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  1. 37 minutes ago, Renegade7 said:

    We are showing we wouldnt stand a chance with an airborne virus with a high fatality rate.


    The containment of Ebola is a major success of modern science and international action. The outbreaks are happening in one of the most volatile regions of the world, where this easily could have been a much worse crises. It's largely stayed out of major African cities and has not spread beyond the continent. Having an effective vaccine is a pretty good success story too.


    No amount of preparation will successfully contain an airborne virus with a high fatality rate. If such a virus develops in a densely populated city, it would be nearly impossible to contain it before there are mass casualties, no matter how well prepared and funded government agencies are. There are some things you just can't fight against with our current technology. 


    Now there are some things that can be done, like (a) maybe fund BARDA at higher levels or (b) allowing scientists to create deadly synthetic virus in labs so we know potential defense mechanisms against them: 


    Both options have downsides. (a) likely won't be able to mount a rapid response against a catastrophic pandemic and (b) is a hail mary with serious biocontainment risks.

  2. Accepting criminal behavior and abuse of power is an accepted matter of fact for achieving conservative policy goals for people who elect GOP turds to office. Up to the public to determine if this is the kind of country they want to live in.

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  3. The scumbag lawyer, accused of rape by Epstein's victims, who got Epstein off the hook, now represents the the rapey, **** grabbing President in his impeachment. Just a den of low life criminals in the GOP.

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  4. Ok, I read the book review. This is kind of a weird thread where no one has read the book, no one will probably read the book, most people probably don't know what Claremont Institute is, but it's obvious that they don't like socialists.


    The DSA loony bin of bad ideas however is something I'm familiar with. Well intentioned people, with some of the worst ideas out there. Stripping private ownership and turning everything into a bureaucratized democratic hellhole is their utopian vision. So at least on that end, the review critiques them quite well. If the goal is a more egalitarian American society, stripping private ownership is the absolute most god awful way of doing this, and also something that a large majority of the country will never get on board with. It's just about the most anti-American idea in existence and most people who have migrated to this country likely came from places where private ownership of land and business was a bureaucratized nightmare. There is a reason immigrants start businesses at a much higher rate than native citizens in America.


    A place like Claremont however really has no room to critique DSA. DSA's growth in popularity is a reaction to the decimation of communities from crony capitalism and a deregulated market that has stripped the private ownership capabilities of a large chunk of the population. DSA will keep growing in numbers as long as people equate a corrupt political and economic system with capitalism.


    This country has used policy very successfully historically to increase private ownership of land and business and lift poor white people into the middle class. We don't really have to reinvent the wheel to do the same for poor brown and black people, who make up a disproportionate share of people hurt by today's economic system. And I guarantee you that loons at Claremont oppose policies that would do this, even though they don't stray from our capitalist economic system.


    My tl;dr for this post: crazy people on opposite ends, who feed into each other and radicalize more people as a result of their bad ideas are the worst.


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  5. 1 hour ago, The Evil Genius said:

    Additionally, considering that push by the GOP to further defund public education and move it towards school vouchers...that could pay for private schools like the one in the story..yeah. 


    **** that.


    This is really what is at the heart of the conservative push for more charter schools and school vouchers.


    Most of the country isn't getting the type of charter school's we have in the DMV which specialize in science, tech, design or a multitude of other useful skills. A lot of these private charter schools are really just churches masquerading as education centers. American Madrasas is what they are.

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  6. 19 minutes ago, Rocky21 said:

    Need to more be emphasis on defense and obviously better players. I think Tommy Shep has done really well for the first year but this should put the FO on notice that they can’t be meek and conservative when it comes to making roster moves like they were under Ernie. They need to aggressively pursue top talent.

  7. 4 minutes ago, EmirOfShmo said:

    Where the **** is Pompeo in all this? No comments to support State Department employees, no comments to say he knew nothing about the plan to oust his Ukrainian Ambassador, no comments to refute the Parnas interview? 

    Being a meek, subservient ass kisser to an overgrown manbaby is the defining characteristic of present day conservatives. 

    Looks like Trump finally managed to get Ukraine to open investigations into Americans. Will he complain about Ukrainian sabotage of his campaign again?




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  8. 6 minutes ago, Llevron said:


    Also the way Trump was so focused on media perception and announcements and stuff like that is telling. These people know republicans are brainwashed for real. Like will do anything you tell them as long as you say what they want "You're right" 



    The de facto Republican strategy has been to drum up phony scandals during election years and then let them fizzle out post -elections. 

    The media takes the bait. Their mindless base amplifies it. And just enough low-info moderate voters buy into it to. 

    Considering how many crimes Hillary has supposedly committed, it’s amazing that she’s still walking free and somehow one Trump goon after another is landing in jail. This reality is completely lost on the nutjob gallery.

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