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  1. Came here for this - haven't found how to watch it live online yet.
  2. At a certain point, you just hope and believe in the "due theory". Obviously changes had to be made, but this franchise has not been hemorrhaging draft picks over the last 10 years, and they have been building through the draft which is good. Dan and Vinny did a LOT of damage to this franchise and set it back many years. One would think, given how football ops have been run here and the influx of youth into the roster, that it would pan out into some semblance of success over the next couple of years. I am cautiously optimistic.
  3. In terms of football and contract decisions/moves, I think Vinny was way worse and set the franchise back many years by trading away all of our draft capital. Bruce was a so-so football guy, a shrewd to a fault contract guy (read: Cousins debacle), and just an absolute arrogant egomaniac that had a knack for turning people off with his better-than-thou press conferences. So, overall, Vinny damaged the franchise more but Bruce turned more people and fans off to the franchise. Coin flip - they were both horrible and I'm glad we can now move past both.
  4. Lifelong fan and forum lurker here. Felt inspired to post on it. In short, if Bruce Allen isn't gone next year, then I'm gone and will not tune in. I have better/happier things to fill my Sundays with than Allen's futile attempts to run a professional football franchise.
  5. I move that we officially rename this thread to "Random Thots Thread (Stadium Edition)."
  6. I seriously love that this thread has survived all these years. I really do. #&!* Dallas.
  7. My preference is Burgundy, but I also like the White on White. White on Burgundy pants is meh.
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