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  1. 11 minutes ago, Elessar78 said:

    Pennsylvania's awesome (not-sarcastic) Gov is "strongly recommending" shutting down sports (high school and youth) until Jan 1.


    The debate now is whether the kids' well being is better served with sports or without it (and society's overall well being). I haven't read any professional medical opinion on the issue. My wife works in the mental health field with children and adolescents and she says that it was definitely an issue with her patients in the late spring/early summer. They were burned out from isolation.


    My take is that not all sports are created equal when it comes to covid. Tennis and golf are safe. Team sports like soccer there is intermittent contact so it's like 50/50. I'm trying to convince my kid to play with a mask on. Football, where linemen are in the face of other linemen, probably not the best.


    Contamination in locker rooms would be my main concern with sports resuming. I don't think there is any outbreak linked to outdoor physical activity of any kind.

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  2. 2 hours ago, visionary said:


    No ****. A guy running on a platform of “Harriet Tubman was a loser and abortion is evil” isn’t winning votes of liberals who want Trump gone. 

    The only people who think Kanye is a spoiler candidate hurting Biden are the ones who have a dismal view of the black electorate, that makes the wrong and racist assumption that they are so misinformed, they’ll vote for a joke candidate just because he’s black.

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  3. 51 minutes ago, 50yrSKINSfan said:

    If I remember there were hundreds of people living in dumpy conditions in AC that did not want the casinos to come to AC as they were going to be displaced. If it was left to them then AC would have continued the downward spiral like many cities in NJ including my hometown of Paterson.

    Except Queens isn’t a dump and was not in need of mass gentrification. When Michael Bloomberg and AOC have a consensus view on an issue, it’s not the case of “dreamy leftists trying to save the world”. Some ideas are just bad ideas. 

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  4. 14 minutes ago, bearrock said:


    So what's Amazon doing differently in Arlington vs Queens?  Could the grievances of Queens constituents have been addressed by emulating the plan that was approved in Arlington?

    Plenty of land, high prevalence of skilled workers and an already high income community. Essentially, an already wealthy area got wealthier. The biggest losers in the area were probably small businesses who will likely lose staff to Amazon at higher wages.

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  5. 45 minutes ago, 50yrSKINSfan said:

    I have nothing against her personally as I am sure we can drag up dirt on every politician in the world but please, use some common sense when you put a politician on a pedestal. 

    No one is putting anyone on a pedestal. You just can’t grasp the fact that she did what her constituents wanted. Practically no one in Queens wanted a mega corporate office and mass displacement of the community. 

    Plus, it’s not like she’s an all powerful entity that got the richest man in the world to back down. If anyone is putting her on a pedestal, it’s you. The pressure to cancel the HQ came from community grassroots activists. 

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  6. Even for incompetent governments, it seems kind of insane that an entire warehouse is being occupied by material that is under no use for 6 years. Literally just wasted, occupied space for a country that relies on imports for almost everything. This has got to be one of the worst end results of government incompetence in human history.

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  7. 1 hour ago, Mr. Sinister said:


    It's a damn shame that all Repubs have left to keep them in power is fear and hate, yet those are the two biggest motivators that appeal directly to our most primitive instincts


    Almost every time there is a big ticket ballot initiative these days, the conservative policy agenda loses no matter what part of the country we're talking about. Obamacare medicaid expansion has now passed this year in ruby red Oklahoma and Missouri.


    A sizeable chunk of the GOP only votes for the white grievance agenda. If racism wasn't such a strong driving force in the country, the GOP would have very little to offer to most of the electorate.

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  8. 14 hours ago, 50yrSKINSfan said:

    Like I said, ask Cumo and Deblazio if they liked her decision. I could care less but I do feel for the people that could have worked there. 

    DeBlasio is an idiot so I’m not sure why his opinion matters. From what I recall, no one at any level of government from Queens supported amazon opening an HQ there, and there was wide community backlash from residents. People who could have worked there for the most part don’t currently live in Queens and it’s really not that surprising that elected representatives advocate for the views of current residents and not future hypothetical ones.


