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  1. The QBs that get to this level have repeatable mechanics that work for them. There isn't a style of throwing that's canon. I what matters is if the player is efficient and productive, and Haskins was ultra efficient and productive at Ohio State. The footwork Haskins is developing in all of those videos is about getting the muscle memory and feel to move around a muddy pocket and stay balanced and ready to throw. They're fairly advanced movement drills. Throwing mechanics are a very small sliver of what makes or breaks an NFL QB. QBing at this level is all about reading/decision making, toughness, and leadership. That's what Haskins needs to develop and demonstrate in order to make it. He's making strides and he has always been a super smart and instinctive quarterback. Those traits plus the golden arm define him as a player. His accuracy and playmaking efficiency come from him being really intuitive and good with his receivers. He gets them and knows how to utilize them as weapons. Knows when and how to go off schedule with timing or placement to give them a chance to playmake. He has good chemistry with these guys and it's a largely unspoken thing, it's not really about mechanics.
  2. The vast majority of the heavy lifting for run blocking is handled by the OL. A lot of TE blocking on the outside comes down to getting in the way to cut off backside pursuit from the backfield, or just creating a brief crease rather than planting a tough contain defender or driving him way off the ball. Blocking is a much, much less valuable skill for TEs than receiving, as an elite receiver at the TE position opens up your offense way more. That's why I thought Harrison Bryant was the best TE in that class.
  3. Harrison Bryant is the TE I was sad to miss out on, but I could see Saahdiq Charles being good enough to be the better pick for us. We could have used Bryant way more than the Browns can. IMO, going a bit late at WR was the right way to play that draft class. Aside from Tee Higgins, I don't think there are huge gaps between the guys who got picked in rounds 2-5. Gandy-Golden's skill set is the kind of thing that goes higher in a normal year--6'4, high end vertical threat, special hands. We got a bargain there. The RB class is what ended up being crazy, from CEH going round one, to Cam Akers and AJ Dillon going round two, to guys like KeShawn Vaughn and Darrynton Evans as well as the hybrid guys like Gibson and Bowden going in round three. Better drafting teams than us also reached for RBs according to where these guys were being mocked. I think it's more likely that the running back class was slept on, and that draftniks have been systematically undervaluing RBs and that the actual NFL people put higher draft value on the position.
  4. Sewell was even more eye popping than Chase Young last season. It's hard to jump off the screen as an OT and he did. I think he was the second best player in the country behind Burrow last year, and I think we are seeing an Orlando Pace caliber player and prospect in him. He is even more dominant than Quentin Nelson was.
  5. It's totally generic. We can't get more specific than the cultureless, flavorless, blanket word for a soldier? At least a red wolf is a specific thing.
  6. Hypothetical question: is there a rule against wearing chainmail under your jersey?
  7. I think Redwolves is better than Warriors TBH. Warriors is the most generic mascot possible, short of "Vertebrates."
  8. Not going to lie, I kind of like that. Pretty sure they burned Joan of Arc at the stake though, so maybe some future controversy there. And it would give new meaning to accusations of wine and cheese fanhood, but that's a reputation we could lean into and reclaim as a positive. Being associated with the terrior of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir would be honorable. Some potential uniform ideas: Note the heraldry of their arms. Red saltire over a field divided between white and bleu celeste. We could use that as our new look. Perhaps style the new helmets like a sallet with visor? Although that could make it difficult for our players to see to play defense and throw and catch the ball. I'm kind of partial to that kettle hat the crowssbowman is wearing too. I don't know, it's just a starting point. Well they moved their from Minneapolis, where the name made sense. And then they proceeded to win 78 championships so they added all of the prestige needed to make a name that would otherwise be lame work.
  9. I just want something that is at least a little idiosyncratic and has a solid connection to the region and it's culture. I don't really want to do a cookie cutter carnivorous animal that any team could do.
  10. I liked Red Tails too, but does the region have a natural connection to the Tuskeegee Airmen? Seems like that named should be reserved for an Alabama team.
  11. People didn't stop wearing bullets stuff when the wizards changed the name and colors. It actually just made the old color scheme more appealing.
