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  1. This is hilarious. I'll have to steal this.
  2. I wouldn't touch an injury prone player with our medical staff. He'd be in a permanent wheel chair by the time his rookie season is over.
  3. I don't see Irving lasting till #5. If we pick #5, then that means Cleveland, Minnesota, Sacramento and Toronto are picking ahead of us. Minnesota is the only team that doesn't need a PG. Once the draft workouts start and teams see how good of a player Irving is, they won't pass on him. Especially Cleveland or Toronto, both teams need a stud at PG. I wouldn't pick him at #5. He would be the BPA pick but I don't agree with BPA in the draft lottery if it doesn't fill a position of need. I don't mind BPA outside of the lottery though.
  4. Malik's Kabob and Cafe is really good but I'm not sure if it's appropriate for a work related meeting. It's right off of I-66. I'd go there if formality isn't an issue. You could go to Prince Cafe in Georgetown but most of my friends found the people who work there to be *******s. I've personally never had a problem... but you know how people are, waitress kinda gives you the mean look and people get all offended these days. If you don't mind venturing into Adams Morgan than Queens Cafe is your safest and best bet. Only a 10 minute drive from Georgetown.
  5. McLean? Are you looking near Tyson's Corner? There is Malik's Kabob and Cafe... Prince Cafe of Georgetown. Everyone I know hates this place but I don't think it's that bad. Oasis in Falls Church. What exactly do you mean by the McLean to Georgetown area? lol. That's a really vague description. Queens Cafe in Adams Morgan is my favorite.
  6. This is what I'm afraid will happen if/when the Wizards become good. I'd rather have a small fan base of knowledgeable fans than have potentially more people watching this team, driving up the total of # of idiots who come in here posting as if they knew what they are talking about.
  7. He also just won Rookie of the Month for the EC today. He has the most double doubles for a rookie guard since Chris Paul in 2004. Why do you post in this thread?
  8. Jarvis wasn't bad before he blew his knees out. I think at some stretch in his rookie year he averaged a nice stat line of like 15 PPG etc. He was another one of the guys who fell victim to the infamous medical staff. I think they did an incorrect procedure on his knees. He never recovered. He finished his career as Arvis Hayes. I used to him so much when he played for us. He lost touch on his jump shot but Eddie Jordan would always play him at PF for some stupid ass reason. He had the best looking jumper for a guy who couldn't shoot into the ocean.
  9. These were Ernie's picks: 2003: Jarvis Hayes, Steve Blake. 2004: Devin Harris (traded for Jamison), Peter Party John Ramos 2005: Andray Blatche 2006: Oleksiy Pecherov, Vladmir Veeremenko 2007: Nick Young, Dominic McGuire 2008: Javale McGee, Bill Walker (traded for cash considerations) 2009: Traded pick #5 for Mike Miller, Randy Foye, Jermaine Taylor (traded for cash considerations) 2010: John Wall, Kevin Seraphin, Trevor Booker, Well going by the years: 2003: Hayes ended up as a bust due to injuries/med staff issues. Blake was decent and left for more money/playing time. 2004: I d
  10. I'd like Kevin Pritchard. He did a good job stock piling talent in Portland. His drafting is excellent and he knows how to work with an owner who has big pockets. 400's during the game and before the game, I really don't care. Green Turtle?
  11. We play Cleveland a day after we play San Antonio. We should receive the ass kicking of our life against SA. Duncan against Blatche. I don't understand why no one on the coaching staff asks Andray to stop shooting. At 1-8 through 1.5 quarters, Flip should have told him to quit chucking and focus on other parts of the game. I have never seen a big man routinely finish with shooting numbers as bad as 4-17.
  12. What about the GRE are you afraid of? I've been preparing for mine for a while now and it doesn't seem that hard at all.
  13. Ernie you fat slob, I better wake up to the news of a Blatche trade. 2-14 for this ****ing loser tonight.
  14. One possession he had Jason Kidd defending him in the post. Guess who won that matchup? :doh: He is now 1-8.
  15. I honestly don't know what they can do to make the 400 levels more enjoyable. I think they are pretty fair value for the price you pay lol. Maybe perhaps lowering the prices on non student nights. I mean no one really goes to games on Monday's, Tuesday's and Thursday's. Make the upper level $15 on non student nights and $10 on student nights (the price they were for the last few years). Game so far in Dallas, everyone is playing good except Blatche who is 1-7. I hate this guy.
  16. There are good NBa games on almost every night. You don't have to subject yourself to watching bad teams to appreciate the sport.
  17. Watching a Bollywood movie with my sisters that is about a movie inside of another movie. :ols:
  18. It's my all time favorite story line as well. It makes you feel like the lead actor in a really ****ing badass movie. I'm bored of video games at this point but ME3 will be on my shelf the night it comes out.
  19. Derrick Rose also took over a much better team than Wall did. The only comparable player on the rookie Rose Bulls and rookie Wall Wizards is Nick Young, who is sort of like Ben Gordon. Just some perspective: http://www.basketball-reference.com/play-index/pcm_finder.cgi?request=1∑=1&p1=walljo01&y1=2011&p2=rosede01&y2=2009&p3=westbru01&y3=2009&p4=paulch01&y4=2006
  20. Anyone slurping over Westbrook over this game, just compare rookie Wall with rookie Westbrook. http://www.basketball-reference.com/play-index/pcm_finder.cgi?request=1∑=1&p1=walljo01&y1=2011&p2=westbru01&y2=2009 Keep in mind, Westbrook still had Durant that year. 2009 Durant is still better than any player on the 2011 Wizards.
  21. They have an excuse for why he averages nearly 10 assists too. "Because he finds shooters who makes shots". :ols: "Most of his assist is from them making there shots which more than half the time don't be open" :doh:
  22. Orly? Where in my post did I say that you guys are saying he's not improving? But the overreaction to his struggles is laughable. I'm not sure what you guys expected from a rookie PG who is 1 year removed form high school prom. He's been given the keys to a struggling franchise and a pathetic roster yet some of you expect him to not struggle at all.
  23. Wall is having as good a rookie season as Derrick Rose and not too far beneath Chris Paul's. Some of you have no damn patience.
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