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  1. I got offered extra tickets to add for my lower level seats ? My buddy actually added 2 more so now he has 6 lower levels did any one else experience this when renewing ? How ever regular green parking they could not give ?
  2. Yes no payment plan flat out paid for it On your extra seat, I am assuming you paid full price for that seat?
  3. got a call from the ticket office that a extra seat was available next to me offcourse i bought it so not i have 3 ! He stated that a signature would be required for that one and they have received allot of complaints regarding the shipment of our tickets.
  4. just renewed they still have the 3 payment plan. Your card will get charged the day you renew then 4-15-12 and the last one on 5/15/12 hope i get to the home side !
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