  12. Collins I agree, he's made two All Pro teams in his career. I'd say he's more of a bounce-back candidate than a breakout candidate. But I wouldn't say Allen has broken out yet. He's been pretty good to just OK over the first three seasons of his career. He's a former Nagurski/Lombardi/Bednarik trophy winner and SEC DPOY. His ceiling is All Pro team selection rather than pretty good. He's got a lot of room for a breakout left. I think the stars are aligning for him if we get a football season. Strong four man interior rotation that should keep him fresh and Payne and Io will draw the doubles. Very strong four man rotation on the edge that will occupy that RB and TE. An offense that will hopefully be improved and possess the ball and put points up. Far better defensive coaches that will get us playing much better situational football. And the motivation of entering a contract year. It's the kind of situation where he could win some awards and earn some money. This is a really good one, I didn't think of him before. I really like his chances if he gets to play zone or cover the slot a bunch. That ball should be coming out quick due to consistent edge pressure, and Moreland is a true hawk. He's going to get a lot of opportunities to play the ball and make things happen.
  13. Agree with everyone that Guice is a major breakout candidate. He is a battering ram that puts maximum effort into each of his runs. He's going to be really key for us to be able run a physical offensive style that can impose our will on the game because he's the most brutal and powerful runner we have. My questions are availability/health and can he make the transition to a zone heavy scheme? Looked like his best runs typically come from inside power play design where he can do some reacting just before the line of scrimmage. But he's instinctive and very decisive so I could see him thriving in a one cut and go run game too.
  14. If we get a season, a linebacker is a good guess. One of Pierre-Louis or Dion-Hamilton seems like a good bet to be that guy. I think Jonathan Allen is a big time breakout candidate. I could see him winning some awards. I think he's going to make us regret not signing him to an extension earlier. I also think Landon Collins and Kendall Fuller might have major bounce back seasons. They're in good situations now, and I think they're going to have the chance to rack up turnovers. I could see Darby having a bit of a bounce back year too since I think his assignments will be easier, but I don't necessarily see him making a ton of plays like I think Collins and Fuller will.
  15. That's my estimation for how to keep them fresh through a 16 game schedule. A playoff run could easily add 150-200 snaps to their season, so it's important to try and keep their snap counts down. We need to get off the field on third down and we're going to need an effective ball control offense to do it. Last year, Io played almost 1000 snaps in the regular season. Payne and Allen were well over 700. They played OK at those snap counts, but if we could keep them fresher and play better situational football as a team, they could realize their potential and be dominant.
  16. Who starts is going to come down to what package they run out there in the first series. It'll be situational. The depth chart in each of the packages will largely come down to role. Allen will be first string in packages where they need someone lining up a little wider because he's faster than Ioannidis and is going to be better at playing 4 and 5 tech and beyond, so that IDLs responsibility within the formation is the key. And preseason plans get scrapped when the bullets are flying anyway. Snap counts are going to be determined by working around injury and weekly match up and fatigue. If we're doing this right, if the offense can keep the ball at a functional rate, and if we have relatively good luck with injuries, then all four of our good IDLs are going to get between 400 and 700 snaps.
  17. USC and Texas both have a ton of rising junior talent in their secondaries. Big seasons could see a handful of those big 2018 recruits jump into first round consideration. USC also has a junior DT who is really really good if he can keep himself from getting tossed from games or penalized for dirty play. They're a team in the rise. A sneaky playoff pick if we get a season.
  18. Not surprised this city placed so high, but there is a flaw in the methodology -- using the number of citations as a metric assumes equal enforcement of traffic laws. Norfolk is far, far worse than Richmond and worse than VA Beach, but it escapes the list because it's impossible to get pulled over here, and tickets for violations are rare. No one has ever stopped at a stop sign when making a right turn and no one has ever gotten a ticket for running a red light. The streets are full of obviously drunk or stoned drivers and joyriders most nights such that I avoid driving around after dark if I can help it. There are hit and runs all of the time, including ones that involve pedestrians at least a couple times a month. And I don't even have an emotional response to being cut off any more. It happens every time I drive somewhere. I drive through green lights hoping everyone will stop at the red light on the other road and I drive on busy roads where small roads intersect via stop signs cringing and hoping no one is pulling up on that road. I got hit and flipped over by someone on a 35 mph road because they didn't stop at a stop sign at an intersection with a busy road. The traffic is also horrible here and there are a lot of situations where it gets really backed up by big vehicles stopping on busy streets and double parking because there are no bus lanes and very few loading zones anywhere. Driving in VA Beach is awful but the police actually pull people over there and issue tickets. Norfolk is worse. It's so much smaller and has almost as many accidents every day. It's like driving in an Indian city here. A free for all.
