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  1. ******* Cowboys give up the first touchdown of the 2009 season. **** Dallas. :dallasuck Hail Yes!:point2sky
  2. **** the ****ing Cowboys and their giant video boards. I hope one of the Titans punters knock the **** out of that ****ing board and it falls on Jerrah's head. 40 million. I hope he got insurance. :dallasuck
  3. Huh huh... he said "gaylord";) **** Dallas and **** the Gaylord. Next time I stay there I am going to leave a "top tanker".:toilet:
  4. ^^^ Let it out Mark. Your hate gives You great strength.:evilg:
  5. There is nothing finer than watching the #$%#$%# Cowboys fail on those brand new video boards. Jerruh in HD! :yikes:
  6. Congrats on 4k VoD ! Dallas Cowboys - The Cold Play of the NFL.
  7. Hopefully the demolition will be a sellout:)
  8. +1 :applause::applause::applause:
  9. Ha Ha Ha Ha..........**** the Cowboys!:finger: This takes a little sting out of this weekend:(
  10. My hate for the Cowboys gives me great strength. **** Dallas! :wewantd:
  11. ^^^^^ I said "fans"!!! Not the organization as a "hole":silly: #### Dallas :dallasuck
  12. For me, there is just a little less hate in my heart for some Cowboys fans. :applause::applause:
  13. **** the Cowboys and the new ******* toilet bowl stadium! :toilet:
  14. Q: What is the toughest thing about being a Cowboys fan? A: Telling your parents that you are gay. **** the Cowboys :dallasuck
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