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  1. I’ll believe it when I see it. As of now, the Dems are still incompetent buffoons afraid of wielding power.
  2. It’s like it registered in their broken minds for one second how insane this person truly is.
  3. This is demented and impeachable. What an awful person.
  4. Just ****ing hilarious. I’m sure if there wasn’t a pandemic more people would have shown up. The people who decided to attend an indoor political rally in this climate are the absolute dumbest of the bunch.
  5. You thought Donald Trump is above using fake information to slander people he doesn’t like?
  6. You would think baseball would be the one sport that has the easiest path to reopening. Completely outdoor sport, typically half empty stadiums where people are social distancing anyways. Not many drunk buffoons screaming or yelling like at football games.
  7. “DACA recipients deserve closure” is a funny way of saying we want to deport them.
  8. As if there was another reason to vote out this buffoon in November, but this particularly cruel decision that is also a very unpopular policy plank nationally should be thrown right back in his face. To highlight both the cruelty at the heart of this administration and the lack of brains to act on what it intends to do.
  9. Open world designs killed the stealth genre. Splinter Cell, Assassins Creed, Ghost Recon, all trace their demise to the stale concept of “heres a massive beautiful open world with 99% dead objects and 1% interactivity and no attention to level design). The older AC games were open worlds but due to the smaller sizes, also had some really good level designs for assassination missions. It all died with Origins, which had mostly generic buildings and forts. Not a bad game, but also not what it’s predecessors were.
  10. I am pretty sure Rubio himself has signaled support for possible military intervention in Venezuela. I don’t think this was a secret? Neocons were openly discussing it months ago from what I remember.
  11. The official stance of the party is to be against mask wearing during a pandemic, to be against BLM protests after the country saw another black man dehumanized and murdered by the state and to be against the removal of pro-slavery symbols of traitors. Even in a country of low information voters this is one hell of an electoral posture. God speed in November.
  12. Heard from an unreliable source in Richmond that white neighborhoods have been destroyed and Antifa supersoliders have taken over the city.
  13. “I never thought leapords would come to eat my face”, sobs the woman from the Leapords Eating Faces Party.
  14. Michael Bloomberg should give his billions to the Lincoln Project and just have them destroy Donnie all over the country. Never seen negative messaging this good from any Dem group.
  15. Big news out of the UK, that dexamethasone found to reduce mortality quite significantly in severe COVID patients in a double blind clinical trial. 1/3rd reduction in mortality is what the data supposedly shows. Trial was shut down early, which is usually a sign that the data is sound and the drug is really effective. It is also quite cheap and widely available all over the world.
  16. If wearing a mask triggered the libs, you would have a bunch of dopes walking around with MAGA masks everywhere.
  17. Because it is relevant to why some countries have successfully moved to a situation where they can have live sports, and we are still bumbling around like a third world country.
  18. I think it would have. The followers of Cult 45 would do whatever Dear Leader said. The problem is that he spent most of his time rambling nonsense, called it a hoax, then called it a governors problem, refused to wear a mask himself and all around set a terrible example for the people who view him as a leader. He could have listened to his own experts who were warning him and giving him sensible advice. But he’s a moron, who is sadly enabled and propelled into power by millions of others just like him.
  19. The conclusion that Hillary’s campaign may have reached, that she had a safe enough polling margin to ignore states wasn’t really based on any kind of solid data. At this time, when Biden’s national average is close to +10, Hillary was hovering at +2. Prior the election, polls had her exactly where she wound up nationally. I agree with the premise that you should campaign regardless of what the polling data tells you and assume the worst. The problem with Hillary was that she surrounded herself with idiots, which isn’t surprising. The Clinton’s have time and time again have found themselves in the company of the worst type of Beltway vultures in existence.
  20. It is what it is. At some point, you can't discount what are trends visible in multiple polls from different groups. I'm not sure why people are surprised. The economy is depressed, there is mass social unrest and a pandemic is ongoing. This is about as bad as it can get in a developed nation. People aren't going to be lining up to vote for the incumbent, when he barely coasted to victory last time and never received a broad public mandate for his vile agenda. And his party in power suffered historic defeats in the midterm and the national situation has only gotten worse since then.
  21. Today is a major L for conservatives. Aside from the big ruling, also an L on immigration enforcement and expansion of gun rights. Really quite remarkable that even with a deeply conservative bench, the most insane ideas out of the right still keep losing.