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  1. One of those dumb ideas that seems funny and clever at first but is actually maybe the worst thing public officials can be doing right now.
  2. At this point, it’s mostly low info voters. His ads are everywhere.
  3. A lot of economically anxious right wing folks have descended upon UVA this weekend. Of course, there are heroes in this story. Who were sadly failed by their local police departments.
  4. I haven’t seen anything to indicate that causes alarm to the point that healthy people with health insurance, young or old, should be panicking about this. Just like in flu season, the most important thing you can do is GO TO THE DOCTOR IF YOU START FEELING SYMPTOMS! Take time away from work. Take care of your bodies and prioritize your health over anything else. Don’t think that taking over the counter medicine will get you through whatever you’re feeling. The medical care in this country is very good and you will be fine if you are proactive. If our government in this country is sensible, it will mandate paid sick leave so people aren’t afraid to take time off. The biggest risk is to people who are afraid of going to the hospital, whether it’s for financial or psychological reasons.
  5. No Excuses

    The Brexit Thread

    Discuss the impending **** storm.
  6. This doesn't read like a real story. They can't possibly be this dumb.
  7. This is a pretty interesting and short article on how some Euroopean countries approach health insurance: Essentially the debate we need to be having is a preference between a UK/Canadian style of healthcare system (which M4A most closely resembles) or Germany and France, which have heavily regulated insurance markets. Both options are significantly better than the crapola that currently exists in the USA.
  8. Don’t worry, Tucker Carlson is already spending his nightly news program blaming the spread of this virus on multiculturalism, open borders and political correctness.
  9. Political reality. If Dems control Congress, he can either get nothing done or set the agenda and work on compromise bills.
  10. I don't think he has clarified but I highly, highly doubt that he is that much of an ideologue that he would completely nuke improvements to our healthcare system because he didn't get everything on his wishlist. I don't think Bernie is Obama but Obama also run much farther to the left of how he eventually governed. And Bernie's left is quite to the left of BO, but I expect that he will move willingly or reluctantly closer to the center because his parties legislative caucus is not philosophically aligned with him. A President obstructing major legislation of his own party would be almost unheard off. It is pretty much the other way around typically (which is a good thing).
  11. I mean this is essentially the rationale to transition towards single-payer, which every other developed country on Earth has. Turning healthcare into a for-profit entity and then being bewildered about an absolutely crappy system is the most American thing in existence right now. I honestly don't care what Bernie's proposal is because he will not get his wishlist. We waste so much god damn time in this country on policy analysis of Presidential campaigns when this isn't even the branch of government in charge of writing legislation. But single-payer does seem inevitable in this country at this point. That genie is out of the bottle, the overton window has moved and every failure of the existing system is one step closer to its demise. A Bernie election just accelerates us to this inevitability by at least 1-2 presidential election cycles.
  12. Employer-based health insurance really is an all around garbage way of doing healthcare coverage and I have generally liked the coverage plans I have received in the past. Switching to a single-payer model over time is far more efficient, humane and cost-effective. I have been on the fence about M4A but it is really striking that prominent physicians and medical schools around the country keep finding it to be a far better alternative to the absolutely tragic healthcare system we currently have: Ultimately, I will bet that “do nothing” is a far worse alternative and will be an absolute loser in 2020. Which is why I’m sure Trump will put forward some half-baked idea because you simply cannot run a campaign on “nope, no solutions necessary” on an issue that millions of people are struggling with.
  13. There should be state-run programs that incentivize people in economically shrinking communities to find jobs and help cover relocation costs to growing communities. Mid-size cities in many states all across the country are growing at a pretty healthy clip and could use more labor coming in to expand their tax base. Ultimately state governments in this country really ought to be doing more than they currently are. People keep voting for anti-establishment candidates at the federal level when it is really state governments that are badly in need of innovative policy ideas and where there's a higher chance of legislation being approved and implemented.
  14. No Excuses

    Trump and his cabinet/buffoonery- Get your bunkers ready!

