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    All Things "AOC" Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez & the Squad.

    That may be true and Queens certainly has some slum-like portions, but for the most part it’s charm is that it’s working class and it’s very livable. Astoria, Jackson Heights etc are neighborhoods that new immigrants and working class NYers can afford and they also attract a lot of people/tourists because of the diversity of shops and restaurants where you can find some of the best ethnic food in the city and imported goods. Amazon HQ in Queens was kind of a unique situation where it would have gentrified neighborhoods that were not in need of gentrification. There are times when gentrification is necessary but this wasn’t one of them.
  2. No Excuses

    All Things "AOC" Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez & the Squad.

    It's not necessary to do this, especially in a burough like Queens, which provides safe and affordable housing to new immigrants and is the hub of many small locally-owned businesses operated by minorities.
  3. We are being sold the same bill of crap as the Iraq war. If you oppose the nonsense, you are obviously a tyrant loving, freedom-hating traitor. The Middle East is full of scumbags. Whether it is our duty to eliminate every single one of them is a perfectly valid point, especially considering that the past 20 years of doing so has somehow only made the situation worse.
  4. They really don’t. This team has averaged 5 wins a season since his departure. Your entire argument hinges on a small 9 game sample size. Ultimately, one team saw him as a good QB who can lead them to the playoffs and help them compete. They have since been proven right. The other team made the assumption that his production is replaceable and the team can compete without him. They have been proven wrong. Your entire point is that, “well for 9 games they were competing without him”, which is true. It’s unfortunate that the NFL season is 16 games long and that the 2019 season happened. Perhaps you’ll join us in 2020 soon.
  5. No Excuses

    All Things "AOC" Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez & the Squad.

    Amazon’s move to Queens would have also displace A LOT of people and businesses through rent hikes. Most immigrants who migrate to NYC end up in Queens and almost all of them likely would have been negatively impacted by the Amazon move. Crystal City and Queens are quite different in how both would absorb a major company HQ relocating there. Crystal City is an existing corporate business park. I am not opposed to the idea of incentivizing businesses to relocate to certain areas, but dropping a major corporate HQ in a densely populated, working class community of a major city is bad policy.
  6. There is also a lot of amnesia regarding Alex Smith and how he was playing. His last 5 games, he had 1 game throwing over 200 yards, zero games with multiple TDS and a TD/INT split of 5/3. He was bad and barely managing games. “Kirk is good but not great, therefore he’s terrible” is the line of thinking many of you seem to follow. The idea that a QB, if he’s not Tier 1 elite, is not worth keeping is bat **** bananas.
  7. The denial of reality is amazing. We have been over this before. Alex Smith was not a suitable replacement for Kirk and a replacement for Smith, likely through the draft, in the following year would have been warranted. Before he was hurt, he was playing like a below average QB and there was already frustration building with his dink and dunk nonsense. Cherry picking a 6-3 start to make your point is silly. We had an entire seasons worth of evidence this season that this team was really bad, that the hot start from the previous season was an overachieving team and that none of the QBs, including Alex Smith, have been able to replace Kirk’s production at the position. The 10-22 record since Kirk’s departure speaks for itself. Extremely silly argument. No one is saying that we lost Tom Brady in his prime. But we did lose a good player, who made this team better and every shred of evidence, our record and the performance of all of his replacements, points to the fact that we are worse without him.
  8. Dexter at least had a pretty good run for 4 seasons (or 5) before it became trash.
  9. Today Califan came to the incredible realization that instability at the QB position, which could have been avoided by keeping Kirk, is bad for the team. Ok whatever this means. I’m not the weirdo spinning a 10-22 record since Kirk’s departure into the narrative that the Redskins are just fine without him. To anyone who isn’t a delusional homer, it is obvious that anyone would rather watch Kirk win us playoff games in OT than the raging dumpster fire of the past two seasons.
  10. No Excuses

    Serious Question: Do you regret letting Cousins go?

    The salt in this thread: Ya‘ll the football version of this dude.
  11. 10-22 record since his departure, so an average of five wins per season. It really is ok to admit that Kirk made this team better and his departure made it worse.
  12. I think Kirk thrived in DC as well. Retroactively looking at the state of the Redskins right now, he likely was the difference between a 4-5 win team and elevated it a roughly 7-8 win team. Ultimately, I don’t think the choker label can be applied to a QB who is good but not elite. The scale on which he’s judged has always been disproportionate to his ability.
  13. The choker narrative is such a tired concept. Kirk is a very good QB and today’s game was a good example that provided you have a team that can make the playoffs, a good QB like him will position you to win games. There are so many talented players and coaches who have gone through this franchise this past decade and it’s a really sad indictment of the team culture that most of them left on poor terms.
  14. If we have to be kicked out of Iraq by their government, so be it. The only response to this escalating madness is for the public to demand that we cut the BS and get out of there once and for all. But it seems like the “anti-globalist” GOP voter, who routinely votes for globalist war mongers, is quietly falling back in line to support increasing military activity AGAIN.
  15. Deserves its own thread at this point, since approving of convicted war criminals is apparently now a thing.
  16. I am not going to blame, criticize or congratulate Trump because this is 50+ years of failed policy continuing what seems to be a never-ending downward spiral. Everyone is a loser in the ME cluster****. The American public that will bear the burden of insane levels of defense spending for generations. The people of the ME who are the #1 victims of radical Islamists. The Europeans who face migration crises every time a new ME country gets sucked into the endless wars. This is a losing battle for all parties involved until someone finally gives a middle finger to what is now a generational foreign policy failure and gets us out of this mess for good. I am no longer buying the narrative that things will get worse if we aren’t there.
  17. There’s something so narcissistic about him, that I think if he got the nomination I am almost surely not going to support him or vote for him. Bad policies, bad personality and a legion of devoted followers detached from reality and driven by passion rather than rationality. If it’s Bernie v Trump, my vote is to let it all burn to the ground.
  18. Good thing their coal-friendly PM was busy relaxing in Hawaii as his country burned.
  19. This day was inevitable but WOW. What a moment in human history. The first gene edited humans will be born within this decade. I am at a loss for words.
  20. Seems like a way for both China and Russia to promote their bogus idea of “internet sovereignty”.
  21. No Excuses

    NYMAG: Who is QAnon? The Storm Conspiracy, Explained

    Driving down south to Georgia, took a rest stop somewhere in rural VA. This bathroom door deserves to be in a museum.
  22. It’s grumpitude. People’s faith is part of their identities and asking people to hide or limit the expression of who they are is not good. Voters should judge for themselves if openly preachy behavior is acceptable to them or not.
  23. Merry Christmas to all. My partner and I moved into our new home, which we furnished from scratch over the past two weeks so that was our Christmas gift to each other. Gifted myself a new Ps4 Pro a few weeks ago. We still did small gift exchanges today. I got her Bose noise cancelling headphones since she’s always complaining about overly chatty coworkers. She got me a surround sound system for our entertainment setup. Got our pup a bunch of new toys to rip apart, he seems happy.
  24. No Excuses

    Nazis showing up at places uninvited.

    A true MAGA hero.
  25. No Excuses

    WSJ: Federal Prosecutors Conducting Criminal Probe of Juul

    I want the federal government to do its job of regulating the content of these products more stringently, keeping the age limit at 18 and going after the black market where unregulated and often counterfeit/dangerous vaping materials are sold. They can start by instituting limits on the nicotine content in cartridges and in the additives that go into them. Creating a safer open market is a better solution here than pushing more people into the far more dangerous black market. The UK is handling regulation of vaping products far more sensibly than we are and are seeing a much better outcome in public health as a result: