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  1. I really dislike articles like this because they identify a phenomena without any clear context of its probability. I highly doubt reinfection in a short time span is a real possibility for the vast vast majority of humans. Finding a handful of cases isn’t surprising because some people will have biological quirks that are very rare but might make them more susceptible to reinfection. Vox does really bad science journalism.
  2. The WHO said it’s likely undiagnosed COVID-19. But they don’t exactly have much credibility these days.
  3. Politicians worth their elected seats would be gearing up for the easiest and fastest impeachment trial right now. Every Republican Senator needs to be on the record defending this.
  4. Can anyone point to the origin of “The Redskins name was honoring Native Americans” talking point? Comes across as a wholly disingenuous claim for the franchise that was last to integrate and was basically forced to do it.
  5. Not only that, but today's rulings basically mean that not only can ultra-conservative states go ahead with religious charter schools funded by the public, these schools also do not have to comply with federal civil rights guidelines.
  6. Culture War BS is all the GOP has. There is literally nothing else to their agenda at this point.
  7. They are not changing the name because it hurt people’s feelings. The team has shown for many years that it absolutely does not care about public opinion about really anything, let alone their feelings about the name.
  8. The name is going to change since corporate sponsors have already pulled money out of the franchise or are on the verge of doing so. Some of you still in denial are unfortunately going to learn a brutal, cold truth about living in a capitalist country. Money talks and no one cares about your feelings.
  9. The can change the name to the Pink Ponies and I wouldn’t care. The adolescent attachment to a silly name from a bygone era by adults is fundamentally weird. This franchise has needed an image reboot for quite some time. Doesn’t really matter how we arrive at it.
  10. Apparently a bottom exists for the worst people in America.
  11. Why fund public schools when you can just let them fail, replace them with religious charter schools and voucher programs? The Supreme Court just remade the entire education infrastructure of large portions of the country.
  12. Twitch banned Trump's account and Reddit banned The_Donald subreddit. Get ready for some more "muh first amendment" screeching from the free markets crowd.
  13. Every right wing huckster sells magic pills. From Ben Shapiro to Alex Jones. The one unifying element of right wing media is that no matter the audience, they’re all low information suckers.
  14. Lincoln Project runs ads on Fox News. OANN is too much of a lost cause network. I see that the dotard is retweeting his supporters chanting white power. Sounds about white.
  15. A lot of conservative Democrats. Liberal politics was pretty much irrelevant for two decades and we still see it’s effects on economic and foreign policy today.
  16. People do have short memories but becoming toxic ideologically in politics isn’t something new for this country. This was basically Democrats and liberalism for pretty much all of the 70s and 80s. The conservative views of the boomers that were formed in those years are still having an outsized impact on our politics. The impending demise of the GOP will likely very closely resemble what Democrats and liberals experienced from 70-90. You’re kind of there, you exist, people know you exist but there is a cultural and political irrelevancy where you have no great influence on the direction of the country. How conservativism is rebranded is an interesting question. The social policies are all major losers with under-40 crowd that will shape politics for the next 40 years in this country. The economic agenda is probably a loser too but there’s room for rebranding here. And quite frankly, there is a stronger argument that the center left Democrats have a more market friendly agenda than the GOP at the moment. Tariffs, trade wars, protectionism, anti-science and innovation, restrictions of work visas, all of this is decidedly anti-free market policies. So I don’t know where the GOP rebrands here either because “regulations and government stimulus are bad” as your only free market position isn’t going to fly with a generation that views climate change as a real threat and has now seen two major recessions in a span of a decade.
  17. Socialists are pretty much taking over NYC. From city office to state offices to federal offices. Only a matter of time until we have a socialist mayor in NYC. At the local level NYC is far more left wing than any other part of America right now.
  18. Trump was an accelerant to the demographic changes that were slowly taking shape even back in 2014. I think we’ll see right wing ideas rebranded. I don’t think it will be under the GOP banner. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Democrats evolve into a center right, socially liberal party and we end up with a new left wing party. But the social conservativism project that the GOP embarked on is mostly dead in almost every populous region of the country. The economic ideas might get repackaged, but the abhorrent social agenda is just not going to fly in a country where liberalism has taken over the cultural centers. The demographic change isn’t just “young people hate conservatism until they get older and own property”. The under 40 crowd has a huge segment of non-white Americans who will always associate the GOP with racism, bigotry and opposition to our families and existence in the country. The expansion of Democrats in wealthy suburbs has largely happened on the backs of wealthy Asian Americans. Yeah, some previously white Republicans are turned away from the GOP, but areas like Loudoun and Orange County are competitive swing districts now because a lot of non-white college educated millennials have bought property in these areas and they all mostly loathe the GOP. And we’re friends with our white neighbors, our families interact and kids play together so the bigotry that wins the GOP votes in rural counties just doesn’t work on people who may previously voted for them. No amount of messaging is saving them here after Trump. To be associated with the Republican Party is to be seen as a bigot and a moron in too many major centers of the country. This has a huge effect on the local level, when it comes to organizing. The neighborhood where my family lives in Loudoun County has former local Republicans now working in the Democratic groups and the local GOP is just about dead. And that directly translates to the sorry state the VA GOP is in right now.
  19. simple principle: the health of the economy is tied to controlling the pandemic. Not understanding this is going to have dire consequences in states full of people who have spent their lifetimes voting for idiots and believing in anti-science conspiracy theories.
  20. The “very unfavorable” cohort of 18-40 year old voters, is likely never to vote GOP in their lifetimes and will always remember this buffoonery. That’s greater than 60% of the entire age demographic. These aren’t just people who disapprove of Trump and the GOP, these are people who loathe the entire movement and the conservative project. Trump is a generational deathblow to the GOP. It’s really hard to understate how disliked conservatives are in the major metro centers of the country. It’s a visceral disdain to any and all symbols associated with right wing beliefs.
  21. This indicates nothing of that sort. The bodies immune response is quite varied and never reliant on just one type of antibody or immune cell. We don’t have a coronavirus vaccine because we’ve never needed one before. But in the family of viruses, they are a fairly simple target for vaccines because of their high genomic stability and low mutation rates.