    The irony of Trump and Modi visiting Gandhi’s memorial garden is that the extreme right wing group to which Modi belongs carried out the assassination of Gandhi and to this day there are members of his party who celebrate the life and actions of his assassin.
  15. This is a country full of low information voters. They elected a fascist wanna be dictator in 2016 because he said things that tickled their anger. The largest voting bloc in the country absolutely gives zero ****s about the label “socialist”.
  16. Sounds like they’ve gone full History Channel. God help the people of this country who don’t know better.
  17. How to lose Florida in 5 seconds or less. Bernie is going to be an interesting test of how stupid **** just doesn’t matter anymore on the grand scale. Trump has proven this by now.
  18. Bernie has a completely different path to winning the presidency than a center-left candidate. Anyone who thinks Trump will walk over Bernie to a second term is delusional. Trump’s populism will be funny to watch against Bernie. “I took on the establishment by cutting their taxes and fighting in courts and congress to strip healthcare from people with pre-existing conditions”. No amount of “omg socialist reeeeeee” screeching will work to defend this record in depressed industrial towns.
  19. No Excuses

    The Grilling and Cooking Thread

    I have a free month of subscription to NYT cooking. Been trying some of their recipes. Some are very good but the general rule of thumb is to triple the quantities of almost every spice. Made a coconut-based chicken curry yesterday that turned out really good. IMG_7136.MOV
  20. The smart people who are financially well off have nothing to gain or lose on the economic side of things no matter who the president is. With the way congress works these days, the presidency at this point is just a vehicle for driving social and cultural policy. Many on the far right explicitly understand this, which is why they are ok with Trump’s bull**** because he’s an empty vessel for Christian Sharia nonsense. This is all just one big culture war. Economically it makes zero sense for anyone who lives in upscale metropolitan regions to be voting for Dems or for poor whites in rural areas to be voting GOP. But for the most part, we are all voting for economic agendas against our best interests and instead vote for cultural and social policies.
  21. Barrack Obama ran on an explicitly anti-establishment message to the left of Hillary, where he would lampoon establishment Democrats quite explicitly. Neither Bernie nor Trump invented this playbook.
  22. There isn’t a candidate in this country who could accomplish that. Populism is very divisive and it’s apparent that it works in this country from either side. Ultimately the blame is entirely on the miserable education system of this country and how right wing media exploited it for decades to bring us to this Trumpian bull**** dystopia. Only in a country full of dweebs and imbeciles could Rush et all spread their propaganda and turn an entire group of voters into mindless drones detached from reality.
  23. Anyone find it ****ed up that the “Science Channel” gave this dude a platform for his very obviously stupid idea that ended in death? You can’t save people from their own stupidity but giving them a platform is maybe not the best idea.
  24. It will be funny watching Trump run as a populist against Bernie at least. If populism is what the electoral college relevant states want, Bernie is going to make Trump look like the absolute fraud that he is. Bernie isn’t winning the sunbelt states where a moderate Dem would be competitive but people are fooling themselves if they think he won’t outflank Trump’s phony populism in the Rust Belt.
  25. This is just a general rant. Over the past few months I have been traveling quite frequently for work. Flying is just an absolutely horrendous experience at this point. It is remarkable that in a country where a substantial chunk of the population is obese or overweight, seats on aircrafts have gotten exponentially smaller to squeeze more and more people into a single flight. The end result is a miserable experience for everyone involved. Yesterday on a three hour flight, I was squeezed into my already tiny seat because the passenger adjacent to me couldn't fit into her seating space. I had to give up about a quarter of my seating space to her. Most airlines have instituted policies for larger passengers of size, and countries like Canada mandate that such passengers be given a 2nd seat at no additional charge. I know most US airlines have policies in place to accommodate passenger comfort but I don't think this ever gets enforced. Something needs to change.