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  1. I'm open to any suggestion. Not interested in rifles but a handgun for myself and my wife is what I'm thinking.
  2. Ghost of Tsushima looks pretty incredible but the stealth gameplay looked bad in the demo. Like dude's 1 feet away from you can't detect you? Hopefully they're just showing off the game at the easiest setting.
  3. This country is in deep trouble. We've reached the bread lines but once we reach the "I just lost my house" phase, all bets are off. I have legitimately never thought about owning a gun until now.
  4. That’s what clinical trials are for my dude. You won’t be the guinea pig.
  5. If we don’t vaccinate a large enough % of people to reach herd immunity, the virus will continue to spread in communities, and over time will likely mutate and render existing vaccines pointless. From a public health perspective, you need enough of the population to get vaccinated so that immunocompromised people who can’t receive vaccines are protected. These are your old and sick people suffering from cancer, etc. Not getting the vaccine as a healthy person will be a purely selfish act borne out of ignorance.
  6. There’s a legislative solution to putting a stop to a lot of this nonsense and I like that Biden has signaled his support for it. Repeal Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act. Nothing will get social media platforms to self-regulate faster than a flood of lawsuits. I used to be against this measure but with the exception of Twitter, every other platform has failed to address the spread of misinformation and fake news.
  7. It’s not the politicians: it’s the people who put them there. We have collectively treated treated ignorant opinions and stupidity entirely way too kindly for about 30-40 years. The digital age and online communities just accelerated the widespread acceptance of stupidity. And stupid people will find kinship with other stupid people and put them in positions of power, which is almost the entire ecosystem for the Republican Party now. Under the guise of “free speech”, completely asinine and false garbage spread uncontrollably. There is nothing that compels social media platforms or online message boards to allow abjectly false information to be shared or spread in their ranks. We’re now starting to see that say, anti-vaccination fringe views are gaining in massive numbers because Facebook refuses to moderate content. and what is the downstream consequence of this?
  8. The guy who presented the case for the House was also not very good. Dude was flustered by the end of it. Nice job Dems.
  9. Anyone actually listening? Based on how this is going it sounds like the court will rule against Congress but rule in favor of the NY DA. Conservative justices seem to trust prosecutors more than congressional oversight committees.
  10. Thousands of dollars of fees to consultants brought them this dumb catch phrase: After destroying the Obama economy, please give us four more years to "Transition to Greatness". FOH
  11. Im not sure if we get that big spike for a second wave. There’s a huge difference in how messaging and news travels today and people are unlikely to resume normal activity even if the first wave wanes. I think we are going to see a very prolonged first wave that never really goes down but maybe doesn’t see huge upticks either. People won’t have the confidence to go to restaurants etc, offices won’t resume normal activity and meetings/coworking will happen over computers. We’ll see spikes in cases in the usual places: meat packing plants, prisons, nursing homes, etc where social distancing is impossible. This country is basically lining up to sacrifice old people in nursing homes, prisoners and anyone who works in an essential, densely packed environment.
  12. It'll take a few massive losses at the booth for the GOP to return to some level of normalcy but I fully expect the Alex Jones wing of the party to be the dominant force in the coming years. The lightning speed at which bottom feeders of all stripes - 9/11 truthers, anti-vaxxers etc. are finding a home and representation in the GOP is just amazing. Just last night we had local house delegates from the GOP in the Maryland legislature tweeting "Arrest Bill Gates" conspiracies. At some point, the majority of the sensible people in this country will see this dumpster fire for what it really is.
  13. Never Trump leaning conservatives gave a big boost to Democrats in suburbs throughout the country in 2018. I think you fundamentally don't understand the "Never Trump" right wing bloc. It's mostly white women, some white men, who live in affluent suburbs of major metro regions and do not care for the GOP's increasingly toxic social message. Continuing to bring them into a center left-center right coalition is the easiest path to turning the GOP into a regional, rural party for uneducated bigots and conspiracy theorists. I don't think you understand many liberal voters either. If people wanted a petty, vindictive follow up to Trump, they would have gone for Bernie Sanders.
  14. There is so much to governance than just getting your favorite policy prescriptions filled out. Plus, this never happens to the extent people want anyways, because our government is structured in a way that prevents radical policy changes through legislation. At this point, I am just looking to get sensible people back in charge of federal agencies who answer to a voting bloc that is informed and educated. Enough with the conspiracy peddling, bleach drinking ghouls. -------- Clearest sign that the GOP is worried about re-election: It is once again time to get serious about deficits!
  15. We can get a gauge on fatalities based on excess mortality data. We do pretty good record keeping on deaths. The spread of infection based on serological surveys seems to be 10-20x officially counted cases. So if the US has 1.2 million recorded cases right now, we probably have really had between 10-20 million infected already.
  16. Every single country here is led by authoritarian conservative leaders. Stupid people do stupid things and then blame others.
  17. This is nothing more than a complete and total failure of the Trump admin at this point. The time they needed to erect public health infrastructure and put contact tracing into place is gone and the economy is in shambles. The economy will continue to be in shambles because people will not have the confidence to return to normal behavior since the virus outbreak wasn’t contained. Developing nation states are managing this better than us.
  18. I’m super skeptical of that. I have a gaming rig that’s basically as top of the line as it gets and it couldn’t do that. Even at a $500 price point, being able to run games at that resolution and frame rate would put $3000 pc rigs to shame.
  19. This is thanks to the Fed which basically bailed out corporations that didn't want to keep employees on payroll. This is all temporary and eventually the lack of productivity and output will catch up, but it was without a doubt a completely gross transfer of wealth. If anyone wants to understand why the stock market is going up, this is why:
  20. The new Xbox is supposed to be the equivalent of a PC with an RTX gpu so the graphics may not be that great, but shouldn't be a huge downgrade either. If the console is pushing 4K 60 FPS consistently like they say, that's the equivalent of a high end PC rig. I'm skeptical it'll be that good but who knows.
  21. Why not move games and relocate players to Taiwan for a year? Or South Korea? Might have some cost to it but probably less than losing a seasons worth of revenue. I am very skeptical that we have the infrastructure in place to maintain pro sports. The moment a player or one team is infected, everything gets shut down again. Why risk that? Go overseas and use it as a good opportunity to expand your international base while not risking your players and staff by making them play in a country governed and managed like a third world ****hole.
  22. Seeming more and more likely that Tara Reade is full of crap. The narrative change over the past year seems to show that she didn't get the reaction she hoped for, and then escalated the accusation to get more attention. And then lied about "media censorship", when people from multiple outlets were listening to her for over a year and trying to corroborate her claims.
  23. And state media, erm Fox News, would be spreading conspiracies, “is radiation really bad for you??? Has there really been an uptick in cancer patients at hospitals?? Deep State conspiracy exposed on Hannity at 11!”
  24. It’s worse. The decaying soviet bureaucracy still had somewhat of a foothold in reality and eventually got Chernobyl under control. The Trumpers would have declared victory after evacuating Pripyat while letting the radiation leak and poison the continent.
  25. Poverty isn’t good for mental or physical health.