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  1. 17 minutes ago, stevemcqueen1 said:

    his relatively opened up era in the NBA isn't going to last for long either.  Feels an awful lot like we missed our window.


    Why do you say that? It seems like the more NBA relies on analytics, the more likely it is that spacing and shooting become central to the game.


    Barring rule changes, I doubt we see an NBA that allows teams to feature someone like Ben Wallace.


    This team needs to start drafting well and getting value out of its draft picks. The biggest failure of the Wall/Beal era has been the downward spiral of poor FA signings patched through trading of draft picks. They need to first draft valuable role players and then use FA to patch in the holes or bring in complementary pieces.

  2. When I wrote the poll, I only asked if he should be impeached for obstruction as laid out in the Mueller report.


    Silly me doubted Trump’s ability to commit even more high crimes and misdemeanors in the future.

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  3. 54 minutes ago, Larry said:

    So, you're saying that red flag laws are actually to allow the government to confiscate weapons from people who are merely suspected of opposing the current political powers?  




    Atomwaffen Division is a terrorist group. “Opposing the current political powers” is an interesting way of framing their recent spat of killings and hate crimes around the country.

  4. 1 minute ago, Springfield said:

    So the new excuse is that he was blackmailing Ukraine to help solve the mystery of the hacked DNC server?



    It is worse than that. The “missing DNC server” is a dumb conspiracy popular in QAnon circles. Somehow a completely insane fringe theory got picked up by Rudy and now Trump is getting impeached because he’s a fwd:fwd:fwd grandpa email come to life. 

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  5. Everyone saw it coming. “No quid pro quo” was always going to morph into “it’s perfectly fine” because only a dumbass believed “no quid pro quo” two weeks ago.


    Now with multiple government officials, inside and outside the WH confirming that this was basically a dumb, criminal scheme carried out by even dumber people, we end up with “nothing wrong went down”.


    ”Nothing wrong with it” isn’t going to work when majority of the public believes you did something wrong already.

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  6. I actually like the mall, it's the best in the area. But there is just no easy way to create an urban-style environment when you sit on the intersection of 7 and 123, with enormous parking lots and strip malls, an above ground metro and poor walking access to essential amenities like grocery and convenience stores.


    Better off living in Reston/Herndon, paying lower rent for better accommodation and you can just drive to Reston Town Center or One Loudoun, both which are more enjoyable than Tyson's if you want a faux-urban atmosphere and you're still in close proximity to Tyson's office and major highways.


    Speaking of renovated mall areas, anyone been to Ballston recently? The new Ballston food space is actually really nice. Hot Lola's😍

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  7. 17 minutes ago, BenningRoadSkin said:

    Again, I don’t see the world as there are only good guys and bad guys.  (Also my Post was more angry at Fulan Gong, which is a cult that received funding from the US government and have paid for pro-Trump ads)

    I am skeptical of everything Fulan Gong says knowing that.


    But China has been doing bad things for many years and the US still does business with them. That and the US has its own issue with human right abuse. The world isn’t black and white, there aren’t any good actors in this world. That was the point I’m making.

    My god this post is a loaded steam of ****ing ****, down to you repeating the communist propaganda of the Falun Gong being a cult. For someone who pretends to be such a social justice warrior, perhaps you should know that the communists started detaining, murdering and harvesting the organs of Falun Gong practitioners after falsely smearing them as as a “dangerous cult”.


    Having had first hand experience of what life is like for people fleeing Chinese persecution, I am going to fill you in on a secret. 


    Groups like the Falun Gong and the Uyghurs end up supporting Republicans precisely because leftists like you are so inherently incapable of understanding that while the US has its warts, things are much, much worse in other parts of the world. It also doesn’t help that many of you end up repeating the bull**** talking points of genocidal regimes.

    Anyone fleeing communist persecution in the US has no time for people like you who have a completely warped understanding of freedom and human rights. So naturally they gravitate towards people who will listen to them and perhaps try to do something about it. 


    The biggest joke in this thread is your whining that people lack nuance, followed by your repeated whataboutism and what now seems like talking points straight from the mouth of CCP thugs. 

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