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  1. Gil will help Wall with the ball handling duties. Right now Wall is the only guy on the roster who can dribble and create for himself or for others. Hinrich for every good thing he has done so far is extremely lousy at 1 on 1 play. Wall has to do everything right now.
  2. I have no problem with unifying the colors. That doesn't mean we are stealing anyone's tradition, especially considering that the Bullets used to sport the red, white and blue earlier anyways. It's just really lame that you have nothing from your own teams tradition to get the crowd to boo and everytime the opposing team is shooting FT's you have to use a football rivalry. If I want to boo the Cowboys, I'll go to a Redskins game.
  3. Pretty much. Nothing I've seen from Wall so far suggests that he's a ****y mother****er. He might be off the court but on the court he's all about the team and winning no matter what. I find this really pathetic that rather than celebrating the best rookie point guard performance in DECADES, people are whining about a stupid 30 second dance. Some really sad individuals.
  4. Jealousy it is. Arrington whined and whined about Wall being a pompous over confident a-hole while completely forgetting what kind of player he used to be. Can't see a brother do good. Arrington came with the same kind of hype, supposed to be the next LT blah blah blah and failed due to his own short comings and injuries. He doesn't have a problem with Ovechkin who kind of plays with the same swagger but he hates on the other guy who for all accounts shows no doucheyness on the court but did a 30 sec dance on his first ever home intro. Arrington is an extremely bitter individual and I say this as someone who used to be a huge fan of his. His on air pissed off attitude is pathetic.
  5. Haha I actually wrote an email to Ted this morning about that. It definitely makes us look like a second class team without a tradition of our own. I mean we surely are lacking in that department but I'd rather not use anything than borrow another teams identity.
  6. The only thing I found lame about the game was the constant use of the Dallas star. I know it elicits a lot of hatred but we can do better than using another sports rivalry to get our crowd going.
  7. Yeah not really sure why Chad was complaining about the crowd. Was he even at the game? The stadium was packed at around 75% but it was LOUD. Pretty much with five minutes left in the 4th till the end of overtime, everyone was on their feet. I had a guy from Idaho sitting next to me. He knew nothing about basketball but he was into it and rooting for the Wiz. My girlfriend who could give two ****s about basketball was having a really good time late in the game. Chad Dukes is a boob.
  8. Blatche actually has a pretty good basketball IQ. His passing is very good for a big man and you can tell he really understands Flip's system. His problem right now is his lack of conditioning. He's incredibly out of shape by not working out due to his foot injury. McGee on the other hand has no excuse. I don't understand how someone who grew up in a basketball family can be such a dumb player.
  9. Wade had a good mid range game by the end of his rookie season. I think the only similarities are how aggressive they are attacking the basket. You can definitely see a lot of Wade in Wall when we get on the fast break. No matter how many players are running back, Wall will get the bucket or the foul. Wall is a better passer than Wade. Wade is good at driving and dishing but his court vision isn't like Wall's. Wall is racking up these assists playing with a mostly lousy squad. I'll give Al Thornton credit though, he's not the selfish shot jacking loser I thought he would be. Excellent defense, attacking the rim and taking good shots. We might need to use Josh Howard off the bench.
  10. Wall's turnovers will go down once Gilbert comes back. Right now he is the only player on the team capable of handling the ball and doing anything with it. Having another player who can play off the dribble will help him out a lot. BTW pleasantly surprised by his jumpshot. It's not Steve Nash esque but he has good form and he's making a good amount of them to keep defenses honest. It's no where near as bad as say, Rondo. I'm guessing within three years he's going to be as deadly an outside threat as he will be attacking. Seriously, the sky is the limit for him and for our franchise as long as he is here.
  11. Who knows? I do know that superstars will want to come play in DC with Ted marketing the hell out of this team and us having a really talented young core. You could've asked this question to the Celtics pre Allen and KG and they would have said **** no. But a lot can change in just one offseason and I think the Wizards have the key piece to finally becoming an attractive destination for NBA players. Who wouldn't love to play with a PG as ****ing awesome as John Wall? Superstar in the making + an owner with deep pockets = awesome I hear Dwight Howard is available in 2012.
  12. Quit ****ing. If you had Wall beasting like this on your team, you'd be happy as **** too. Don't sulk on us because the Sixers are hopeless.
  13. You might be, but we're headed for the 8th seed baby. **** yeah John Wall!! Suck on Evan Turner.
  14. What a ****ing amazing game. Worth every penny spent, including having to listen to my girlfriend ***** all game long about how salty her fries were or how dry the burger was (told her VC food sucks). 29-13-8. Game changer baby. The Sixers fans crying about Brand not fouling need to stfu because Iggy clearly fouled Martin on the last play in the 4th. In your ****ing face.
  15. Next years draft is heavy on big men and quality SF's. If we're going to suck this year, I hope it's enough to nab us a top 10 pick. Who knows, lightning may strike twice lol. Excited for tomorrow nights game. I hope the crowd is good. Been a while since the Wizards have had a good home crowd cheering them on. I'll be seated in the 400's but my friend and I will ninja our way to the 200's like we usually do lol.
  16. True story. Apparently Ernie wanted to fire EJ after the 2006 season but didn't have Abe's approval. I wonder how Ernie feels about Flip right now. I know Ted isn't one to meddle with the coaches but he can't be happy with the constant yanking of young players when they make mistakes. I'm not a fan of negative reinforcement and I don't think Ted is either.
  17. That's true. You can't forget how Ernie brought in Tim Thibodeu to coach defense under EJ. Thibs quit within two days of joining. I'm 100% it happened because he saw how third rate the structure of this franchise is.
  18. I was hoping Flip would have a little more patience with the young guys of this team this year. But so far it seems like the same ol' Flip has shown up. He's an *******. I'm done with him as far as being a coach for this squad. He's done some good things in his little time in DC but his overall management of the roster is really frustrating. I really hate to see a great effort like Wall's go to waste because his coach is a dumbass. The future is hella bright though.
  19. Some guys on another Wizards board were talking about the ex Dakota Wizards coach who is now an assistant in Memphis or San Antonio. I can't remember his name but his resume looked really solid. He's been a winner at every level he's coached. I want a coach who can grow with this team. Flip has as much patience as a fat guy resisting cake. He's a real douchebag. One mistake for a player he doesn't like and they get the shaft for the rest of the game. Like tonight how his boyfriend Yi kept getting abused late in the game and Javale and his 7 blocks sat on the bench.
  20. Flip likes to randomly use the 2-3 for no reason at all during many parts of the game. He's not a good coach for a young team. He can take his talents to south beach or something. That's some real bush league coaching tonight.
  21. Excellent game by the team. Would have probably won this game if Flip wasn't an idiot. Keeping Javale on the bench and letting Yi get abused was a huge mistake.
  22. Yi playing like the player that was traded from a ****t Nets team. Flip really ****ed it up by keeping Javale on the bench.
  23. Big men, stop shooting jumpers!!!!!! What is the point of being 7 feet when you stand on the perimeter. Come on man.