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  1. It's a distraction. I'm gonna reactivate it when my summer classes are over in two weeks.
  2. I deactivate my facebook but I keep logging in instinctively. :doh:
  3. Damn, procastinated and had fun all weekend and now I have work piled up that is due tomorrow. Summer classes are a nice way to get credits out of the way but work sneaks up on you.
  4. I love watching old episodes of The Office. Dinner Party has to be my favorite episode.
  5. It used to be limited to SK's but now it's pretty much every bar. Guys come in and treat it like their personal frat house. I feel embarrassed for some of them because you know they never got the college experience and now feel the need to come in and act like they're 18 year old freshmen who finally got to hang out at the "cool places".
  6. I love the Arlington area but man do the bars get infested by losers from all around NoVA. Some people are just flat out petty or creepy.
  7. I would but I'm leaving soon to go have some Indian food at Foggy Bottom. :dj:
  8. It was mostly old women or moms in their late 30's-early 40's. I hated working on Saturdays.
  9. My first job was working in the womens section at Sears. I quit after two months and never worked retail again. Women ask too many questions that I don't have answers for.
  10. I miss my blackberry. This touch screen bull**** is so annoying to text on. It's been a year and I still hate it. I used to text like a pro from the blackberry. Now I have to edit my texts after every three words.
  11. Bron's girl is fugly. I find it hard to believe he's not banging other on the side.
  12. I don't know why I keep forgetting that Rashard Lewis is on this team. Would be interesting to see if he can provide veteran depth and not get injured.
  13. No the team I envision is: C: #6 pick. Biyombo as the project replacement for McGee. Let's not kid ourselves. McGee is decent but he's not untouchable. Biyombo has just as much potential simply based on the fact that he doesn't seem like a total idiot like Javale. PF: Blatche. Meh. It could be worse. It could be a LOT better. Future considerations for replacement. We also have Booker who should improve so this spot isn't THAT bad. SF: Derrick Williams/D-league scrub (Resign Jeffers?) SG: The reliable Nick Young resigned at a modest salary. Hopefully Crawford improves enough to give reliabl
  14. McGee straight up for #2. Or maybe add in the #18. Do not give up the #6. After the D-Will pick, we have to take McGee's replacement.
  15. I could see Ernie getting bent over this bad in a trade again. I also know that 980 is full of **** so I don't believe this to be true. The T'Wolves aren't selling high. There isn't much of market for the #2 pick.
  16. We're dealing with David Kahn here. He's not exactly the brightest of GM's. Though, he did completely rob Ernie in the moronic Mike Miller trade. But it's David Kahn... he probably needs to protect himself from picking another PG.
  17. At least planes aren't disturbing you every morning. Reagan Airport FTL.
  18. I'm with you Steve. I'd trade McGee in a heartbeat for the #2 pick straight up. I wouldn't add the #6 pick either. At #6, take Biyombo. He'd be as much of a project than Javale and might show improvement at a faster rate since he already has pro experience in Europe.
  19. Based on what Turner showed last year, no way in hell. When it comes to potential, and especially if both players are equally raw, I'd take the big man. Here's the thing though, wasn't Turner supposed to be NBA ready? He looked clueless in every Sixers game I watched.
  20. I'm not really sure if Jamison is a good comparison for Williams. Jamison was a crafty player, but a lot of his limitations had to do with how slow footed he was and his piss poor agility. Williams just looks like a really smooth player.Yeah he's similar in the sense that he's a SF/PF hybrid, but Jamison was lacking athletically. He got by based on his jumper and his crafty offensive play. His poor athleticism was exposed throughout his career on the defensive end.
  21. It's only going to get worse. 97 high on Wednesday.
  22. 6 rebounds in 35 minutes and shot below 50% last year. Two out of his three NBA seasons he's shot below 50%. Yeah, a big man who shoots below 50% is hardly impressive. Don't really care what Duncan and Garnett did. They were, and still are, a lot more imposing on the court than Lopez has been so far. Lopez is soft, doesn't rebound, doesn't play defense, doesn't box out. None of this applies to Garnett or Duncan, even in their earlier years. Consider the factors equal, it still doesn't add up. Garnett and Duncan started their careers as power forwards and played further away from the basket tha
  23. Layne Staley had the perfect voice for this genre.
  24. For both, beginner and intermediate? I'm gonna take the year round course lol. ---------- Post added June-5th-2011 at 10:32 PM ---------- nvm, I just checked the class schedules and it's actually for Spring and they do beginner/intermediate in one semester. I need to find something else to take in fall now, ****.
  25. I've never played golf so I can only imagine how bad my first time will be. I'm taking a beginner golf class fall semester though lol.
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