Attached), I ABHOR 'STANZA #3'!!! ?????????? https://youtu.be/LEl9gUOgvZQ
  5. Comrades! "ATD" has been SEIZED by The Feds ("I.C.E."-Homeland Security, National Intellectual Property Rights Coordination Center, USDOJ, etc.)! Checkout their 'former' website: Click Here!
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