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  1. Classic Jay. Wasted possession with bad playcalling. When he gonna learn to run AP downhill? Enough with the offset back.
  2. Can you count the botched plays by Mason Foster alone? This team isn't focused, dialed in, or paying attention to the details. Not crazy about the Ruben Foster signing but watching Mason Foster get beat in every possible scenario could change a lot of minds going into next season.
  3. Skinz done for the season. Not gonna win another game with Mason Foster leading this defense. He's useless outside of the A gap.
  4. #BgMase76#

    Redskins vs Eagles Prediction Thread: Kenny Loggins Special

    Nope, don't feel good about this game. All you need to know is prime time game. Colt plays better the game. AP plays better this game. I don't think the Skinz give up 30. Skinz -17 Eagles- 27
  5. Wow, someone who actually watched the game. Minus Dix constantly being outta place. Specifically on the two long TDs. You gotta give the rest of the defense their due. Zeke with his +100 yards didn't beat us. This team runs ball and doesn't turn it over. We couldn't run the ball and turned it over 3 times. We weren't built to over come those kind of circumstances. I thought we could win the game. But not after three ints. That said, I like Jay's passing offense. But him as a playcaller and his clock management is horrible.
  6. Not sure what NFL you've been watching. No one gets shut out. Defenses can only contain. They did that in the first half. Decent in the third. Ask the Rams pass rush how that worked out against the Chiefs. No such thing as the 85 Bears or Ravens. Defense kept the offense on check but Colt has three picks. Pls explain to me what you thought this defense was.
  7. I guess that holding on to Harris's name tag doesn't count. Neither time, but hey, that's what we've come to expect in regards to the skins. Total BS.
  8. Check both of those big passes. Ha Ha was out of position on both plays. Passes went right to where he was supposed to be. Dunny is hurt. Shouldn't be out there. But yeah, Norman is TRASH.
  9. Dunbar is hurt and you can see it. Shouldn't even be playing.
  10. Took the offense too long to get anything going. Defense gave a heck of an effort. Passing game should feature Reed and Davis. Everyone else is a third read. Biggest offensive advantage is at TE.
  11. Dunny not looking good. You can see him struggling. Fault Clinton-Dix on both of those long passes. He was out of position both times. Don't think we can overcome two interceptions.
  12. I called it. Go back to Jordan. Shorten the passing game and Colt settle down.
  13. Defense is holding. Not falling for the faux narrative of Cooper changing the offense. Colt needs to settle down or Jay needs to shorten up the passing routes. Really need to get back to featuring Jordan on the move. Pls some waste this defensive effort Jay Gruden.
  14. Does this only happen to us? Every prime time game is about the other team. Ready to see the Colt lead the Skinz to a victory and break their hearts. #HTTR#
  15. #BgMase76#

    Redskins vs Cowboys Prediction Thread: Time to Put Up Or Shut Up

    27-Skinz 17-dallass Watching the team after Colt entered I saw an energy I really haven't seen in a while. The offense looked viable. Colt took the shots down field, the ball came out quick, crisp, and definitive. Something that it hasn't all season. Reed looked like a threat, Quinn showed something out of the slot that we haven't seen since Crowder went down. Doctson actually got good balls thrown to him. Trent likely to play Thursday. That being said ,considering the injuries on the OL. I think this OL as constructed has played pretty well. I think the offense actually takes off.
  16. #BgMase76#

    Redskins about to sign Captain Buttfumble

    No biggie. Not like he's the starter off the street. I'll be concerned if he has to play.
  17. #BgMase76#

    Game Day Thread - Redskins VS Houston Oilers

    I don't know the breakdown. But I know you don't leave Hopkins to shade whoever. The guy he broke down for was running a crossing route and Hopkins was headed up field with no safety help. I just think that one is a no brainer in that scenario. I could be wrong, but I'd need Manusky personally to break that one down for me.
  18. #BgMase76#

