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  1. The Redskins are in the worst position out of all the local DC teams.
  2. They are delusional. The Redskins have young talent but most of it is incredibly average or below average. The Wizards are stacked with guys that if they pan out, they have a chance to be top 5 at their respective positions.
  3. I talked to him earlier, pretty sure he will. So far it's you, me and him. We can wait a while before we buy the tickets to see if anyone else would be interested as well.
  4. Ahh can't make the 11th game, I have class 6:45 to 8. See if you can have someone cover you Wed, or on Jan 1st against NO on Saturday or Jan 7 against Jersey on Friday. When school starts for me I can go every game besides Tuesday and Thursdays when my night classes are. :doh:
  5. He could have been talking about Lee. I remember when Ivan Carter used to cover the Wiz, Lee would always whine and complain about how WP doesn't do a good enough job of covering the entire league.
  6. Day doesn't matter for me. I am done with classes and I'm out of work by 3 or 4. Whichever game suits you guys works for me.
  7. PM me. I'd be down. ---------- Post added December-22nd-2010 at 09:44 PM ---------- Blatche sucks btw. The injury excuse is gone. Either you sit his ass because of his "injuries" or you tell him to straighten his **** out. He's playing like a total d-bag.
  8. Attendance was horrible GA. I was being offered free seats in the lower bowl. Apparently someone on another Wizards forum got free seats and a meet and greet with Nick Young. Great game though. When Blatche and McGee aren't playing like idiots, our defense is stellar. Without Gilbert, we have some really good perimeter defenders in Hinrich, Young and Howard.
  9. True Sticks. Even the defense looks better without Gil getting burned by the other teams guards. Less turnovers as well. The flow has been excellent the last two games. I think it's time we all start giving Nick Young his credit. Lethal scorer and a solid defender. We better pay him.
  10. McD, that doesn't explain the drop in shooting percentages. Not only has his production dropped but the percentages have as well, where as the attempts are still pretty close to the last few years. I will say this that not too long ago, Shard was one of the most highly skilled tweeners in the league. But the problem is that he never did much besides scoring and now that his scoring his suffered, the rest of his game has been exposed big time.
  11. Why not 38? Maybe one day he'll break Wilt's record of 100 by scoring 108 too. He after all he is the Silent Assassin.
  12. If Lewis continues his 2010/11 performance, he'll be playing behind Trevor Booker in no time.
  13. Coverage in Orlando? You came here citing Orlando coverage saying the Magic are getting Melo, which was wrong. You then cited Orlando coverage again saying the Rashard for Arenas trade is dead when every site and their mother was reporting it done. You then cited an Orlando publication about linking high steroid levels in Lewis' body to a freakin smoothie. I still haven't seen this article but I already know what my response is to it. Come on McD, step it up.
  14. Maybe, maybe not. Like I mentioned a while back, this team does not have its own medical staff and neither do the Caps. They see team recommended doctors but none of them are within our franchise structure. They are general physicians in the DMV area. Remember Hamilton's botched nose surgery? The doctors who performed it did so as they would for a regular person and not a high contact athlete. They shaved so much cartilage that Hamilton had no choice but to wear that face guard for the rest of his career. That should tell you the type of care our athletes are getting.
  15. Wall's "tendinitis" was misdiagnosed. It is actually a bone bruise and he'll be out a lot longer. Un ****ing believable. Ted has to be blind at this point not to see the **** our medical staff pulls off.
  16. I'm not really sure why people get riled up about this team anymore. I don't remember when I had my breaking point but I don't have the same passion for the Skins anymore. We play Dallas today and I could care less. I don't know if it's patience or apathy, but I'm totally content with sucking and hoping that one day we'll luck into something that makes us a regular contender.
  17. She has a camera with her. After we do the deed, I'll be sure to share it with you guys. We can exchange our experiences.
  18. This is weird. Before she came over, I was studying about how the human body creates poop. She looked at my notes and said it turned her on. Now I'm really terrified.
  19. Already on it. Damn BLTO wtf is wrong with her?
  20. Ok **** just got personal. :mad: BLTO don't worry, I've been invading your race for the last few years. Your sister is next.
  21. I know right? Sometimes I get mad at Flip for benching him but I could understand the frustration. McGee has been in the league long enough to realize that in these situations he has a guy standing wide open underneath the rim for two easy points but he tries to make a selfish highlight reel play. I think his mother is to blame a little bit. From all accounts, she's always taught McGee to be a flashy dynamic player. He grew up with the mentality that he is a SF/PF. I remember Pam McGee saying that she thought Javale's future in the NBA was as a PF and not C. She is wrong and Javale is under
  22. SVG is the master of panic McD. You know that too. Once he sees how much superior Gilbert is to Nelson, he'll start Gilbert. SVG owes nothing to Nelson but you know when his job is on the line, he'll put his best perimeter scorer in the starting lineup: Gilbert Arenas. No worries, I'll be rooting for your boys all year. Take down Miami.
  23. McD, I can guarantee you that Gilbert will either be starting over Nelson or starting with Nelson by the time playoffs roll around. Real talk bro.
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