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  1. My *guess* is there may have been an additional person, not a member of the team, in that hotel room with them. Otherwise not sure how it gets out. If they’re seriously required to miss a week or two? of the already shortened season just for hanging out with the same group of people they already are around every day, it’s an incredibly stupid rule. No logical reason for it.
  2. There shouldn’t be any significant efficacy gap if your booster dose is delayed. Key word there is “shouldn’t” because it hasn’t been tested.
  3. Just saw they fired him. He’d had the job for a month. Mets...
  4. Maybe. But there was a very public issue with the Texans owner making a comment that was viewed by many (including the Texans players) as racist. If I’m Watson, I’m thinking about this in its entirety. The ownership issue. The dismantling of what was a decent football team. Initiating a rebuild (just saw they are expected to trade Watt too). And I’m kind of in the same mindset as him. I want no part of this organization. There’s a lot of other teams out there that he can spend his efforts with.
  5. Brees is not a FA (I don’t believe) so he’s still a Saint if for whatever reason he doesn’t retire. I highly doubt he plays another year and especially not if it’s on another team.
  6. Goff’s contract would be problematic for the Rams if they tried to go another direction. Hill got 2 years $20m. A backup contract.
  7. Add the Rams and Saints to the list of teams in the market for a QB this offseason.
  8. Absolutely. And Heinicke didn’t have a running game at all.
  9. Not gonna lie, I’ve been thinking of Heinicke all game while watching Brees. And wondering if we should give him a shot next year. He’s never had that, a chance to go into a season being the guy. Some mop up duty here and there, that’s it.
  10. What would be the argument for Fitzpatrick over Rivers? Same age, approx same amount left in the tank based on performance this year. Rivers is better though.
  11. In order: QB, MLB, FS, WR Those are the biggest ones. There are other positions that could certainly be upgraded, but filling the major ones with at least competent players should get us to a place where we’re winning 11+ games.
  12. You and I view the roster differently. I think we have 3-4 major holes and QB is the biggest. You can fill 3 holes with competent players in one offseason. See my edit above about Denver when they got Manning...
  13. I think it absolutely depends on the situation. Who is the veteran available, how good is he, how old is he? How far are you trading up? How much are you giving up in each situation? Is your team rebuilding or are you already competitive? To me, for a team that is ready to compete and win with a good QB, the absolute worst thing you could do is invest significant draft capital in trading up for a rookie. edit: use the Peyton Manning era Broncos as an example. They’d just taken Von Miller at #2 the previous year, showed some serious promise largely due to a good defense. The
  14. Well considering we’ve been trying and failing for decades now... All those I mentioned are fallback options. Stafford is my #1 preference right now. I think he’ll cost 19 and a 3rd, somewhere in that neighborhood, and give us QB play good enough to win a championship with for the next 3-4 years. I can justify the investment needed to get Watson, but I think it’s a pipe dream given the draft capital of teams ahead of us so I’m not seriously considering it. If we miss on Stafford and can’t get Watson, you’ve gotta start looking at the fallback option
  15. I’d be interested in trading (cheaply) for either Carr or Mariota, depending on which direction the Raiders go. One of those two, Rivers, Fitzmagic, maybe Tua if they trade for Watson. All cheaper options than Stafford and significantly cheaper than Watson. None other than *maybe* Tua would be a longterm solution, but could serve as a competent placeholder until we can find our guy.
  16. How did Philip Rivers do this year? Colts made the playoffs... I assume decent? He’s definitely getting up there, but so was Peyton Manning when he took a Broncos team with a stacked defense and finally put them over the top. adding- kind of funny idea but we could actually maintain a decent run of competitive teams by continuing to invest in other areas of the team and signing a rotation of aging but still good QBs. They don’t become available *that* often but you had Rivers and Brady last year, Rivers again this year, Rodgers in a couple years...
  17. You could make the argument that Tua for 19 would be a reasonable gamble. He was drafted top 5 last year, has only played in a partial rookie season (with no training camp btw), and is still coming off a serious injury. I didn’t watch any of his games so I don’t have the full story, but his rookie highlight video did show some good throws and decent elusiveness in the pocket. Any QB you drafted at 19 would be nothing more than a project, so I feel like Tua would be a better investment even after his mediocre rookie season. Put it this way: taking a QB at 19, do you think Tua would w
  18. I think Stafford is an elite QB who’s been stuck on a terrible team. As a pure thrower, maybe better than Watson. But the 8 year age difference is the main factor in their price difference IMO. Agree with you though: I’d absolutely do either of those deals and be thrilled. My fear is that both are going to be more expensive than those examples...
  19. Agreed. They’re the most likely destination because they’ve got the Texans picks. And Tua.
  20. Deshaun Watson for two 1sts, a 2, and Montez Sweat (or three 1s and change) or Matt Stafford for pick 19 and our 3rd Assume we extend Stafford for a few years in this scenario. Curious to see people’s preference. I can see arguments for either.
  21. Goal posts will shift, conspiracy will continue. In a few years Trump will die and the explanation will be that he’s gone under cover to expose the deep state pedophiles.
  22. Geez. My thinking is he was kind of the odd man out anyway, if Heinicke is back. He doesn’t have longterm developmental upside. He’s a pure backup. And if we acquire a veteran, I’d really like to draft someone in the mid rounds too. I’d ideally like to see Stafford (or other starter), Heinicke as our #2, and a drafted rookie like Jamie Newman as our #3. Montez still has practice squad time left.
  23. First college football game of the year for me. With Washington picking 19, who should I pay attention to? Keeping in mind we could probably get up around 10 if we wanted to trade up. I’ll keep an eye on the QBs (though I’m assuming Fields goes top 5).
  24. An easy night for me... single glass of Lagavulin 8, neat. For tomorrow, I’ll dust off the remnants of my bottle of Buffalo Trace, which I drank for the Eagles game last week. (we’re prob not going to win, and that’s ok)
  25. At some point we need a QB to win, and every year that goes by that we don’t have a QB our window starts to narrow. Not sure why you’d be ok trading picks to move up in the draft for an unproven QB rather than trading picks for a proven QB.
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