    Game Day Thread - Redskins VS Houston Oilers

    You wanna know the craziest part? Foster can't reach anything outside the tackles and can't run with anyone. Brown has all the speed and ZERO coverage skills. Not to mention he looks nothing like last year. Our run defense is based solely on the D-line. Just feels like he got his money and became complacent. How many times have we seen that around here.
  19. #BgMase76#

    Game Day Thread - Redskins VS Houston Oilers

    Well, hard fought game and a tough loss. But I feel better about the offense. Colt put up 14 pts in a quarter and a half and the passing game looked viable. Pick one, the bad coverage by Norman on Hopkins TD or the pick 6 and we would've won the game. No Colt isn't the end all be all. But he's been on this team longer than Gruden. Knows the offense better than anyone else on the team. Most importantly he isn't afraid to let the ball go. Those quick hitters as soon as he got in. The pass to Reed was perfect. Reed is the greatest threat on the offensive side of the ball. Why isn't he targeted at a minimum of 5 times a game? Colt was taking those shots to Doctson that Alex was supposed to be doing this season. I know Doctson isn't a world beater but I know he's better than the way the Skinz are using him. I'll take Doctson one on one outside isolated or on a slant where he can use his big frame. Either way I'm not distraught over this loss. Still in first and we control our own destiny. Best dallass Thanksgiving and the division is ours.
  20. #BgMase76#

    Safety Clinton Dix to the skins

    I don't see Norman on the team next year unless he takes a big pay cut. Was thinking the move Dunny to CB1. Moreau outside. Hence Stroman getting all the reps. Really curious as to the development of Alexander.
  21. #BgMase76#

    Safety Clinton Dix to the skins

    Initially that was my thought in regards to Nicholson. But..... What if Dix can tutor him? DJ is versatile but his true position isn't FS. Nicholson had been doing it w/ no veteran leadership. Could be a good thing. That and it keeps Everette off the field. He can't cover a TE at all. Philly has two solid dudes.
  22. #BgMase76#

    Redskins receiving corp is beginning to shape up

    Not interested, DB is an issue w/ what Dunny is dealing with. There only thing that improves our reciever corp is better QB play. Watching the game you can see the WR'S getting separation. Alex hasn't been accurate and gun shy about making the throws.
  23. Looking at the schedule. Honestly there's no reason why we can't win out. However I have two major issues that give me pause. Both demonstrated in the win against dallass. 1. Play calling/Coaching; Last Skinz possession that play calling was atrocious and pathetic. Lining AP deep and running a stretch play to Moses side instead of your horse Trent's? Game on the line and we're trying to eat clock. D knows you're trying to run the ball. Perfect call from that formation would've been a bootleg rollout or play action. Dallass was playing run the whole way. Next play they line up AP in the shotgun and run to the same side again. Did I miss something? Why run to their strongest defender in Lawrence and where Lee is lined up at? Your top two recievers are out. When are you gonna feature Reed and Davis in the passing game? Doctson is Doctson. Gruden needs to adjust his routes and playcalling to his strengths. More slants, outs, and curls. He's never gonna run away from a defender. So the coach needs to adjust to get the most out of him. Maybe that gets him the confidence to get him to elevate his game. If not then let's maximize what he does while he's here. 2. Alex Smith's game play/decision making. Running out of bounds on third down while trying to burn clock. He should've connected on at least one of those throws at the end of the half. Over threw Doctson twice after he beat coverage. Over threw Floyd on the sideline. Some will say the wind. But Dak came right back in the second half and threw perfect balls into that same wind. Smith looks gun shy and hesitant to throw the ball. Looking at the schedule there's no reason why we couldn't run the table. But I think we'll loose at least another 2-4 games because of either Gruden's bad playcalling or Smith's average at best play.
  24. Right now the LB corp and Josh Norman are the weakest link IMHO. I see Moreau taking his place next year. Norman is getting killed in man coverage and missing a lot of tackles. Brown looks slow. But the three down lineman are killing it. Kerrigan is rounding into shape. But I'm very pleased this far. Hood is solid just not at nose. His natural position is 3-4 DT.