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  1. Yeah and because every Redskins fan hates the Cowboys, you shouldn't! You're so rebellious! I bet you wear your LeBron and Romo jerseys with pride.
  2. I think it's based on his performance from either the year before or the totality of his contract. So before the cap numbers go into effect for 2012, they will determine if Lewis met the incentives or not. If he didn't, he only gets the $10M that he is guaranteed and nothing else.
  3. I have no idea what incentives are but people on the Magic board said that under no circumstance would Lewis have reached them considering how bad he has been playing. The $10 million will go into effect if he doesn't meet the incentives before his last year. Man I would love for the CBA to be structured so we can get out of this **** contract. Glimmer of hope: Leonsis is influential and knows what is going on with the NBA/CBA talks. Maybe he knows that a deal is on the horizon that allows teams to jettison these terrible guaranteed contracts.
  4. It's incentive based with incentives he won't reach realistically. The value drops down to like $10M.
  5. We can respectfully disagree on this but it is a fair assumption that the guy was suspended for PED's and then had his play drop noticeably and was eventually traded out for a guy who has barely played ball in three + years. Rashard won't light anything up here. If he can't light it up with a dominant big man spotting him for wide open threes, he won't light it up with Andray Blatche commanding no low post respect. Life just got a whole lot tougher for Shart. He won't have those open looks anymore.
  6. McD, I am fully aware of Dehydroepiandrosterone. Common steroid found in the body, does nothing to help increase muscle mass. But it can raise suspicion on the positive use of other performance enhancers as high levels of it are a direct result of increased steroid activity. The NBA doesn't suspend players for no reason because they tested for high levels of a natural steroid. They have highly qualified biochemists who give them these analysis.
  7. :ols: Thought so. Judging by the stupidity you have shown, I highly doubt you could have proven how a guy tested for high levels of Dehydroepiandrosterone was not on performance enhancers.
  8. Flip won't be here in a year or two. Wall is supposed to be the franchise for 10 years. Flip is the last person who should call people out for not being man enough. His own ex players have publicly bashed him for being a weasel. But continue making stupid arguments.
  9. Yeah acquire knee tendinitis and see if you can play 40 minutes a night at the speed Wall does. For the sake of making him look like a tough guy, lets put him out on the court without proper medical care for something that can escalate into a career threatener. Man up right? What a joke.
  10. GA, the problem is that Phoenix unloaded a heap of crap onto Orlando and got back a starting center, a good defensive/3 point shooting SF and a friggin first round pick. Where as all Ernie fetched is a guy whose contract sucks as well. We might save the last year of the deal, but it adds extra salary for this year, the next year and potentially for the year after that. No other compensation is absolutely unbelievable. I don't have a problem with letting Gil go, but I have a huge problem with an unbalanced trade.
  11. BS McD5. You can't be serious. Planet Smoothie??? The guy used performance enhancers, got busted and has been in a slump ever since. Vince Carter might have had a role in bringing him down but lets get real. You don't become a worse rebounder and scorer in one season because a washed up SG was added to your team.
  12. I'm not underestimating anyone. Lewis is one hell of a player when he has steroids being injected into his butt. He hasn't done **** ever since.
  13. Trade is done. We just got ass ****ed. **** Ernie and **** Rashard Lewis.
  14. Character concerns? lol no one in the league knows Gilbert better than Otis Smith. Both of them have a father-son relationship. Otis knows Gilbert is a good dude. Hoopsworld and Woj from Yahoo are reporting that the trade is done. Straight up swap of Lewis for Arenas. I am at a loss of words. This is going to be one of the most lopsided trades ever.
  15. Phoenix molests Orlando in their trade and of course Grunfeld gets molested in his. Shart for Gilbert straight up?? Not even a first round pick??? ****ing Ernie. I am going to throw up. Seriously.
  16. Makes sense, this is a huge problem for international players. Eventually you will start seeing teams add clauses to international players contracts that they cannot fulfill national obligations, or at least not every year. A pretty good barometer for lack of international play and success this year is Ginobili. Dude spent the summer away from Argentina's national team and has arguably been the best SG in the league all year long. I still like Gortat on the Wizards. He brings a size presence the way Haywood did for us. Right now our big men are soft and weak.
  17. Two more years after this one. Basically one year less than Gilbert. Although I've read that his last year is incentive based and if he isn't performing up to a certain level, he only sees half of the money.
  18. I'd hate to swap Gil for Shard but I see the reason behind it. Gil is the last surviving member from the pre-Ted era. Get rid of him and we have a clean slate. The true rebuild doesn't start unless it is 100% completely Wall's team. This also frees up a lot of minutes for Nick Young and puts Kirk at his primary position of a back up SG.
  19. I can't see Orlando giving up Gortat. He is their only big man with size behind Howard. I also can't see us taking back Lewis. It's most likely for Carter's expiring contract. Maybe Orlando sweetens it up a tad bit with their first round pick but I doubt it.
  20. Yeah but even wins aren't really that sweet at this point when the guy we all waited to see all offseason can't even get on the court. Always something with this franchise. ---------- Post added December-17th-2010 at 11:19 PM ---------- Bittersweet moment for sure. I'll say what I have to say when it's finalized.
  21. I was planning on going to but I'm a little less prepared for my Forensic Biology exam than I had expected to be. So nope, I won't be there to rub it in your face after we win.
  22. Sure would be. I honestly wouldn't mind Rashard Lewis a whole lot if Gortat came with him. Lewis can play SF and open up a lot of space for Wall and Blatche to work inside. I've always felt that Lewis was more of a SF than a PF.
  23. Ernie is a genius if he can ship Gilbert out to Orlando without taking back Rashard Lewis. I'll take back every bad thing I have said about him if he can pull this off.
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