  19. So the way to scheme around CY is short passing game, scheme in TE help, and keep your RB on his side to chip/double Chase on every passing play. It has to be basically every pass play too because he's going to be waiting to pounce on one on ones. Given that schematic demand, how do you deal with Payne and Ioannidis? They both command a double team too, especially Io who has shown he can walk a lone guard back into the QB from time to time. It's much harder to run a quick passing game with extra protections on the outside against a team with dangerous interior rushers. Chase Young is going to be getting single blocks he wouldn't get on a bad line. So it's true that he'll benefit from the talent around him in addition to the help and relief he's going to give them. So quick passing game where the edges of the field are going to be sketchy and two+ extra guys will have to stay home to block might be enough to save our dodgy CB situation on the outside. Our CBs can just kind of play off and keep everything in front of them, make the QB stay in the middle of the field to find space. Because of all that, I think the guys who might benefit the most from CY other than Kerrigan, Anderson, and Sweat (who might never see a double block again while CY is in the formation) are the ones who will be covering the middle of the field: Landon Collins, Kendall Fuller, and Shaun Dion Hamilton. The ball is going to be coming into their zones and match ups and it's going to be coming quick, and they're not going to have to worry nearly as much about the RB, which is tough. They're going to get good opportunities for turnovers and big hits. I think we could see major bounce-back seasons from Fuller and Collins, and we could see Dion-Hamilton have a nice little breakout season.
  20. Remember this game? this was the game that sent the draft thread and draft twitter crazy. Cole Van Lanen got destroyed. The worst game of his career by far. I think he'd been cruising into that game, which is why his OC and QB gave him so little help with the protections. Somehow they thought they could get this dude blocked largely one on one and they paid for that hubris/lack of awareness. Definitely changed gameplans and protection schemes in the conference championship. I think it's telling how rare Chase Young is that he was able to line up against OTs who were relatively highly regarded NFL prospects at the time and then demonstrate that they couldn't match up with him one on one. That you were going to have to implement protections to help out tackles who'd been a rock for you against everyone else on your schedule. It's such a palpable and fundamental way Chase changes the games.
  21. History is history, making a determination of it being good or bad is a function of an agenda that is usually political, i.e. using history to push a contemporary political sensibility. Romanticizing westward expansion is kind of the opposite agenda of trying to pay homage to Native American warrior traditions. Do you really think Native Americans want to be erased from pop culture? Do you really think it's a bad thing to want to honor some of their history and traditions if it could be done in a way that wouldn't offend majority public opinion?
  22. As a Native American fan, do you think there is a name and mascot out there that could honor Native American culture and heritage in a general way (without necessarily favoring one specific tribe, culture, or region) without it being deemed offensive by broader public opinion? Do you think it would be better for the team to perhaps focus on honoring one specific tribe or group? I agree with you, I don't want to further erase Native American presence from the pageant of American history and pop culture by obliterating the connection of Native Americans to sports teams. It's part of our American heritage and it's one of the surprising and strange ways that whites have tried to pay homage to Native Americans. And even if it's awkward and superficial and occasionally problematic, Native American team names do preserve some tradition and awareness of the honorable and complex warrior cultures of Native American civilizations. My idea is to determine that we want to keep our Native American connection and honor Native American culture and history, and then just ask a variety of Native American groups how we can do that. Conduct extensive and comprehensive surveys and hire Native Americans from a variety of backgrounds to come up with a name and set of traditions that honor without offending. Hopefully that would work.
  23. I don't know man, that study and set of conclusions feels problematic. It looks like their methodology involved recruiting a sample of activist and progressive Native Americans who are probably not as representative of more general Native American attitudes as a random sample would be. But beyond that, it concludes with a pretty thinly veiled argument that the "real" Native Americans are offended by the name. In response to your question, for better or worse, majorities matter. At a practical level. It's the reason why we have to change the name now. The majority has determined that Redskins is a slur and is no longer culturally acceptable. The meaning and usage of Redskins was changed and redefined by the majority.
  24. I don't see how changing the name actually solves any problem, I think it's more about passing a cultural and political litmus test. But we're overwhelmed. We're pariahs and will be until we go along with the will of the majority. We can't keep the name any more because there has been a tipping point in public opinion against us, and it's already become way too costly to have the name and it will only become more so over time.
  25. Does that list give a better sense of the scale of Native American opposition to the name than the polls did? I don't think it does, and that list makes it look like the opposition to the name is being driven by prominent political and media figures, most of whom are white and black. But looking at the names on that list, I see why we lost the argument. Those are powerful people and highly influential cultural leaders, writers, players, broadcasters, etc. We had zero chance of resisting the determination that Redskins is now taboo and a slur.