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  1. New Gojira song after 4 years. Very good (both song and music video).
  2. +1 to the Allahpundit piece advocating getting the **** out if you can. (This is a right leaning blogger btw). When armed white thugs are roaming the streets in military gear, you know this isn't ending well. Bored and angry white men cosplaying as soldiers has always led to terrible outcomes in this country.
  3. We are slowly tumbling down an election crises where Trump will deny the results of the election, claim fraud with his base solidly believing him and what will matter is if the GOP goes along with it or not. This isn’t going to end well.
  4. In general it's never good to draw any kind of hot take from one poll. Here is the daily poll tracker from 538: https://projects.fivethirtyeight.com/polls/president-general/ The aggregate picture shows a lot of Biden strength in the Midwest and a lot of close races in the South.
  5. I posted this two hours ago and here we already are: The GOP is aided and abetted by the cowardice and meekness of the Democrats.
  6. Trump is a historically unpopular President and any event that even gives the illusion of greater power for him and his party is not to their benefit. If Mitch seriously believed that another SC vacancy is to the benefit of the GOP, they would hold the vote in the lame duck session and bank on increased turnout on election day. But they won't and will vote ahead of it. They will get votes from Senators like Gardner/McSally because losing a few Senate seats or even Senate control is a worthy trade for a lifetime SCOTUS appointment. They are also banking on Democrats bein
  7. Bethesda optimizing games for anyone will be the real surprise.
  8. Bethesda's director Todd Howard put out a statement that strongly implies that they will not make new titles PC/Xbox exclusives. The win for Microsoft here is that all Bethesda titles get added onto the Gamepass, which was already a great deal and is just even better now. Then again... who knows: Exclusivity deals are hot garbage. Sony sucks for doing this and Microsoft sucks too if they double down this path.
  9. The Republicans can dismiss any impeachment articles within 15 minutes and move on. There is no procedural moves that can delay a vote in any meaningful capacity. The only move that exists is letting the GOP know that nothing is off the books if they break the norms they hypocritically created themselves and actually following through with it. Biden already had expanding the lower courts as part of his campaign platform. The House has already passed statehood for DC. He doesn't have to explicitly talk about the Supreme Court and expanding congressional representation to disenfranch
  10. On a more serious note, I hope Microsoft doesn’t follow Sony’s anti-consumer practices and all of the Bethesda upcoming games like TES and Starfield remain multi-platform and not exclusives.
  11. Microsoft is acquiring Zenimax/Bethesda for 7.5 Billion. Can’t wait for the next gen Skyrim port.
  12. Adding more justices and expanding the Senate by giving American citizens congressional representation that they currently lack is also playing by the rules. The GOP has been bending and altering the “rules” all over the country to subvert democracy. From packing Supreme Courts at the state level, to neutering the powers of incoming governors to gerrymandering Congressional districts to pointlessly removing cabinet members of Democratic governors. It’s a clown argument that restoring integrity to our institutions is bending the rules. The rules have been bent and rat ****ed
  13. I emptied my wallet to every Senate candidate in a competitive race. The only play here is that McConnell can take the short term win and if the GOP loses the Senate and WH, all of those wins are nullified AND we get four new Senators from DC and Puerto Rico.
  14. This is a far better system than waiting until someone dies. And when one party has openly lied about the norms and conventions required for appointing justices. “death of democracy” is peachy. There is currently a buffoon who spends every morning undermining the integrity of our voting system because he thinks he will lose. And he has an entire party backing him unconditionally on his march to eroding all civic norms and degrading every institution that checks his power. Go pound sand.
  15. I have very low expectations but if the Dems take the Senate, they should appoint a minimum of three justices and end the filibuster. Statehood for Puerto Rico and DC. Add four Senators. Do they have the fortitude for this? Probably not. But it’s the only response to the GOP lying and cheating it’s way to power over the past decade.
  16. History will remember her as a titan; of human rights and of a fair and equal society. Also Pack the courts.
  17. People getting these cards will need to upgrade some of their other hardware as well so its not just the cost of the card. I held off on getting them right now too and will continue using my RTX 2060S for a while. I'm thinking of doing a completely new build with one of the new 30X0 cards next year. AMD will be releasing its new GPU's soon too. I doubt they compete with the 3090 or 3080 but they could be cost/performance competitive with the 3070 or 3060. On a side note, everyone who bought a 2080Ti recently.. feelsbadman.
  18. There is science to support this and this is common practice in Asian countries during flu season. Asia handled the pandemic well because mask wearing behavior is common and universally agreed upon as an effective tool to protect yourself and to protect others.
  19. The amount of just outright garbage that is making airwaves in right wing media is just breathtaking. Covid numbers are fake. Wildfires started by ANTIFA. Fake employment numbers. Fake lines at food banks. Just an endless stream of denying everything going on. The biggest reckoning for this country is not Trump and his incompetence anymore. It is 40% of the country that has completely lost any connection with the real world and the consequences of their disconnect to reality. They just can't accept that their buffoonery and stupidity is having a real world impact that i
  20. Gave us one of the best scenes in Game of Thrones. RIP
  21. From the man who spends his free time fear mongering about caravans of migrants and antifa burning down cities comes the excuse "I didn't want to scare people". Beyond parody
  22. Lol I’ve had Stadia since it’s release so I am well aware of cloud gaming and it’s ups/downs. It only came out of beta in Nov 2019, so it hasn’t even been a year since a major company has attempted to take this tech mainstream. It’s just super silly to write off new tech that’s still in early development. And at the end of all this, you can continue your saved game progress on your console, phone or PC. Aka game progress that continues across multiple devices or “saves across multiple devices”. No need to be a huge nerd and pretend like we’re not talking about the ex
  23. In other words, your progress is saved across multiple devices and you aren’t tied to your console lol. It’s ok man, you don’t have twist into a pretzel to justify your hating on what Microsoft is aiming for. It’s super silly to write off cloud gaming before it even gets off the ground.
  24. Ok but if you read the BBC article it explicitly mentions that GamePass Ultimate is starting a beta cloud service now, which I'm assuming will go live when the new consoles come out. Being able to take your saves from console to pc to mobile will be a huge draw, especially for the Zoomers who aren't as fixated with TV/Monitor gaming as the rest of us ancient boomers.
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