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  1. If we win today, we'll be 6-4 in our last 10 games. Flip has been coaching a lot better and the team has been playing well for the most part.
  2. Yeah but Flip is finally shaking things up. Armstrong has been completely replaced by Seraphin at the backup C spot. I think the leash is getting shorter on Blatche as well, especially if Booker gives us tihs much effort on a consistent basis. In either case, we always lose when Blatche plays like garbage. The more we lose the better chance we have at a top 5 pick. So in essence, Blatche is basically playing himself out of a starting spot. ****ing loser.
  3. Agreed Skin'Em. Good coaching move by Flip. Blatche was playing like total dog ****.
  4. Good call on Periphery bsf. Good local talent from the DMV. I really like their drummer. Might as well go turn in your man card.
  5. You need some manly music to counteract the ghey 29wl7QeUXqg
  6. Should've phrased it, "trying to watch my weight". Saying your "watching your figure" makes it sound really effeminate lol.
  7. This is too tempting to turn down. I have class on Tuesday from 6:10 to 7:25 but I'll just show up for half n hour and leave lol. If your brother can't go, I'm in.
  8. I get the same vibe from Nick as well. More so, he's actually spent time developing his game. He came into the league as a really athletic guy who had no idea what to do on the court. Into his fourth year, he's now one of the best three point shooters in the game, one of the best catch and shoot players and a really good defender. He's also been steadily improving his assists and rebounds and this month in 11 games he's up to 4 rebounds and 3 assists a game. Blatche has been inefficient his whole career but just had the chance to pad his stats last year with increased minutes. I thought with
  9. Nick can't be resigned during the season now. The deadline for that was October 31. He'll be a restricted FA so we'll extend him the qualifying offer. If a team gives him a long term contract, we'll have the chance to match it within 7 days and keep him. I want to keep him. There is no doubt in my mind that next year he will average 20 points, 4 rebounds and 3-4 assists with high shooting percentages. Couple that with his excellent defense and that is an all star caliber player. Last night was another encouraging game from Seraphin. He's slowly starting to put it together. Him and McGee can
  10. The Wizards have been playing close to .500 ball with Lewis on the team. They were 6-18 with Gilbert. This move definitely resulted in wins for this team and a much better product on the court.
  11. As a person and as a player. KG might not have gotten in trouble of the court but his demeanor on the court is totally embarrassing. Barks non stop on the court, trying to make fun of an athlete with a skin disorder by using cancer as a joke and then back pedaling, sucker punching teammates in practice. LeBron will always be #1 on my **** list but KG isn't too far. ---------- Post added January-22nd-2011 at 10:03 PM ---------- On a side note; we're undefeated with Mustafa Shakur on the team. Just sayin...
  12. Remember when the Delonte West and Al Jefferson led Celtics used to come to town? You had to look hard for Celtics fans in the crowd. Friggin losers. I hope all the bandwagon fans had fun paying over priced tickets to watch their team lose to a lottery bound team. My friend sold his club level tickets that he got free from work for $150 to a bunch of C's fans. I hope they had fan.
  13. 13-9 at home. I'll take it. Next season we can expect to be even better at home and we have no where to go but up from 0-20 on the road lol.
  14. Rondo doesn't impress me at all. He benefits so much from the spacing other people create for him.
  15. In a playoff series of Boston and Miami, I wouldn't know who I'd want to watch lose more. Eff em both.
  16. I wouldn't have a problem sitting down with you wine and cheesers. Oh yeah it definitely is routine. The last time some of us ES members went to a game together (GACOLB, skinfan2k, Marcus; don't know his ES handle but he posts here), we pretty much spent the entire game clowning Blatche. Gotta have fun someway right? :doh:
  17. Trust me, I'm not WTF'ing in disdain. It's all in good fun. My friend and I spent most of the game making fun of how dumb Blatche, McGee and Al Thornton are. Most of the expletives were directly aimed at these three losers. But apparently, the definition of crowd normality for old people is that everyone sit in their seats quietly and just watch. Old people... right chip?
  18. I had a good time at the game except for the old couple sitting in front of me. Listen gramps. I'm at a sporting event. I'm going to occasionally say "what the ****???" and "**** that" and yell BOOOOOOOOO at bad calls. If you got a problem then gtfo. I hate being rude to people in general but damn, get of your high horse. You pay less money to sit in the upper level, then you deal with rowdy people. If class and etiquette really matters to you then please go sit with majority of the losers in the lower ball. Otherwise, it was a typical Wizards game. Out competed the other team for half the ga
  19. Our defensive improvement post Arenas trade has gone down the drain. We are back to being a bottom 5 defense in the league. I hope Wall is keeping himself grounded after the string of good offensive games he's had. Coaches need to be in his ear about defense. Keeyon Dooling and Earl Boykins shouldn't be schooling us like they did last night.
  20. Ultimately basketball is a players sport and usually the quality of the coach won't have dramatic effects if the roster sucks. Our team is still really bad but it's more and more obvious that Flip just can't communicate or relate with this team. He came here to coach Arenas, Butler, Jamison and Mike Miller. He really has no intentions of coaching John Wall, Nick Young, Blatche and McGee. I'd like to see what Cassell can do. He'd at least be an energetic coach who can relate with the current team. Let him grow as a coach with the youth of this team.
  21. What else were you expecting? Any progress for the youngest team in the league is good.
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