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  1. I agree. I'm unbelievably excited. It's just something about the Redskins, man. Cannot wait, even for preseason!!!:helmet:
  2. Pretty much, that fight was insane. BJ Penn is a monster. I don't see the belt changing waists in either of those 3 divisions for a while. Silva will probably retire as the Middleweight Champ.
  3. I hope we do dark jerseys at home. The white uni's at home were a Joe Gibbs thing. Since he isn't here anymore I think it's time to move on. Plus, I heard somewhere that it was Joe's decision to make the jerseys white, not the players. The players wanted the dark jerseys. I bet Zorn lets the players pick.
  4. wear burgundy jerseys at home...that would be the first priority. other than that i like the uniforms we have currently.
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