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  1. Well I was sad being an Armenian, I was sad for Sevag, I wanted him to win. That other looked way to mellow hahaha
  2. Brock lesnar looks meaner with that goatee. He looks like a viking. I would not want to fight that guy
  3. Yes I am a BB in judo and Jiu Jitsu. Spent my younger years training to become one. And about the primetime event, I was talking about the one for Bisping Vs Akiyama. There werent any primetime thing for that fight.
  4. Hello guys if i can join in, I think first of all its bull**** for Bisping and Akiyama, they are calling the month Brocktober and didnt even do a countdown to the event. Second, I am a koscheck fan but living in MTL, well here GSP is a god. I train MMA(Black Belt Jiu Jitsu and Judo) and I go at Tristar where GSP and other MMA fighters train and man when he gets going he is one scary mofo. Some guy attempted to take him down the last time I saw him, it took him 40 mins and after 20 he called someone else to help him out. GSP is a good guy though and takes time for his fans.
  5. Yea I know but I dont want to get caught up in this kind of BS every game during the regular season so I pay to get ST
  6. yes its all the same. This is why im buying the Sunday Ticket Package
  7. the stream on atdhe has a nasty sound but the stream is clean!!!!! BTW Huge Gain on Last Play
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