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  1. I don't have a link yet, but Breitbart just preemptively ran a counter-piece to a Washington Post story that is about to be released soon. The Washington Post article will allege that Roy Moore, noted homophobe, running as the Republican candidate for Senate in Alabama, assaulted teenage girls as young as 14, when he was in his 30's. Roy Moore is on record, denying these allegations to Breitbart. This is going to be a huge ****storm. Republicans will have to make a choice: defend Roy Moore or force him to step down and likely replace him with Luther Strange. It's going to pit the McConnell faction that favors Strange, against the Bannon faction, which favors Roy Moore. I have not linked to the Breitbart piece but if the mods ask, I will provide the link. The Washington Post story hasn't come out yet. The WP article is out:
  2. Re: Russell Moore - Jerry Falwell Jr. Jr. is really trying to up the turd game compared to his dad, who was a monumental turd of a person himself.
  3. No Excuses

    BitCoin falling like a Dotcom

    Yes, how will the dollar ever compete with a "currency" that takes an average of *76* minutes to facilitate transactions. In this fictional world where the dollar collapses and bitcoin reigns supreme, not only will we be all standing in bread lines, but we will also then have the awesome opportunity to wait upwards of 1 hour for our loaf-of-bread transactions to be processed. A truly modern approach to financial calamity and social demise.
  4. Want to know who actually crosses over with the Maga Klan group? People who feel the need to incessantly and brainlessly defend the party at all costs .
  5. A lot of economically anxious right wing folks have descended upon UVA this weekend. Of course, there are heroes in this story. Who were sadly failed by their local police departments.
  6. Increasingly a party of spineless turds.
  7. No Excuses

    Trump and his cabinet/buffoonery- Get your bunkers ready!

    Another "family values" Christian male found cheating on his wife. The handmaids tale is the ultimate fantasy for these dopes.
  8. Reading online from reliable sources, this seems to be a misrepresentation of facts by RawStory and nothing concerning.
  9. Everyone should read this. This is just one paragraph: This administration is a masterpiece of incompetence and its glaringly obvious on its two primary campaign agendas: immigration and trade. Both are a ****show of incompetence and failure.
  10. No Excuses

    New Sexual Assault Allegation against Trump

    He used to say this routinely during campaign rallies about his other victims and would get laughs/cheers from the crowd. Deplorable is too kind of a word for this segment of the country.
  12. Insider trading 101. If the SEC still does what it's supposed to do, this should be a major scandal that demands an investigation. This is the kind of corruption that is a hallmark of oligarchies. Also might as well make this the trade war thread. It seems like the tariffs won't just be for steel and aluminum.
  13. No Excuses

    The Official Washington Wizards Thread: The JOHN WALL ERA

    I am a fan of the pick as well. My only concern is that without proper coaching, he may end up as a Nick Young type player. Someone who can score from anywhere on the floor but is so utterly bad at everything else, that he is not at all an asset on the court.
  14. No Excuses

    New Sexual Assault Allegation against Trump

    Not just Trump, but the GOP and the kind of people who vote for them. Pro-rape is a party platform at this point.
  15. It’s almost like they renounced nuclear weapons in exchange for easing sanctions and more financial flexibility recently.
  16. No Excuses

    The Brexit Thread

    Discuss the impending **** storm.
  17. No Excuses

    BitCoin falling like a Dotcom

    Bitcoins entire existence is reliant on our current system remaining stable. If our current financial system collapses to the point of irrelevancy, no one will have the means to even access bitcoin, let alone assign it any kind of value.
  18. No Excuses

    BitCoin falling like a Dotcom

    A currency that fluctuates wildly on a daily basis will never, ever replace our current system, even if it fails. And if our current system ever collapses, you’ll be using sticks and stones. “The collapse of society was salvaged by BitCoin” is some dopey low grade Sci-fi novel bs.
  19. No Excuses

    The Official Washington Wizards Thread: The JOHN WALL ERA

    I don't think this teams front office ever did proper due diligence on players or coaches, and I have a feeling it might be a problem with the trainers/medical staff too (this might be a stretch but if its a problem in some obvious areas, it might be in some non-obvious ones too). Did Ernie ever bother to find out how Brooks would mesh with the roster, what his philosophy would be on defense vs. offense? We had a pretty good defensive system under Wittman, why did that nosedive this badly? It's why I think it's concerning that they never brought in a player with a great skillset but minimal playing experience in his lifetime for interviews or workouts. If there is a player you want to be working out, it is the kid who grew up in a non-basketball playing country and who only has a few years of collegiate experience under his belt. This teams approach to doing things never passes the smell test, and the people who should be following the stink (local media) are god-awful at covering this team.
  20. No Excuses

    The Official Washington Wizards Thread: The JOHN WALL ERA

    They can keep drafting high energy and effort guys but you need a coaching staff that actually gets them to play defense. The best coach this team has had in the last two decades is Randy Wittman, who actually got this team to play defense, especially in the playoffs. We downgraded from Wittman to Brooks, as implausible as it seemed at the time Brooks was hired. Brooks should've been gone, right along with Grunfeld. This team's effort on the defensive end took a major nosedive under him.
  21. No Excuses

    The Impeachment Thread

    There was a suggestion in the Russia investigation thread to start a new one for impeachment. With the investigation now over and the SCO dissolved, the next phase begins. There is growing support among House Democrats and one lone Republican (Justin Amash) on starting impeachment hearings over the 11 counts of obstruction highlighted in the special counsel report.
  22. The really awful part of our relationship with Iran is that a good portion of the Iranian population is much more closer to us ideologically than they are to the theocrats running the show. Yet we are allied with perhaps the most repressive Islamic country in the entire world in Saudi Arabia, the home of Wahabbism and whose population is far more radical in its regressive beliefs and who actively enabled the development of Pakistan's nuclear bomb, a nation almost completely incapable of securely wielding nuclear weaponry. Our foreign policy agenda in the Middle East is a dumpster fire of hypocrisy and failure.
  23. Trump saying he called off the strikes last night because they would be disproportionate to downing a drone. How bad is John Bolton at his job when Donald Trump is the sane, voice of reason in the room?
  24. I don’t think Trump wants this war, but I think it will escalate into one eventually when he reads all the war thirsty DC neocons calling him a **** on Twitter. All of this because Obama successfully got Iran to shutter its nuclear program with all of our European allies onboard. This is an entirely unnecessary crisis brought on by the GOP. Now it’s just a matter of how many billions or trillions of dollars are wasted because Trump is a buffoon and the people who led us into Iraq are still roaming around the DC swamp.