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  1. No Excuses

    The Impeachment Thread

    There was a suggestion in the Russia investigation thread to start a new one for impeachment. With the investigation now over and the SCO dissolved, the next phase begins. There is growing support among House Democrats and one lone Republican (Justin Amash) on starting impeachment hearings over the 11 counts of obstruction highlighted in the special counsel report.
  2. No Excuses

    The Brexit Thread

    Discuss the impending **** storm.
  3. Shocker that the GOP, fueled to power by rubes and anti-intellectuals ignores evidence, which consequently leads to bad outcomes.
  4. Her inspiration to speak out were the Parkland student activists who survived the mass shooting.
  5. No Excuses

    Local (to the DMV) News and Events

    There was a mass shooting last night in DC, Columbia Heights. Two men with AK-style rifles shot up an apartment courtyard and got away (still not caught yet). Probably not hearing about it because only one person died, even though 6 were shot. There was another shooting 30 minutes later on Rhode Island NE, where one person died and two were injured. Police haven’t said if the two incidents are related.
  6. I was holding off on posting this because I wasn't sure where this dumb conspiracy was headed. But this has now reached enough of a mass popularity in right wing circles so here you go. Tl;dr: people are convinced that a Trump admin official who they have dubbed "QAnon", is posting subtle hints of a massive conspiracy on the 4chan board /pol.
  7. A lot of economically anxious right wing folks have descended upon UVA this weekend. Of course, there are heroes in this story. Who were sadly failed by their local police departments.
  8. This is just a general rant. Over the past few months I have been traveling quite frequently for work. Flying is just an absolutely horrendous experience at this point. It is remarkable that in a country where a substantial chunk of the population is obese or overweight, seats on aircrafts have gotten exponentially smaller to squeeze more and more people into a single flight. The end result is a miserable experience for everyone involved. Yesterday on a three hour flight, I was squeezed into my already tiny seat because the passenger adjacent to me couldn't fit into her seating space. I had to give up about a quarter of my seating space to her. Most airlines have instituted policies for larger passengers of size, and countries like Canada mandate that such passengers be given a 2nd seat at no additional charge. I know most US airlines have policies in place to accommodate passenger comfort but I don't think this ever gets enforced. Something needs to change.
  9. We will get congressional representation eventually in DC. I am happy to see Beto and others taking this on. “These citizens of the country should not have full representation” has throughout history and will always be the ideological viewpoint of morons.
  10. Proposing solutions for issues is not his job. Why that is so hard for you to understand is beyond me.
  11. You should read this article more carefully yourself. Specifically this part: The very thing you accuse him of doing, ("changing his views"), he articulates why that's necessary for data journalists. I know in the world of ideologues, looking at data and re-evaluating your ideas is a big no-go so I get the need for chastising people who are open to self-criticism and re-evaluation. Trying to hold their self-critique against them says more about you than them. His site is an aggregator of polls and builds their models around them. The polls were wrong and as an outcome so was their model. But they were otherwise accurate on 90% of the caucuses and primaries in 2016. Really kind of dumb to go after people who work on probablistic modeling and then saying "OMG THEY GOT SOMETHING WRONG!!!". It's the nature of the god damn work that sometimes they will.
  12. Data troll... lol. This is so dumb. The guy builds probabilistic models for election outcomes and you are grumpy that he isn’t shilling enough for your side and “bringing change”.
  13. So your complaint is that he isn't a head-in-the-sand dogmatic nincompoop. Thank you for enlightening us on the horrors of data analysis. May we all live in a static world, in which nothing ever changes.
  14. Bernie folks don't like data because it often doesn't align with their worldview. People who explain data then become someone to take down. Attacking someone who runs regressions for a living because they aren't a crusader in your political fight is the height of stupidity and is something straight out of the Trumpian playbook. Do better. In the Bernie-bro world, you are either a social justice crusader or a neoliberal shill getting duped by the fascists.
  15. College educated voters, especially women, hate Trump with the passion of a thousand burning suns. It's an interesting gamble by the GOP to double down on non-college educated voters just as an entire generation of educated young people are becoming politically engaged.
  16. Old school people in the IC don't like snitches.
  17. The most accurate statement from Trump so far is his “shoot someone on 5th avenue and my followers wouldn’t care”. I always wondered how dictators developed cult followings. Trump is a living example of how feeble minded millions of humans collectively can be.
  18. Won’t happen until he loses the base. The party dumping him will lead to the voters dumping them. And I can’t think of any scenario where at least 80% of GOP voters will stop backing him.
  19. Beto is moving the overton window and the public is right behind him in its views. The NRA is pretty much confined to primarily white, rural districts at this point. Having a F from the NRA was a + for every house Dem in a swing suburban seat.
  20. No Excuses

    The Impeachment Thread

    There is no master plan at work here. The old vanguard of the Democratic Party is full of spineless losers. Republicans have been giving them wedgies and swirlies for at least four decades and it seems to have taken some kind of a psychological toll. There is no will to fight, fair or dirty, and if you can't make the case for corruption against Donald F'ing Trump, then it's worth asking why you deserve anyone's votes.
  21. No Excuses

    Xbox One Vs Ps4

    They are planning on expanding the maps so I think most of DC will eventually be covered. I might give it another go, even though I think it's really difficult to grind through this game solo. Game looks gorgeous on PC, but after playing for a week and seeing that I barely moved in the story was kind of a bummer.
  22. No Excuses

    Trump and his cabinet/buffoonery- Get your bunkers ready!

    States rights but only when enslaving people and/or discriminating against them.
  23. No Excuses

    Xbox One Vs Ps4

    I played it for a week and never came back. Unfortunately this is another one of those games that makes you grind like a no-lifer and seemed too reliant on co-op. The DC map is really cool though. They mapped my neighborhood pretty much 1:1, even getting the small businesses right.
  24. I don't have a link yet, but Breitbart just preemptively ran a counter-piece to a Washington Post story that is about to be released soon. The Washington Post article will allege that Roy Moore, noted homophobe, running as the Republican candidate for Senate in Alabama, assaulted teenage girls as young as 14, when he was in his 30's. Roy Moore is on record, denying these allegations to Breitbart. This is going to be a huge ****storm. Republicans will have to make a choice: defend Roy Moore or force him to step down and likely replace him with Luther Strange. It's going to pit the McConnell faction that favors Strange, against the Bannon faction, which favors Roy Moore. I have not linked to the Breitbart piece but if the mods ask, I will provide the link. The Washington Post story hasn't come out yet. The WP article is out:
  25. No Excuses

    The Politics Sexual Assault Thread

    Shocker, another anti-abortion nutjob and bigot who derided “alternative lifestyles”, found to be a pervert.