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  1. I almost want to see her on a ticket with Buttigieg. A female Harvard academic and a Gay Christian is going to cause a lot of heads to explode. Evangelicals are already losing their mind over Buttigieg.
  2. The chief architect of an entire government agency that was born out of the financial crisis is a bigger political accomplishment than anything the Rs have achieved this century.
  3. One of the most qualified people to run for POTUS ever in this country. Her biggest weakness is that we have a vast population of very dumb, anti-intellectuals who will hold her intelligence and academic background against her.
  4. No Excuses

    Election 2020 The Non Presidential Edition

    Joey Saladino aka Joey Salads. YouTube personality with like 2.5 mil subscribers. We’re living in a very dumb timeline.
  5. These things are usually pretty easy to answer. “Is Ellen Pompeo racist?” No. It’s a common problem for a small group of leftists who can’t help themselves from reading too much into people’s words. What then typically follows is clickbait journalism that takes reactionary outrage mobs on twitter and further give oxygen to pointless stories. All the while, actual racists go about their business.
  6. No Excuses

    Election 2020 The Non Presidential Edition

    The Republican Candidate for NY 11th district peed into his own mouth on live feed once. Anyways, totally normal party of sane people.
  7. No Excuses

    NYMAG: Who is QAnon? The Storm Conspiracy, Explained

    Now that the FBI has deemed QAnon a domestic terror threat... This post will forever be hilarious. Someone please inform the FBI of the domestic threat of college kids protesting on campus.
  8. Not taking the bait of bad faith leftist attacks against Obama is going to be a good test for Biden's ability to ward off bad faith right wing attacks. He didn't do a very good job last night.
  9. The Dem's who killed public option were almost all center-right conservative Democrats. Joe Manchin is probably the only one left that belongs to this group. It's unlikely that someone like Tim Kaine or Kyrsten Sinema will tank public option the way Lieberman and Max Baucus did.
  10. Candidates have a lot more visibility now due to digital platforms. If you're still polling at 1%, it's probably because you don't have a lot of appeal and aren't separating yourself in a meaningful way.
  11. I don't think it's that simple but yes, the ACA public option was tanked by Joe Lieberman. Ultimately, a good portion of the House democrats and senators will look to their constituents and find that their isn't a lot of support for blowing up the insurance industry, since it will cost people healthcare plans that they currently like. Not everyone has a stank ass healthcare plan. So realistically, any healthcare plan that discusses completely doing away with the private insurance sector is dead on arrival. That doesn't mean that as a public option as introduced, and people see that a better option is available compared to employer-based insurance plans, that support for further expanding government healthcare won't increase. The popularity of the ACA is the reason why public option and M4A are being discussed to begin with. The popularity of public option may be the reason why people are more comfortable with further restricting the role of private insurance companies in the healthcare sector (as is the case in most Western countries). Joe Biden's position is closer to the reality in other Western countries with government healthcare than what Bernie is proposing. And I think you meant to say insurance companies, rather than pharmaceutical, because you want a pharmaceutical sector that generates profits. It's a matter of how we regulate their sales to account for public benefit, without knee capping drug development.
  12. This is a really bad talking point. Opposition to the lefty M4A will also come from within the party, and that isn't because it's a "Republican" talking point. There are vast numbers of Democrats who represent high-income urban and suburban districts. It is one of the core constituencies of the party. Most of these people probably like their healthcare plans at the moment. You just don't hear from them as much because they aren't leading rage mobs on twitter. But they will vote in primaries, and their senators and house representatives aren't going to blow up a system that to a good extent is working for them.
  13. It is probably the only plan that can pass Congress. The healthcare debate between Dems is quite pointless tbh. Let’s say the Dems win the Senate and nuke the filibuster. The HC plan will need votes from conservative Dem Joe Manchin, moderates like Bennet, Warner, Kaine etc. Any plan that tanks employer based insurance isn’t getting passed. The Bernie M4A is fantasy thinking.
  14. No Excuses

    U.S. Congress Part 116

    Time to stick it* to the coastal elites *billions in bank accounts
  15. It does in some contexts. Pence helped Trump shore up votes with hypocrites.
  16. Her religious beliefs are completely in the looney bin sect of Hinduism. More troubling is her affiliation with extremist Hindu organizations: She campaigns as a progressive, but her personal views within the Indian community are highly regressive. She’s basically a supporter of Hindu fascists. It’s a shame, I think she has an interesting take on liberalism.
  17. If Tulsi Gabbard wasn’t a shill for Hindu nationalist bigotry, I would consider voting for her too.
  18. Good debate, wouldn’t vote for any of them over Warren. That’s my takeaway.
  19. There is nothing wrong with deportations, an immigration system that favors well educated migrants and keeping illegal border crossings as a criminal violation, while relaxing asylum laws.
  20. They badly want Biden to say deportations are bad, and Biden is right not to give that sound bite. Running a primary by pushing bad ideas from the fringes is what made the GOP what it is today. I would like the Dems not to do that.
  21. Most of these jokers are making me consider Joe Biden. Biden is doing well. 90% of these people are pandering on immigration to a tiny fraction of the Dem base.
  22. This debate is already better without the “can’t do it” jokers.
  23. The guy launched his campaign in 1980 with a "states rights" speech, at a location where three civil rights workers were burned to death. Didn't have to listen to this tape to know that he was a racist dirtbag. The dog whistle was used so Republicans can maintain plausible deniability, as we see time and time again when it comes to the racism in their views and policies. Unless you were caught calling people monkeys or the N-word, you couldn't possibly be racist in this worldview. Trump did everyone a favor by discarding the dog whistle all together, laying bare naked the racist, white-identity politics agenda of the GOP since Nixon.
  24. Conservatives have been whining about Hollywood destroying America for decades, yet they keep electing disastrous Hollywood chumps to run the country again and again.
  25. Easiest bluff to call. Put some of these proposals, which are in line with Democratic positions, up for a vote and see how parties vote. It's going to be a massive self goal as congressional R's will have to decide between human decency and lobbyist shilling.