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  1. Portis maybe a drama queen sometimes, very outspoken sometimes, and at the end of his effectiveness as an RB or at least on the downhill roll....but come on people he is not a cancer....the way the team has treated him this year, put him on IR (for a concussion...come on) and not spent money on OL for him or JC...he hasnt driven the team apart, been speaking to the media nonstop, or just flat out been an *** like TO would have been. He isnt a cancer and he's not the root of all the teams problems on/off the field so stop making him the scapegoat.
  2. seriously??? OP is higher than Marion Barry
  3. I think it will be yes. I thought I heard about it being on NFL Network but I'm not sure on that. It will definitely be on NBC-4/Comcast Sportsnet per http://www.redskins.com/gen/games/schedule.jsp
  4. ugh too much of a reminder of the steelers "home" game at our stadium...no thanks
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