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  1. skinsfansarge

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    I know years ago fans either were going to or did show up at Redskins Park with pitchforks to protest. Not saying we need the pitchforks, but I am all in with a fan protest. I’m sure the Junkies and other people like 106.7 would join. Hell, I’d even be willing to help financially if we needed signs or ummm beer. Lol HTTR and of course #FireBruceAllen
  2. What frustrates me is how we hear from so called "sources" that we are going to be aggressive and "fix" our run defense. But instead we sit on our wallets and do nothing. I'm not saying we need to go back to our overpaying every free agent out there , but when you have a 25 year old , run stopping DT fall into your slaps you need to sign them. Instead, the FO just waits and smiles as they collect all of our tickets money from the new invoices recently sent out. Maybe we still fix our D , but its been way too long since we actually had a respectable one. Getting old. Sorry to vent and as always...HTTR
  3. skinsfansarge

    Season Ticket Renewals

    Should be a lot of good seats available this year . I have 6 seats and I am sure I will re-up again,but is getting harder and harder to give this team my money when it seems like all they care about is milking fans out of their last dollar and not trying to actually win. FIRE BRUCE !!!! HTTR...
  4. skinsfansarge

    Season Ticket Renewals

    Traded in 6 seats in 402 and got six on the aisle in way siked !!!!!!!!!!!!!! HTTR Romo