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  1. I am having the same issues using Safari on my Mac. Its fine in Firefox and Chrome though.
  2. A simple mask does not protect you though. It stops you from infecting others so.
  3. Snyder needs to rip up these NDAs that prevent people speaking out on the issues raised in the Post article. Anyone affected by these events should be free to speak. NDAs shouldn't be used to protect abusers. If he goes after the ones who have spoken them I'm done with this team.
  4. It's available on Youtube in the UK. No idea if it is geo restricted.
  5. A bit of a light hearted post to lighten the mood. While everyone is on lockdown indoors a herd of goats have taken over a seaside town in the UK The thread on twitter follows the story.
  6. Well known people get tested for the virus. I bet the % of well known people getting the virus is no different than the rest of us getting the virus. We're not tested though.
  7. Gibbs has 5 Nascar Championships not 3.
  8. Alex Smiths 2020 salary is already fully guaranteed due to injury https://www.spotrac.com/nfl/washington-redskins/alex-smith-3337/
  9. Smith's contract is fully guaranteed next season so he may as well mentor Haskins and do something for the money even if he can't play.
  10. That does not make what he is saying false though.
  11. He can't run. No system can hide this glaring weakness. He has become just another guy who got over paid by the Redskins.
  12. I guess the moral of the story is be vary wary of getting into bed with Trumps America. Extremists will soon have their recruitment posters for the next wave of Martyrs.
  13. Anyone got any faith that things are going to get any better?
  14. Offers suggests he will have a choice so we can rule him out
  15. And he still has a reasonable chance of getting a second term. America is screwed.
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