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  1. An interesting thought/theory just occurred to me. We won every game in Houston and lost every game in DC. Perhaps a contributing factor is that we knew they were stealing signs (was a poorly held secret at that point and the Nats admitted they had a system to foil it), and the Astros’ over-reliance on sign theft actually backfired. Basically, the Nats use their modified signs to falsely broadcast the pitch, and the Astros batters spend an inning or two whiffing until they catch on that “oh crap we don’t know what’s coming.” Then by the time they do start to decode, time to switch it up and fool them for another inning or two. Much harder to hit a slider/changeup when you are 100% sure a fastball is coming.
  2. It’s nuts to think about how much worse for baseball this scandal would have been if they’d won their second WS. And how ****ing furious all of us would be right now.
  3. Pretty sure it’s just JB who thinks that.
  4. I’m not saying Jesus was gay, we he did spend a lot of time with a bunch of dudes.
  5. skinsfan_1215

    The airline experience has become miserable

    Actually wasn’t bad. Took an hour from the moment I said “**** it I’m doing this” to getting to my gate at LGA. Including waiting for AA to change my flight and everything. A surprise benefit was the Manhattan skyline at night was beautiful.
  6. skinsfan_1215

    The airline experience has become miserable

    Currently Ubering from Newark to LaGuardia due to 3+ hour delays on my flight causing missed connection. AMA.
  7. skinsfan_1215

    The Liquor Thread

    Greetings friends. This is my first post in this thread. I recently took up drinking whisky for health reasons (I like beer so much it makes me fat), and have started to dip my toes into the world of single malt scotch. So far: Lagavulin 8- holy heck. First time I’d ever had a peaty whisky and it took a couple tries before I could appreciate the intricacies. I am now in love with it. My wife says it smells like diesel and makes faces at me when I drink it. Glenlivet 12- easy drinking. Got a little bit of a spice to it. But overall sweet and smooth. Laphroig 10- this was the worst thing I’ve ever consumed. Wtf did they do, age it in cigarette butts? I’m not sure if I’m just being unfair here because I only drank it once (note- it did take me like 3 glasses of the Lagavulin before I decided I liked it). But I can’t see myself trying it again. Ugh. I’m going to try to find a bunch of minis to sample so I don’t go dropping $50+ a bottle on stuff I don’t end up liking. Recommendations for “budget” scotch to try?
  8. Donaldson isn’t actually injury prone (had a single injured season the last 6) but still, he’s definitely at the point in his career you’d expect decline in the next year or two.
  9. “A man drink like that and he don’t eat, he is going to die.” “When?”
  10. Happy we don’t have to pay him $20m+ when he’s 38. Happy we don’t have to deal with him in the division this year. Quite pleased with this outcome.
  11. skinsfan_1215

    2019 NCAA Football thread

    #1 this year and next. I’d bet the farm on it.
  12. skinsfan_1215

    The airline experience has become miserable

    Y’all are really selling me on the train option.
  13. skinsfan_1215

    The airline experience has become miserable

    Think I’ll try it next time. I’ve taken a couple times before and was way better than flying or driving, BUT last time the train I was on was delayed like 6+ hours.
  14. skinsfan_1215

    The airline experience has become miserable

    Yeah I'd have to anyway because my car would be in a different location for the return flight. Just need to get to Newark tonight for an early meeting tomorrow.
  15. skinsfan_1215

    The airline experience has become miserable

    Just had to change flights for this evening because of rampant airport delays in Charlottesville. Same damn thing happened a month ago and I ended up canceling travel altogether after sitting around an airport for 4+ hours and having the flight get moved to the next morning (it was slightly foggy). I have no idea what the issue today is. It's kind of cloudy? I've flown out of this airport dozens of times and it's usually pretty decent. Never had an issue until last month. I left myself a little wiggle room in the event the late flight tonight is delayed too... I can just drive to my connection in Dulles if the delay hits early enough.
  16. skinsfan_1215

    2019 MLB Thread (Trout re-signs with Angels, 12yr, 430m)

    Report indicates Alex Cora was the ringleader in 2017, and several 2018 Red Sox players already admitted they did it too. That's TWO consecutive World Series tainted by Cora. I'd expect at least a two year ban for him, if not lifetime. MLB isn't screwing around.
  17. skinsfan_1215

    General Mass Shooting Thread (originally Las Vegas Strip)

    The greater Denver area has seen a disproportionate # of mass shootings ever since Columbine. Maybe local mass violence idolization?
  18. skinsfan_1215

    2019 MLB Thread (Trout re-signs with Angels, 12yr, 430m)

    The punishments were appropriate and severe enough to send a message to other teams. Mission accomplished.
  19. This explains so much about Sacks, the ES personality.
  20. skinsfan_1215

    Nice Name for this Special Version of Subaru Forester

    Cross-post to sex with animals thread?
  21. skinsfan_1215

    Nice Name for this Special Version of Subaru Forester

    Features a sleek physique and the largest tailpipe in the segment.
  22. skinsfan_1215

    Near Misses

    2000s ES was brutal man.
  23. I do. Because I said open hostilities. This proxy war game had been ongoing for some time and will continue.
  24. Trump pretty clearly initiated the open hostilities that led to this. Iranian military owns the error that led to them shooting the plane down, but Trump fully owns the conflict that led to that.