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  1. I found a pretty awesome video guide for my embryology test on Thursday. The entire thing is in Dutch . God damnit the animations in it seemed really helpful and apparently so is the wording because people gave it good reviews. Son of a *****.
  2. Yeah how does NFL news about teams that don't even affect us get your adrenaline going lol.
  3. Yeah but sporting events are usually fun regardless of the product on the court. Can't beat a cheap lower level ticket to an NBA game.
  4. Going to be coming back home to NOVA this weekend. Deciding between attending the Wizards vs. Hawks game on Saturday or the Capitals vs. Bruins game on Sunday. More like deciding between spending 10 bucks to watch a crappy team or shelling out more money to watch a great team lol.
  5. Well you gotta start somewhere
  6. It's called the volume button. and you made a post without a damn emoticon. OH ****.
  7. I like Steven A. for his basketball rants. Usually they are pretty funny and spot on. He doesn't really know much about anything else though.
  8. I like Steven A. Smith... he's funny.
  9. Dude I get those Captain Obvious texts all the time. Mom: hey it's cold outside, wear sufficient clothing Well no **** sherlock :doh:
  10. Yeah good luck with finding a middle eastern girl BLTO. I drove back an Afghan friend of mine back home from college last year. She took me inside to introduce me to her parents and her dad looked at me as if he wanted to rip my insides out. It's hard enough for people of the same skin color to get in on that :doh:.
  11. So I'm guessing you were gonna miss out a chance to catch them live but now you'll still be able to?
  12. The worst day of your life revolved around Rammstein?
  13. I have ****ing had it with this dude in my chemistry class. First of all we have assigned groups which is ridiculous, but this guy works out at the gym before coming to class and DOES NOT SHOWER. Good ****ing lord he stinks and I'm the one who has to sit next to him. I tried to politely tell him this week so lets see if it has an effect but holy **** come on dude... this should be basic hygiene and common sense.
  14. Yup, thanks for the words of courage. I'm a classic over thinker. I had all these scenarios planned out and how I would deal with them. Didn't have a scenario for the one where my buddy has no problem at all .
  15. Well now I feel like an idiot for not doing it a long time ago. That went by 100X better than I thought it would. He was mostly glad for the fact that I told him a good two months in advance. Big burden of my chest. This allows me to work on my transfer stuff a lot easier. I used to do it when he wasn't around and would try to hide all my papers and everything, always worried he'll find some documents and find out for himself.
  16. Yeah but we're extremely close friends and I know him too well. He has a tendency to take things personal and distance himself from people. I'm really afraid this will end bad. What scares me is that I have been hiding this from him for more than a month and I think he'll figure that out once I tell him. I keep pushing it backwards and backwards. I am now waiting for the clock to strike 10 lol.
  17. So my roommate is sitting right next to me and I can't summon the courage to tell him I'm transferring and moving out. This is harder than I imagined.
  18. Today I tell my roommate that I'm moving out and transferring schools for next semester. He's been one of my closest friends since High School and I know it'll make things incredibly awkward for the rest of this semester. I know he's not going to be happy to hear this. This sucks really bad.
  19. It is impossible for me to fall asleep before 3 AM. I give up.
  20. She was decent looking but the guy put the first set of jalapenos and she's like can I get more... and then he put more and she's like "just a little bit more", so he put a little bit more and she's like "just some more please". I died a little bit inside. I'm pretty sure if a normal human ate that he would spontaneously combust and cease to exist.
  21. This chick had the guy at Subway put so many jalapenos in her sandwich that it made my stomach hurt. I shed a tear for her organs.
  22. I promise to never eat peanut butter after college is over.
  23. Cereal has no time. Sometimes I eat it before I go to sleep.
  24. I hate when my piercings get stuck in my towel when I wipe down after showers. Happened today again... Oh well, it might be time to get rid of them anyways...
  25. So that's what it is about. A bunch of my friends on facebook had OBAMA!!!!! as their status. I was wondering wtf was going on.