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  1. i signed up for pre-order notifications on all the major websites. I didn't receive anything! By the time I caught wind of it sites like Gamestop and Best Buy were already an impossible mess. Lucky for me the wife was all over the Amazon situation and scored one for us right when their pre-orders dropped. Hopefully there are no issues with delivery.
  2. That was my feeling as well. And just not as many dumb mistakes in general. We didn't see blown assignment after blown assignment from the secondary. We didn't see constant confusion at the line of scrimmage resulting in wasted time outs, etc. And the team made adjustments and improved as the game went on. There were some letdowns and bad mistakes, but in general we at least looked like we knew what the heck we were doing out there.
  3. Now on NFL Network the ticker says he has been diagnosed with skin cancer. Was the original report of of lymph node cancer incorrect?
  4. I just got a Covid test on Friday at a local clinic here in South Florida. It was not self administered. I was prepared for the long, uncomfortable swab up to the brain that I've heard everyone describe(including co-workers that have been tested). Each nostril was quickly swabbed in a circular fashion with a very short swab. It was not inserted very deep into my nose and it was surprisingly gentle. I did not feel resistance at all. I immediately had doubts that the test was performed correctly and even questioned the tech. Can anyone confirm is this a new type of testing method? It's not what
  5. I read on ESPN this morning that Adam Schefter reported that "Washington will discontinue it's use of Native American imagery." If it's a total rebrand I'm most likely out and done with the NFL altogether.
  6. As of a few days ago it seemed we would have a name change(ie Warriors) and be able to retain the colors and logo. Why has that suddenly changed? Are corporate sponsors now demanding a complete rebrand? I can't seem to find any solid info on this. Why the change in tone on this?
  7. We're in Indian River county Florida(Vero Beach). I have an 8 year old and a 12 year old. Our schools re-open August 10th. There are 3 options. In person at school, virtual learning from home, or 9 weeks of virtual learning followed by attending in person from there on out. Even though my wife could stay home with them, we are leaning towards sending them back right away. We have no confidence the virtual learning will be anywhere close to sufficient. And I've been going to work all along anyway. We've just had our first 2nd hand exposure(co-worker's wife just tested positive). With the direct
  8. Here in Florida they've announced 1,419 new cases today, the largest single day increase since the pandemic began. Yet most of the state begins phase 2 of re-opening tomorrow.
  9. And meanwhile the stock market continues to climb back up. Anybody think we can expect another big dip around the corner?
  10. My son and I have tickets and hotel reservations for Wrestlemania in Tampa the weekend of April 5. For anyone unfamiliar with Wrestlemania, that event always attracts thousands of fans from overseas. Not ideal given the current situation. I'm almost expecting the whole event to be cancelled. There's already been a couple of cases reported just outside the Tampa area and we still have more than a month for more to spread.
  11. Absolutely. I live in Florida. I've been shamed a couple times in recent years. Nothing overly disrespectful, but definitely shamed. More accurately they act surprised that the Redskins still have fans. For instance the bag boy at the grocery store that helped me out to my car recently saw the Redskins border on my tag and exclaimed out loud... "The Redskins?? REALLY??" LOL People mostly laugh and or feel sorry for me.
  12. I'm pretty sure Bruce knows. And I'm also pretty sure he doesn't care. Dan genuinely may not though. I've read in the past that he really doesn't keep up with and read a lot of press.
  13. I did not think that at all. With our free agent track record I was cautiously optimistic at best. And I'm not surprised with the results. These free agents almost never pan out for us. In the end Carolina looks pretty smart having rescinded that franchise tag on him.
  14. Watching the game on television I could have sworn I heard "DEFENSE!, DEFENSE!" chants several times in the second half when the skins had the ball. Can anyone confirm this?
  15. We were playing a soft, vanilla "bend but don't break" defense yet somehow still allowed two long bomb TD's. Only the skins.
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