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    Redskins to sign Adrian Peterson per NFL.com

    I don't think we need AP to be the league leading rusher. A healthy line like last season prior to the injury bug has a bigger impact. I believe Guice would've been huge. But I don't think even at this stage of his career AP is equivalent or less than Kelley or Perrine. Mixed reviews on Cards OL. Yes Johnson killed it behind that line. But even our mangled D crushed them last year.
  2. Jesus, who needs opponents when you got Redskins fans. No faith in Alex Smith, Gruden's offensive scheme, those young bulls upfront, what about a healthy OL? Remember, this same OL had no issues with Fat Rob carrying the rock before the injury bug hit. Not sure what's left in AP's spare/reserve tanks but I don't think it's a stretch that he could at least do what Rob was doing behind a healthy line,Smith's mobility, and Gruden's scheming. I didn't say SB but playoffs is more than realistic.
  3. #BgMase76#

    Redskins receiving corp is beginning to shape up

    Not sure how much of a super star you need. Jay schemes players open as well. Crowder a little knicked up last year, no speed outside at all, and between Doctson and Reed one of them is gonna be healthy this season. Match that up with Smith's mobility. I think this offense could be very effective.
  4. #BgMase76#

    Random "Thot" Thread (Stadium Edition)

    Doesn't matter, the "experts"will blow it off as a down season for the division even if we went 16-0.
  5. #BgMase76#

    Random "Thot" Thread (Stadium Edition)

    Any takes on how Adonis figures into the DB rotation if at all. How does this affect Moreau getting on the field? I think Moreau pushes for the #2 slot. I know I don't want to have the pick up from dallass figure in as a mason cog on D. Here's already peaked on the back side of his career.
  6. I'm deeply intrigued to see what Alex Smith can do with what I'd consider the most complete team he's had in the NFL. Harbaugh is running the same coaching theory at Michigan. Great defense and grind it out on the ground. Asides for Davis who else was Smith gonna throw the ball to in SF? Someone remind me again who his WRs were. Minus Tyrek Hill I'll apply that to KC and SF. I find the statement that Smith needs a strong run game to be effective ironic. With the exception of 4 QBs that goes for every other starting QB in the league. The dude had used what he's had at his disposal. Vernon Davis was his biggest and best receiving threat in SF and it worked. Same deal in KC with Kelce. I'm not saying SB NFC championship. But I don't think you can deny how suddenly bottom of the barrel Mr. Smith is in DC.
  7. Sign him and have him play TE. He can separate from most LB's, block better than any of our TE.
  8. Absolutely not, entire DL and run D crumbled with the loss of Allen. He was one guy. We need studs upfront. Neither Philly nor the Rams are putting all their eggs in one basket.
  9. What do you think? Is Bruce playing coy and he's the option after Hankins? Standard postering, is his initial offer too high? Also, I get Hankins is a beast against the run. Not much of a pass rusher. Doesn't it make more sense to finally get an actual NT? I like Hood but it's been out of guys league and position at NT. Can we afford Logan And Hankins? The current NFC trend is loading up on DL.
  10. Finally got to the point where there wasn't "rumor from the Washington locker room is" every other day.
  11. It wouldn't be the worse Skinz former dallass player rehab project. Heck, move him to TE if Reed can't stay healthy. Originally a joke, but I think I just had a stroke of genius.
  12. I'm hoping for Payne in the first round. He's versatile. He can play the run or pass. Second round we get a feature back. We got like 7 rb's. Which means we don't have the one.
  13. Watching the boards I think most ppl have under estimated Roullier. I thought he played well. Both as a rookie and on a make shift OL. I know we need depth but I had him penciled in as the C going into this season. Maybe wishful thinking but an off-season training next to Sheriff he should be ready to rip. Granted, still don't know who the LG is gonna be. We'll see.
  14. That was my biggest concern. If you bring in a solid vet to play nickel where does that leave Moreau's develop or Holsey's? But at the same time you need depth. Looking for Moreau to make major strides and challenge Dunbar. I don't think the drop off if that much from Breeland to Dunbar. Mostly the run support. Breeland was more physical.
  15. Dude, the last two seasons finale against what should have been an inferior divisional foe came up goose eggs. All these folks still crying over Cousins like he did something other than stuff his pockets and stat sheet. We get a QB who's more experienced and most importantly wants to be here. Cousins wears purple not burgundy and gold. Time for those folks to move on, cause Mr Smith is in DC now. And I only worry about my team.
  16. Anything is possible but........ I just can't see paying this guy anything over minimum on a one year prove it deal. He got good money to go to Seattle. That line was atrocious. And he wasn't even the best OL. We'd be better off bringing back Lauvou ( however you spell it) As bad as he maybe, he's a known commodity. And I'm not interested in bringing him back at all.
  17. Sitting on edge waiting to hear what's up with the visit. Was it today, does he fly in tonight, what's the cap number available?
  18. Best friend die hard Jags fan. Ranted and raved about how he was possibly team's worse draft pick EVER. Tough call between him and R.J. Soward. Don't even remember that name so you? LMBO
  19. NO NO NO, first rounder headed to his third team in less than 5 yrs. Read up on the dude. Watched him here in Jacksonville. Saw he had no biz being drafted, much less first rounder.
  20. TRASH on unknown levels. I live in Jax. He was the Jags 1st Rd pick at LT. Don't think he ever played there and never finished his rookie contact. Seattle gave him big money and well needless to say he's back on the market.
  21. Yeah, domestic violence DUI, aggregated assault. Those are the run of the mill character flaws. But talking about walking away from the game means your heart isn't in it. ?
  22. You're perfectly right. He'd be an upgrade over what we have now. But we don't have a quality NFL starter in our endless stable of RB. That and Gruden wasn't satisfied w/ him and thought he was missing cuts and leaving too many yards/plays on the field. Would be a nice feel good story. But I'm ready for some beast of a back.
  23. Draft PLEASE. Right now we got a stable of JAGs. Outside of CT and the jury still out on Perrine. We don't have a back that scares anyone. I like Guice the best. Call me bias, but I trust a PSU RB like a UF QB/WR or a OU QB. I'll take a hard pass. He feasted on lesser squads. Struggled against the better teams.