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  1. lol Wall comes back in the game and starts pwning again. This is ****ing amazing.
  2. Jesus like. 20 points and 7 assists. The team fell apart when he left.
  3. The 2-3 zone is so ****ing stupid. Especially when you play a team with no post scorers and plenty of three point shooters. What is Flip thinking????
  4. I really really hate Zaza Pachulia. It's also pissing me off how many jumpers our big men shoot. Dammit Andray, get in the post.
  5. Man ****ing offensive fouls. Ticky tacky calls all game. This is really ****ing annoying.
  6. Wall is just running circles around the Hawks now. Man it's going to be awesome watching him and Gilbert.
  7. I'm really liking what McGee has done this game. When he's not running around like a headless chicken, he's a nightmare for opposing players attacking the rim. These refs are absolutely terrible. Here comes Hilton Armstrong. ****.
  8. Looked good. Made his jump shots and didn't stink it up on defense. Everyone is having a good game so far. Blatche started off terrible but he's picked it up too. I saw Nick come in the game but I was busy cooking so I didn't see what he did. Probably nothing.
  9. Thornton is having a really good game. The refs are calling a really annoying game. I know fouls happen, but sometimes, you gotta let the ticky tacky stuff go away. Calling a super tight game really kills the purpose.
  10. It's all about expectations. I'm not expecting Blatche to light the world on fire. But he's good at what he does. He has a good face up game and he's a good passer for a big man. Gives you solid rebounding and good defense. He's not a world beating talent but he's no where close to being a Nick Young type of a scrub. Young is probably the most one dimensional player I have ever seen. Besides scoring, he literally does nothing. Blatche has a very well developed overall game, he's just not exceptional at anything.
  11. Perhaps it has. But the guy has still a lot of productive years left as an NBA player. I really think Orlando should try to acquire him. He's the perfect perimeter player Dwight Howard needs. Gilbert is everything Vince Carter is not. Gilbert shines when the spotlight is on him and the game is on the line. Besides the botched FT's against Cleveland, he's an amazing game closer.
  12. Millsap, Brand and Jamison no way. DeMarcus Cousins is a C. Josh Smith is playing SF. Troy Murphy, absolutely no way. Good player, good rebounder, no where near as complete as Blatche. I'm not taking Rashard Lewis either. Lewis is a good player but him playing PF is more out of need than skill. His best days were at SF. You are seriously underrating Blatche. He had a bad game where he consistently faced double teams with no options to kick out too. He's a highly skilled forward who needs spacing on the floor to operate. Dwight Howard clowns a lot of big men in this league. Blatche had exactly the game I'd expect him to have going against the DPOY with very little perimeter play help.
  13. The brilliance of the Wizards medical staff continues. Arenas will now be taking cortisone shots to suppress the pain. Yup let's rush him back again. Obviously we've got a playoff spot that we're fighting for. :doh:
  14. Pretty much. I think if Arenas and Howard return with good health and play up to their caliber, we will compete hard on most nights. It's pretty much impossible to play in the modern NBA if you don't have guards and forwards capable of beating their men 1 vs. 1. Their presence will make things easier for Blatche as well. People are reading way too much into one game. This team is not that good but it's not that bad either.
  15. What did you expect us to do without Howard and Arenas? Orlando is the worst possible match up for us because of how physical their big men are. We still would have lost with Gilbert and J-Ho but it would have been more competitive. Last night the team sorely missed a perimeter player capable of creating for himself in a half court set. That's the role Howard and Arenas are supposed to fill. A newly constructed team still learning how to play with each other vs. A championship contender without much roster change that has been together in the same system for years now. The development of this team is a 2-3 year process. I still think we are capable of hitting the 40 win mark, especially if Gilbert can play like he did last year before his suspension. At this point, I'm not too optimistic about his health considering he's seeing a foot specialist now. Without Gilbert, we will barely scratch 35 wins. I really dislike this because having Gil next to Wall would have made the transition for Wall really easy. Too much pressure on the rook now.
  16. I like Saunders as a coach but no. He is not the right coach for this team. He has a really short fuse and no patience at all.
  17. He'll either get suspended or pay a huge fine. He made physical contact with the ref twice. Not really sure what upsets you so much when you just completed a 30 pt blow.
  18. Yi's appeal is $$$$. Huge Chinese market and that's why Ted has been pimping him hard. Otherwise, he's largely been a useless player so far in the NBA.
  19. Not saying it would have. But it wasn't "a no way it happens" situation. Like I said, the Wizards that year were really good in terms of what they were going against. It was the weakest EC had been in the longest team. We'll never know what would have happened but had they played at the pace they were when healthy, that team would have been very dangerous come playoff time.
  20. The Pistons were in the ECF. The Nets were the team that the Wizards would have had to play in the second round if everything had gone the way it should have. That Nets team was no where near as good as the Wizards. And the no way is a bit far fetched. The Wizards used to match up very well with Detroit. I'm pretty sure we either went 2-2 or 3-1 against them in 06. They used to have a lot of trouble guarding Gilbert. The 2006 Wizards team was very good in terms of relative competition. That was the year, but of course Curse O' Les Boulez.
  21. If memory serves me right, Gil and Caron's injuries came in the year Cleveland made the NBA Finals against San Antonio. We would have made the ECF that year. We were on fire until everything went down hill.
  22. Yeah I hope Gil plays in the home opener too. I'm not getting my hopes up though, apparently he's seeing a foot specialist in Baltimore today. Where are you seated GA? My friend and I will be in 410.
  23. We are lacking that championship experience. Morrison brought some serious intangibles that we lack. The hippy hair. The pedostache. The bench suit. How can we win without it?
  24. McGee's shot selection is awesome. Sweet hookshot from the free throw line.
  25. You guys are some serious quitters. Yi will lead us to victory. Already dominating both Howard and Bass.