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  1. Yup, Flip had praising words for him: I don't think a coach who hasn't been shy of trashing his own team would praise someone like that without good reason. Doesn't seem like praise for you know a "poisonous player" or someone suffering from a "mental illness".
  2. Seraphin is REALLY raw. He's a physical specimen (and this is without ever being in a proper work out program) but his game is not developed at all. But in the few minutes he's gotten so far, you can see that he just wants to bully people out there. He'll put his back to the basket and back people down with ease. He aggressively attacks rebounds and runs the floor very fluidly. But his game is just not developed at all for him to be part of an NBA rotation. Booker hasn't impressed me. He didn't impress me in the SL and he hasn't so far in the preseason. He's really short for a PF and has no g
  3. Should've talked with an accent. They hate people yapping in American English.
  4. Which is what you'd expect. But in the grand scheme it's not really that relevant. Gilbert is just looking for a way to help out a struggling teammate. If he doesn't come out and say this in the media, he doesn't get fined. The team has to take it's due course now that it is public knowledge.
  5. It's really not that serious. It's a meaningless preseason game and apparently Saunders didn't really care. The coach isn't stupid. Gilbert has looked excellent so far in the preseason.
  6. No kidding lol. Surprisingly, I'm the only brown guy in our department. Indian/Turkish Get it right scrub :pfft:
  7. The reputation of your college does go a long way though. My current job, no way I get it if I wasn't a GW student. Had I still been at VCU, there is no way I land the job I have now. After transferring to GW, I immediately got hired. In a way that is complete BS because getting accepted to a great school didn't make me a different person but I HAD to have that on my resume to contend against other people who were applying for the same lab position
  8. I've liked what I've seen from Yi so far. I think with lower expectations and a team that intends on developing young talent, Yi will be able to use his skills a lot more. It's nice to have backups that can provide scoring off the bench. Yi will be nice as a super sub backing up PF and C and occasionally at SF. Still wish we had a defensive big man but at least we'll be scoring in bunches. A change from the years when Ruffin, Booth and ET were our primary back up bigs. We might not have a the smartest or toughest roster but at least they are athletic. I'd rather have that than what we did und
  9. Yi is easy $$$ for Ted. Yi, especially if he blows up, will bring a ton of revenue from the Chinese market. Especially in DC which has a large Chinese population, and a lot of East Asians in general. Good idea of keeping him happy and making him feel at home. If he has a good year backing up Blatche and McGee, we can resign him at a good price.
  10. Scored some awesome tickets for games this year. Got tickets for the season home opener against Philly for $12 (pair). Got tickets for the Knicks game in december, club level for free (through work). I'll be getting free tickets through the company I work for all year. Pretty stoked about this.
  11. That list is missing the most important need: a new medical staff. I just don't understand why the previous ownership and why this current ownership will not go and get a new ****ing med staff. The Wiz Doctors have to be the most unqualified pieces of ****.
  12. He sounds absolutely defeated as a person. He made a stupid mistake but the media treated him as if he was OJ Simpson. But winning cures all and if last night is an indication then we will be a damn good team. Especially when Josh Howard returns.
  13. John Wall is ****ing amazing. Offense, defense, he's a ****ing beast.
  14. The starters looked awesome. Blatche was schooling Haywood and Nowitzki. Yi looks really good as well. McGee looks clueless on defense again, so does Young.
  15. Declining and complacent Joe Johnson, no starting caliber PG on the roster, discontent Jamal Crawford, new coach who wasn't qualified to run an NBA team but got hired because his salary would be low, no real center on the roster, moving Josh Smith to SF. I could go on and on. Atlanta isn't winning 50 this year.
  16. Pic or it didn't happen. wait. What?
  17. Does anyone have good recommendations for a sports bar around the Rosslyn/Clarendon/Courthouse/Ballston area? I have a lot of friends coming over for the game on Sunday and I don't think I'll be able to fit everyone in my studio. What would be a good place to go watch the game for about eight people?
  18. Naw I missed my draft because my friend who's running the league told me that he would move the draft date to another time. But he never did and I was under the assumption that he did. So it drafted Romo on my team. I ended up picking up Vick because he was the best available back up QB, so I guess that is kind of on me.
  19. Trying have Vick and Romo 1a 1b as your QB's. I hate my fantasy team.
  20. I would have loved to go but they picked the ultimate fail location for that. Patriot Center at 12:00 AM? Really? They should have held this at Verizon Center so people can take the metro (keep the metro running late). This event would have been so much bigger and awesome.
  21. What's really sad is that were the oldest team in the league. It's going to take years to fix the mess we are in, which is why I don't like the McNabb trade. Brings short term credibility but in the long run, it's not really helping us by giving up a high 2nd round pick which could have been used on a younger player.
  22. Sometimes I absolutely hate working in a hospital. Just a depressing place man. Sometimes I really question if this is the career I want.
  23. Does it feel like 10 years passed in the last two minutes of that game? Man that was ****ing intense.
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