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  1. Obviously Hilton Armstrong is extremely important to the defensive and rebounding integrity of this team LOL. What a joke. Good thing I missed this game.
  2. If for some reason this trade does happen, it will go down around the All Star break, the same time the Butler and Jamison trades happened last year. I think for half a season, it would be pretty irrelevant having Carter on the roster. The coaching staff won't play him over Nick Young. The only upside to trading Gilbert for expirings is that it frees up a lot of minutes for Nick. Young can be an absolutely dynamic scorer playing next to Wall.
  3. Vince is an expiring contract. Arenas is a perfect fit for Orlando. He's Jameer Nelson on steroids. He does everything Nelson does but much better. Too bad besides Vince's contract, Orlando has nothing to offer us. If we are sending Gilbert away, I'd like to have at least some kind of young talent come back as compensation. JJ Reddick would be nice but Nick Young does everything Reddick does so it's a wash. I would like to see Arenas in Orlando though. I want him to find success in the league once again. He was a dynamic star in DC and he deserves better after being screwed over by the path
  4. Ahh didn't notice that ACW posted it himself. I thought Bubble Screen posted it from another thread asking what it meant lol.
  5. WC = Winter Classic. Capitals and Penguins in an open air stadium in Pittsburgh.
  6. I'll be balls deep into final exams but I just might make an exception to beat the **** out of a turd Heat fan. Be nice and wear a LeBron jersey so I have even more motivation to kick the crap out of you.
  7. Hopefully Wall, Howard and Yi are back for the next meeting. Really sucked watching Booker defend Bosh, Blatche being gassed and Hinrich throwing up brick after brick.
  8. Extremely vicious play by Armstrong. I hope the league suspends him for the year. Justice must be served.
  9. Wall will not play. McGee will play but not start. I hope McGee can at least contribute 25 minutes. This is the type of front line he absolutely abuses.
  10. If there is something that always united Wizards fans, the ones who loved Jamison for his character or the ones who hated him for his lousy defense, the ones who wanted Brendan Haywood to start or the ones who wanted Etan Thomas, the ones who disliked Eddie Jordan or the one who wanted the local good guy to coach this team, there was always the one common denominator that united us all: Our hatred for LeBron. This man cheated us out of the playoffs. He's been the golden child and our franchise had to take the fall for the league's hype machine. You know what's funny is that the only other fa
  11. Not gonna lie, I like McD5. He's a troll but he does it in a real nice and respectful manner. He's been trolling hard for years, be it Ladell Betts, Jameer Nelson being a top PG in the league or Orlando being better than the dynasty Bulls. He's a talented troll.
  12. You know what's funny? Wall would be the 2nd best player on Orlando if he was there right now. That shows you how mediocre the rest of the team is after Howard.
  13. If there is no football next year, would there still be a draft? Then if football comes back in 2012, would there be another draft?
  14. I'd rather watch a team full of young players lose than pathetic old veterans cashing in their final pay checks. I eagerly await the day the Redskins start to follow the Capitals/Wizards model. Blow the **** up and try to rebuild with young talent instead of washed up ****ers.
  15. Tough loss but great effort tonight. This team is getting better every game.
  16. Dwight is just too big to handle down low. That was unfortunate, we played great defense on that play. Give the ball to Gil and have him attack the rim.
  17. I don't mind buying a whole bunch and you guys can pay me when you get to VC. I'll have to call and make sure they still do the first 100 students get lower level stuff though. I know they did the last two years.
  18. If you show up early to the ticket office, you can get $15 lower level tickets on student nights. I can go get tickets after work, I usually leave my hospital around 1 or 2. VC is only 15 minutes away.
  19. Friday against Portland is student night at VC. We could get something going for that.
  20. I'd have Nick Young's babies. 17 of our last 20 points lol. What a beast.
  21. Gilbert is on fire and Blatche is playing like a moron. Very impressive game by Arenas, Gee, Seraphin and McGee so far. Equally unimpressive game by Blatche and Hinrich. Blatche is playing like a total dumbarse.
  22. I really don't understand the zone as a heavy defensive philosophy. I like it when teams use it sporadically as it can really throw of your opponents. But it seems like Flip thinks every opponent we play is mentally challenged. NBA teams are smart enough that they'll get trapped in your zone for two possessions but then turn around and burn you for the next 10 straight possessions. I really like what Flip has done with some of the player development but his in game coaching leaves a lot to be desired. The heavy use of zone defense and the ridiculous three guard lineup, I really don't get it.
  23. We disagree about Blatche but I'm <----> this close to hopping on the haterade regarding Andray. His injury has hampered him a bit but his effort has been a total joke so far. IMO he's the biggest reason why we don't have a winning record right now. If he starts giving a damn again we will be a very good team. It's too bad, I absolutely love his skill set. He has the perfect tools for a modern day PF: excellent passer, good handles, solid face up game and soft touch around the rim. Too bad he plays like he doesn't give a damn.
  24. True that. Throwing some more kool-aid towards the Javelevator, take from another message board: Pretty good company for a 22 year old.
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