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  1. I love talking to dallass fans. Nothing like talking to people so disconnected from reality. It's like listening to a politician making promises during a stump speech.
  2. I'm really intrigued to see the Bones Hendo fight. Bones seems to be growing better w/ each fight. Particularly the Michido fight. The craziest thing is Bones is basically just using his natural skill. I don't really see any skill when he fights. W/ that being said, its frightening to think how good he can be when all is said and done. I think he could be as celebrated as Silva. I don't think Hendo can win the fight out right because of age and battle wear. However I have zero doubt this will be Bones biggest test ever. I think he'll take a good pounding and get schooled well.
  3. :dallasuck Its o.k., they're gonna win the superbowl again this year just like the last 12yrs or so. As a Skinz fan i've come to understand my place. A media nevermind thats does what Dallas talks about every year. Thats win when we get to the playoffs. Everyone laughed at us in 99 when we picked up all those aging vets. We went 8-8 and almost made the playoffs. Just remember this. That same old squad has the same amount of playoff wins as dallass over the last 12yrs. Mind you, we don't go around every season expecting the commish to hand us the Lombardi trophy.
  4. :dallasuck As a loyal Skinz fan I take every opportunity I get to set a ****girlz fan straight. They're always talking about how great they are. Do the math. Not 1 single playoff win since Jimmy was on the sideline fixing his hair. THe last playoff win Aikman, Irving, and Smith was on the field. But the sad part is they still don't get it. Its 2008 and they're still talking about 1996. THey got their saviour T.O. and the great Tony Homo. Two years and still not the first win in a playoff. 12 years and counting. The next time you see a ****girlz fan do your civic duty and let them know. Hey, ya
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