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  1. Give this another 10 years, and a good amount of states will be majority non-religious. Trump and Christians have done more to make the case for non-religiosity than any atheist like Dawkins or Hitchens could have.
  2. Better yet, why not add the Art of the Deal to the Bible? Make it supplemental. It could be what the Hadith are to the Quran. Why not rival the uppity Muslims and have a rival supplemental text to the holy book?
  3. No Excuses

    Trump and his cabinet/buffoonery- Get your bunkers ready!

    Remember this? From Young Guns to out of office and being abused on twitter by a ghoul.
  4. Sure why not? It would be as factual and useful as the other ones.
  5. He pines for the days when conservatives were financing unnecessary wars through budget deficits. Totally sane, high-information voter.
  6. Raise your hand if you think family gatherings are also fantastic speed dating opportunities.
  7. No Excuses

    Election 2020 The Non Presidential Edition

    Guy is already on the Supreme Court. What exactly is the point of continuing to ask people how they would have voted? As usual, parts of the media are laser focused on issues that really don’t matter whatsoever.
  8. Trump probably hasn’t spent a single minute of his life praying or identifying as a Christian. He’s probably an apathetic atheist. I think he’s probably the least religious president this country has ever had, which makes his association and denigration of Christianity through association all that more interesting.
  9. No Excuses

    Trump and his cabinet/buffoonery- Get your bunkers ready!

    Sometimes I feel like you are twa’s alternate account, where he practices posting in English. Anyways, you are the one who brought in a dumb comparison between a pointless taxpayer funded July 4th campaign rally and a presidential inauguration that is standard for every POTUS.
  10. They seem to be employing the guy who covered it up last time in a key cabinet position, and it’s quite likely the current POTUS even participated in it. They’ve already backed a pedophile for a senate seat. So so are they “against” busting it up? Their behavior suggests they are perfectly fine with powerful men who abuse women getting away with it.
  11. No Excuses

    Trump and his cabinet/buffoonery- Get your bunkers ready!

    Yeah why weren’t people complaining about *checks notes* a presidential inauguration that is held for every newly elected President.
  12. NYT reported this yesterday as well.
  13. I don't think it would be a bad idea for Democrats to campaign a lot in NC. I would even add GA to this list. Both states might be trending towards becoming VA-esque, with the influx of Dem-leaning voters in the research triangle and Atlanta suburbs. Virginia's northern suburbs, particularly Loudoun have undergone a pretty dramatic shift from the early 2000s to the present state. Parts of GA and NC seem to be trending similarly. But MI should be a top priority for every Democrat running. The midterms were very favorable to Democrats in MI, despite the Republicans running a good Senate candidate:,_2018
  14. Sworn deposition against Trump by a minor in Epstein’s ring:
  15. 538 had this theory in 2016 that certain states kind of vote like unified blocs: that is if Trump won in say PA, he would be favored to win all states like it (WI, MI, IA, OH) due to demographic similarities. Considering the margins were very similar in MI, WI and PA in 2016, I think the same will be true in 2020. If a Dem wins in say PA, they are probably winning in other rust belt states as well. This pattern tracked closely for the 2018 mid terms too.
  16. If you subtract the votes of liberals living on the east and west coast, Donald Trump won by like 60 million votes and would have had the biggest popular vote landslide win of all time. Checkmate libtard.
  17. The article twa posted is basically the Seth Rich conspiracy, that Hannity et al parroted and never walked back. The brain rot in this country is very real. And like any good capitalist system, enough people have found a way to make lots and lots of money off of it.
  18. To save everyone time, this article alleges that there is no evidence that Russia actually meddled in the election or hacked/distributed DNC emails. Basically, the author performs 100 leaps of mental gymnastics to negate something that every intelligence agency and people far more qualified to do so have long verified. The entire article is brain food for people who long surrendered their cortex for better things like conspiracy theories and voting for rapists.
  19. No Excuses

    Xbox One Vs Ps4

    Its supposed to be one of those pull out your hair extremely hard games. Graphically looks really good but if it’s ridiculously difficult no thanks.
  20. No Excuses

    Tha mi air ais à Alba

    Great photos! Scotland is really amazing and Edinburgh is a beautiful city. My girlfriend just got back from a conference in Glasgow and took trips out of the city to Luss, Stirling, Calandar and some other places I can’t recall. We we usually make a trip out to Edinburgh every two years. We are not too fond of Scottish food but there are some fantastic Indian restaurants owned by Scottish Punjabi families.
  21. I don't have a link yet, but Breitbart just preemptively ran a counter-piece to a Washington Post story that is about to be released soon. The Washington Post article will allege that Roy Moore, noted homophobe, running as the Republican candidate for Senate in Alabama, assaulted teenage girls as young as 14, when he was in his 30's. Roy Moore is on record, denying these allegations to Breitbart. This is going to be a huge ****storm. Republicans will have to make a choice: defend Roy Moore or force him to step down and likely replace him with Luther Strange. It's going to pit the McConnell faction that favors Strange, against the Bannon faction, which favors Roy Moore. I have not linked to the Breitbart piece but if the mods ask, I will provide the link. The Washington Post story hasn't come out yet. The WP article is out:
  22. No Excuses

    The Official Washington Wizards Thread: The JOHN WALL ERA

    Rui has a lot of Carmelo Anthony in his game. The skills of a 3 in the physical frame of a 4. he is going to be a really good player, maybe even great, if this team doesn’t bungle his development.
  23. No Excuses

    Trump and his cabinet/buffoonery- Get your bunkers ready!

    Trump didn’t do this. Denial of reality has been a staple of conservative politics going back to Nixon. You don’t get enormous tax cuts for the wealthy funded through deficits, birtherism, climate change denial etc etc unless the people voting for you are sufficiently detached from reality. All Trump has done is recognize that this country has a rather high percentage of low information voters and exploit this phenomena to its absolute maximum. This problem doesn’t go away when he leaves office either. The American public at large has a very poor understanding of the basic civic and economic structure of this country. As such, most of our politics can be easily reduced to empty sloganeering that appeals to a poorly educated populations base emotions.
  24. MEANDWARF used to be the resident Bible thumping homophobe around here. It really is kind of funny watching this group of people come to the defense of a New York City billionaire who has spent his career philandering and sexually abusing women. When Trump said that he likes to walk in on underage women in dressing rooms and enjoys grabbing women by the ****, he most definitely got a big ol AMEN from MEANDWARF and his church buddies.