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  1. Haha, thanks man. How'd I miss that?!?! Or THIS? YAY!!!! :dance:
  2. Wow, thanks Mark, for the detailed read on the history of the site! And thank you to everyone who played a part in the development ... and of course, thank you to all who moderate the site currently. Awesome job, really. I still can't figure out why, although I particpated in message boards from the mid 90's on, I didn't discover this site sooner?!?! One more thing ... can we please bring back the old laugh smiley? I hate this drooling perv one: :laugh:
  3. Great post! Well said and all so very, very accurate!
  4. Well, THAT'S a stat to be proud of! :doh: Maybe Skeletor (your owner) can lobby for the season to end November 30th
  5. Mark, that was just plain AWESOME!!! I'd never seen the Bostic to White quote. I hated Randy White. And Diron and Dexter both always provided great Dallass quotes. Thanks for the great read.
  6. :munchout: The off season fashion police return ... I feel a merge comin' on
  7. No ... Mr. Snyder, please do not think about uniforms ... please focus on a HC.
  8. I see what you're saying ... I guess I just think of it as kind of a side benefit to our wearing white at home, not as the reason. I've grown accustomed to it after such a long time and guess if pressed I'd hafta say I prefer it. Burgundy at home wouldn't make me wanna jump off a bridge though.
  9. I hafta disagree with that part ... for one reason. By wearing white at home, it means the Cowgirls hafta wear their dark jerseys here ... and we all know that's not their preference. And I like us having the power to make them do something they don't want to.
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