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  1. No Excuses

    The Impeachment Thread

    There was a suggestion in the Russia investigation thread to start a new one for impeachment. With the investigation now over and the SCO dissolved, the next phase begins. There is growing support among House Democrats and one lone Republican (Justin Amash) on starting impeachment hearings over the 11 counts of obstruction highlighted in the special counsel report.
  2. No Excuses

    The Impeachment Thread

  3. Never take seriously another word this man has to say on civil rights.
  4. Pete is turning out to be a bad parody of a neolib, with the obnoxious holier than thou attitude of some leftists. A truly unifying candidate.
  5. The end result would have been a better team. It’s not like you or I are paying his salary. Kind of a weird argument to be made for a team that is approaching historical levels of suckitude but ok.
  6. His replacements have been beyond garbage and we spent precious responses replacing him. This team is beyond bad, when just a few years ago it had a really good offense.
  7. Yes. Keenum made the Dolphins defense look like the 2000 Ravens.
  8. No Excuses

    The Impeachment Thread

    God bless Captain Kangaroo.
  9. The 49ers D made Jared Goff look like a high school quarterback facing an NFL defense. This will be Case Keenum this Sunday:
  10. There is no fixing this pile of trash.
  11. No Excuses

    Next Day Thread: Redskins vs. Dolphins

    The biggest disappointment in the game was Keenum not being picked off for six near the end of the game, on what I think was the first pass ever attempted in NFL history. Most undeserving W of all time. Watching the Jets against the Cowboys and the Steelers 3rd string QB against the chargers.... we and the Dolphins are in a league of our own.
  12. Kirk is a very good QB. Not great, not terrible. We made a huge mistake letting him go, that much is obvious.
  13. No Excuses

    The Brexit Thread

    Discuss the impending **** storm.
  14. No Excuses

    Trump and his cabinet/buffoonery- Get your bunkers ready!

    Got played... again. man is so desperate for a “win”, he ends up jumping the barrel and will now negotiate from an even weaker position.
  15. Well at least we aren't the Browns and entered the season with a ton of expectations.
  16. Damn, if they kicked the FG, they would've beat us in OT too. No way Case was getting another first down.
  17. If they score, please go for two!
  18. There we go Case. Nice bad throw.
  19. Damnit Terry. Don't you want a better quarterback throwing to you next year?
  20. I wish that would have been intercepted. I never want to see Keenum take another snap.
  21. Dink dunk dink dunk. 53 yards passing against this trash secondary. What a sad joke this team is.
  22. Imagine paying money to watch this live... lol