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    Nazis showing up at places uninvited.

    Nah, too many crazy people showing up. This is gearing up to be Charlottesville 2.0 by the looks of it.
  2. No Excuses

    The Impeachment Thread

    The scumbag lawyer, accused of rape by Epstein's victims, who got Epstein off the hook, now represents the the rapey, **** grabbing President in his impeachment. Just a den of low life criminals in the GOP.
  3. No Excuses

    Claremont Review of Books: A Kinder, Gentler Gulag

    Ok, I read the book review. This is kind of a weird thread where no one has read the book, no one will probably read the book, most people probably don't know what Claremont Institute is, but it's obvious that they don't like socialists. The DSA loony bin of bad ideas however is something I'm familiar with. Well intentioned people, with some of the worst ideas out there. Stripping private ownership and turning everything into a bureaucratized democratic hellhole is their utopian vision. So at least on that end, the review critiques them quite well. If the goal is a more egalitarian American society, stripping private ownership is the absolute most god awful way of doing this, and also something that a large majority of the country will never get on board with. It's just about the most anti-American idea in existence and most people who have migrated to this country likely came from places where private ownership of land and business was a bureaucratized nightmare. There is a reason immigrants start businesses at a much higher rate than native citizens in America. A place like Claremont however really has no room to critique DSA. DSA's growth in popularity is a reaction to the decimation of communities from crony capitalism and a deregulated market that has stripped the private ownership capabilities of a large chunk of the population. DSA will keep growing in numbers as long as people equate a corrupt political and economic system with capitalism. This country has used policy very successfully historically to increase private ownership of land and business and lift poor white people into the middle class. We don't really have to reinvent the wheel to do the same for poor brown and black people, who make up a disproportionate share of people hurt by today's economic system. And I guarantee you that loons at Claremont oppose policies that would do this, even though they don't stray from our capitalist economic system. My tl;dr for this post: crazy people on opposite ends, who feed into each other and radicalize more people as a result of their bad ideas are the worst.
  4. This is really what is at the heart of the conservative push for more charter schools and school vouchers. Most of the country isn't getting the type of charter school's we have in the DMV which specialize in science, tech, design or a multitude of other useful skills. A lot of these private charter schools are really just churches masquerading as education centers. American Madrasas is what they are.
  5. No Excuses

    Election 2020 The Non Presidential Edition

    There are two Senate elections in GA in 2020. Split line is to show the lean for both.
  6. No Excuses

    Xbox One Vs Ps4

    Bruuuuhhhh the wait is killing me.
  7. Congrats to the kids for having a chance at being a normal person and not a medieval weirdo creep.
  8. No Excuses

    The Official Washington Wizards Thread: The JOHN WALL ERA

    Need to more be emphasis on defense and obviously better players. I think Tommy Shep has done really well for the first year but this should put the FO on notice that they can’t be meek and conservative when it comes to making roster moves like they were under Ernie. They need to aggressively pursue top talent.
  9. No Excuses

    The Impeachment Thread

    Being a meek, subservient ass kisser to an overgrown manbaby is the defining characteristic of present day conservatives. Looks like Trump finally managed to get Ukraine to open investigations into Americans. Will he complain about Ukrainian sabotage of his campaign again?
  10. No Excuses

    The Impeachment Thread

    The de facto Republican strategy has been to drum up phony scandals during election years and then let them fizzle out post -elections. The media takes the bait. Their mindless base amplifies it. And just enough low-info moderate voters buy into it to. Considering how many crimes Hillary has supposedly committed, it’s amazing that she’s still walking free and somehow one Trump goon after another is landing in jail. This reality is completely lost on the nutjob gallery.
  11. No Excuses

    The Impeachment Thread

    Sure looks like surveillance and intimidation of a US ambassador carried out by Trump’s goons, one who happens to be a GOP congressional candidate.
  12. Every day I feel better about my decision to not support Bernie, primary or general election, so people like this are not given an elevated platform.
  13. No Excuses

    Trump and his cabinet/buffoonery- Get your bunkers ready!

    Deficit spending to boost the economy so they can win elections on the back of it. Must be nice to have zombies for voters.
  14. No Excuses

    Is it weird to go to the movies by yourself?

    He also probably lives close to Alamo Drafthouse in Woodbridge, which is dope AF. Full food and drinks menu and they bring everything to your seat.
  15. No Excuses

    Is it weird to go to the movies by yourself?

    It’s weird the first time you do it but you get over it quickly. My wife will never join me for sci-if or horror movies so if it’s something that has to be watched on a big screen, I’ll do it myself. The last two I went alone were Interstellar and Gravity. Also went to a stand up skit at Chicago Second City once alone, when I was in town for work. Now that was unbelievably awkward and something I would not recommend... They sat all the loners on one side of the room like the awkward high school lunch table for nerds. Anything in the comedy realm is a shared experience imo.
  16. Some even labeled a body of water. These people specifically should have their drivers licenses revoked.
  17. It gets even better when respondents were given a full map of the world. Iran, the 51st state of the United States.
  18. A population of very stable geniuses.
  19. No Excuses

    The Outer Space Thread Nick Bostrom on why we shouldn’t be excited to find alien life in our solar system.
  20. No Excuses

    NYMAG: Who is QAnon? The Storm Conspiracy, Explained

    TIL that red leather shoes are made from human baby skin. Amazing stuff.
  21. No evidence that this is the case. Maybe a sliver of black voters hold that against him, but it's more like that he's some random white dude no one knew off 1 year ago, from the fourth largest town in INDIANA and he's running against Obama's VP. Also, he's kind of a chump the more you pay attention to him.