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  1. Hope the douchebag goes to jail if the evidence shows he fabricated this crap.... However...... Not all Trump supporters are racists... But most if not all racists are Trump supporters.... So **** this guy and **** racist asshole Trump supporters. 


    There is no you see, you see here.... When you have a racist piece of **** president, its hard not to believe his followers doing **** like this. 

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  2. 2 hours ago, LD0506 said:


    I know but still, would it be inappropriate to tell him "**** you and the butterfly you rode in"......... guess I'll ask Northam's wife

    No sympathy from me... Let it all burn

    Want that scarring in their soul... So they know what is to vote for trash who destroys everything they hold and love dearly.... And hopefully they remember this crap the next time they hear another charlatan spewing lies and bs

  3. Hey its ok that he lies..... But damn that Hillary woman.. Cant trust her, but I trust the orange buffoon..... He just makes me feel good... Lying and all... Force1958 you are a freaking hypocrite... Thats all and a troll in my opinion

    11 minutes ago, visionary said:


    She is still gonna vote for Rao because..... 

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  4. 9 minutes ago, TheGreatBuzz said:

    I think $100k is too low.  I was going to say over $500k.  PleaseBlitz numbers for 1% also would be a good starting point. 

    Honestly, there would be need of data from the irs to consider what will be the best bang for the buck for tax increases without being detrimental to the tax revenue brought in 

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  5. 2 minutes ago, Renegade7 said:

    I don't like her feelings on education, debt free shouldn't be the goal, affordable quality education is what we need.  Unless she commits to Department of Education paying for everything, but it will be like Health Care in that Medicare for All will be expensive AF unless drug prices come down.

    Agree with you on both points... Forward that stuff to her campaign.. Like for real

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  6. 19 minutes ago, CousinsCowgirl84 said:



    She said no funding for a wall until the government is open, not no funding for a wall, ever. In fact she promised to negotiate money for a wall but only if  trump agreed to cleanly open the government.

    You are full of crap..... Please show a quote where Pelosi said she would fund "a wall" if goverment reopens....No one agreed to fund his stupid wall, please let this sink into your head for once and stop spouting bs around here

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  7. 19 minutes ago, LadySkinsFan said:

    The more I think about it, a Harris/O'Rourke,ticket makes sense to me. Harris is more centrist, has that prosecutor's demeanor. O'Rourke has the youth, wide appeal, and energy to propel the Democrats forward.


    Harris is a fighter and O'Rourke does the footwork. And eight years of that ticket positions O'Rourke for the presidency 2028.


    It's going to take that long to fix the country after Trump and the Republican cabal.

    Im voting for Kamala Harris..... Glad she officially jumped in...... Looks grounded.. Cant be said to be soft in crime..... Giid for me compared to the ornage turd scumbag currently occupying the white house

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  8. 18 minutes ago, PleaseBlitz said:


    Not a fan of this.  They should go no more than $2.5 billion in border security measures, no wall, something in return.  With this, Trump is getting nearly $4 billion in concessions because he threw a temper tantrum. 

    Dems are trying to give the orange buffoon a way to save face money wise and still not fund his **** idea of a wall.....But knowing Trump and his ilk, not to smart to figure out a way to spin it. I know everyone and their mom is for Border security not a stupid wall that will definitely cost more than $5 Billion and wont stop illegal immigration or drug flow. Might slow it down but a legit cost analysis would probably say it is not the best investment for limited funds. But hey when did this Trump administration ever work on logic.... more like what they "feel"....smh

    3 minutes ago, bearrock said:

    I think it's to deflect any accusation that Dems are being soft on border security.  They would like the message to be "Border security is important and we're all for increased funding for it.  Just not on Trump's vanity project aka the wall.  We are for border security.  We're against government waste and hostage taking tactics by the president."

    Exactly what I was typing and you beat me to it..

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  9. DoD funds dummy...... If its infringing our National security might as well use thier funds as a piggy bank since republicans are ok with this **** and no one is punishing them..... **** is gonna get real if I was a Democrat president.... Since people will still vote this moron as president again.... All bets are off..... **** decency and norms since republicans dont give 2 ****s about those things.... Done trying to be nice guys and step on mother****ers throats when you get the upper hand like the GOP constantly do. 

  10. 1 hour ago, Mr. Sinister said:


    I think everyone has one story like that (except me, because I'm smart unlike yall).


    Had a friend who was dating a woman who's fiancee had died. Said she was communicating with a spirit medium, and would say some weird **** about how the medium would tell her that he was compliment her clothes (at this point, even though this is highly suspicious and very benign, most men should run anyway, I don't care if shorty is sexy like an elf mermaid)


    But then it got creepier. He said he was driving her car one day, and he noticed the transmission was starting to slip a bit, and he mentioned it to her, and she got all stunned, then told them that during o e of her "Communications," the medium claimed her fiancee said the same thing (he was a mechanic in his human life 😐)


    Then the one that made him finally cut bait was when he said she got a "Message" that said that Patrick Swayze was Standing. Near. The. Bed. While. They. Were. Boning. and liked her nail patterns she was using.


    Said she was hysterical for a week, but no threats to kill him and put her fiancee's soul into him or anything. Just that she wished she had never opened up to him about all of it. Um.... Yeah? Certainly not in the beginning (man or woman).


    Quickest way for them to start looking for that exit door, unless you like to live dangerously lol. Not me. Nope. No blood moon sacrifices here. Dont care if she got stuff like  Nolan Ryan. Likely needed psychiatric help more than anything else.

    What stuff like Nolan Ryan..... Hot 🔥, 100 mile an hour heat... What r u trying to say man?