    The Amazons Queens debacle was a good lesson in listen to members of a community and don’t build where it’s unnecessary. There’s hundreds of American cities where that HQ could have been located, that would have been a net benefit to the community, rather than a massive displacement of an already established neighborhood.


    If you have beef with AOC fine, there’s a lot of reasons to dislike some of her politics. But knocking her for advocating for the interests of her community members is silly. She was elected to represent them, not as a lobbyist for Jeff Bezos.

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  9. 27 minutes ago, 50yrSKINSfan said:

    Most times when you build something you are going to have to displace someone or something. Remember when they were building in Atlantic City. People were complaining about being displaced even though they were compensated for their property. Now go look at how they transformed a decaying minor city into a great place to work and how they created thousands of jobs in south Jersey. The job outlook and real estate prices have risen in south Jersey since the rebuilding of AC. Every time you build a highway you have to relocate someone but that is the price of progress.  P.S. Ask Cumo and Deblazio if it was a good move by AOC. Cheers.

    55 minutes ago, Warhead36 said:


    Have you ever been to Queens? It’s an incredible burrough, with a deep history of welcoming newcomers to this country and supporting small businesses of working class families.

    Turning that into just another gentrified yuppy area serves absolutely no one. 


    A lot of times you build something, you really don’t have to displace an entire community or wipe out their history. Amazon is building its new HQ in a deeply left wing Arlington, VA and received no pushback because they aren’t displacing an existing community. 

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  10. 1 hour ago, 50yrSKINSfan said:

    You are right when it comes to splitting hairs. It was not a distribution center it was expansion of offices or something. Can't remember. Whatever it was her disission cost NYC 25000 jobs, according to Cumo.  See Times article. Cheers.

    She saved thousands of her constituents from having to relocate once they were priced out by the gentrification that would come with a mega corporate office relocating to the heart of a working class community. Effectively turning Queens into another Manhattan and Brooklyn, a community for the elite, but too pricey for the working class. 

    She literally did what most politicians pretend to do: care about the needs of her working class community instead of corporate interests.

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  11. 47 minutes ago, 50yrSKINSfan said:

    Before you get too excited about her remember, Amazon wanted to open a distribution center in her district that would have provided hundreds of good paying jobs and she knocked it down. Can't remember the reason she gave but it was BS. She is a flake. She thinks cow farts cause global warming. If she ever became president she would turn the USA into Venezuela 

    It wasn’t a distribution center, it was a corporate office. And the funniest thing about this dumb post, is that Amazon is actually building a distribution warehouse in her district in queens:


    And cow farts do contribute to climate change:


    People much smarter than you identified the problem and are working on fixing it.

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  12. 3 hours ago, hail2skins said:

    First whack at Q2 GDP was -32.9 percent, which was close to the consensus. I think I read that the very early consensus for Q3, which will be released the Thursday before the election, will be in the +17 percent range.  Would that be enough to sway late undecideds (which will be albeit fewer than in 2016) if they just pay attention to the latest number and forget the horrific number from today?

    Yes people standing in bread lines and facing eviction right now will surely vote to re-elect buffoon who caused their hardship with his inaction and just all around negligence. 

    Also the economy isn’t improving as long as the virus is hanging around. And with the amount of idiots in this country, it’s almost a certainty that it will hang around for quite a long time.

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  13. 6 minutes ago, Bang said:

    Possibly by force.

    He is a chicken hawk. He will cry and scream his way out of office, but I doubt the force part will be necessary. 

    He will almost definitely leave confidence in our democracy in tatters. He is the single worst person ever elected to public office in this country. 

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  14. 3 minutes ago, TryTheBeal! said:

    Solid distraction from the fact that the GDP fell 33%.

    Worst economic quarter in US history. 

    Do not let this clown distract from the fact that his Presidency is ending as the historical failure that every person with a functioning brain predicted. 



    The only reasonable story here is that when the choice is between democracy or power, the Republican base wants a dictatorship. They are wanna be totalitarian buffoons.



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  15. Nah, zero chance Cyberpunk flops. Plus whatever the game lacks, I am sure the modding community will take care of it. A lot of the stupid things in Witcher 3 were fixed by the modding community.