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  1. He played all 48 minutes tonight because the team had no other PG's on the roster. Tough loss but in the long run a win would have made no difference. I really don't care about wins or losses at this point, I look for effort. Nick Young continues to show that he can perform at high levels against the NBA's elite. Dude is a baller and a key part of our future. Getting 30 point games against top notch defenders like Kobe and Wade is no joke.
  2. Hah, whatever. We'll be respected enough one day where we get these foul calls.
  3. First game this year our big men have decided box out the other team and make proper rotations. ---------- Post added December-18th-2010 at 09:07 PM ---------- Hard to believe but every player has been excellent on defense.
  4. This has been the best defense we've played in the last 5 years lol.
  5. Agreed about the first three, but I don't see much of a role for Thornton going forward. He's not bad at anything but he doesn't have a defining skill. I like Josh Howard though. He is going to be a boost for this team.
  6. I am going to boycott this franchise if they don't resign Young in the offseason. He is a lethal scorer.
  7. My guess: you never watched Cavaliers/Wizards games the last 4 years. But my first guess that this is your first year watching basketball kind of supports that anyway.
  8. He had a two on one fast break but he tried to dunk from the free throw line over James Jones. lol
  9. That was funny lol. If he was two inches taller he would have jumped right over James Jones. He'll pull it off one of these games though.
  10. We can have any other superstar come in to town and he'll have a bunch of bandwagon fans cheering him. But LeBron is getting booed mercilessly tonight. That should tell you the amount of hate he has in this city. That loser earlier was trying to justify being a Wizards and LeBron fan. Not possible.
  11. Look at Verizon Center in that video. Place used to rock when we had the Big 3 going on. This is a dark day in the history of this franchise but you know what, **** it. We'll be back.
  12. Nobody cares enough about him in this city. This entire city threw him under the bus for a stupid prank while forgetting what he has done for the community. I'm happy that he is gone to a place where fans will quickly learn to appreciate the quality of his play and his character.
  13. +1. Will never forget the daggers, the swag and the attitude he brought. He had this city and this fan base believing. I hope he has a true redemption story and wins a championship in Orlando. No one in the NBA deserves it more than he does right now. Wall needs to get on the court ASAP. The more I watch this team, the more it depresses me of what we once had. I know it wasn't much, but it was something.
  14. Yeah and because every Redskins fan hates the Cowboys, you shouldn't! You're so rebellious! I bet you wear your LeBron and Romo jerseys with pride.
  15. I think it's based on his performance from either the year before or the totality of his contract. So before the cap numbers go into effect for 2012, they will determine if Lewis met the incentives or not. If he didn't, he only gets the $10M that he is guaranteed and nothing else.
  16. I have no idea what incentives are but people on the Magic board said that under no circumstance would Lewis have reached them considering how bad he has been playing. The $10 million will go into effect if he doesn't meet the incentives before his last year. Man I would love for the CBA to be structured so we can get out of this **** contract. Glimmer of hope: Leonsis is influential and knows what is going on with the NBA/CBA talks. Maybe he knows that a deal is on the horizon that allows teams to jettison these terrible guaranteed contracts.
  17. It's incentive based with incentives he won't reach realistically. The value drops down to like $10M.
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