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  1. Where are all these boomers talking about an emphasis on smash mouth football and running non stop. Sorry this ain't football anymore.
  2. hp703

    Erosion Of The Redskins Fanbase

    I went out for brunch with the family got back to the house and was on the couch and yes I fell asleep in no time.
  3. The issue I feel is that there will always be a couple thousand fans who will always go. I remember how excited I was when Cerrato was finally fired, Bruce Allen was supposed to be the visionary for the future. I have a hard time believing the next guy if (if there is) will be able to do anything.
  4. Jokes on you, I'm 30 and I have been watching Nats games for the better part of the last decade. In fact, I've also encountered more people in the wild who would rather watch Nationals over Redskins. Young people are getting into Nats and even baseball because consistent winning gets people paying attention, young people are not getting into the Redskins and watching other teams.
  5. Bruce and Dan also like fans like him. Keep on dreaming.
  6. 1. Our QB play is atrocious as we have no good option right now. Case was ELEVATED by the team around him because he had WEAPONS and a MUCH BETTER DEFENSE. This comparison has holds no water at all. 2. We have no legitimate weapons on offense, one decent receiver does not make an 11-5 team. 3. Our defense is even worse than the above. Your reasoning is based around false equivalencies without taking into consideration all the other factors. Raiders? You mean the team that Gruden rebuilt? Which might I remind you IS STILL 10000x better than our team right now? We don't have the talent or the depth, plain and simple.
  7. I doubt this would be the exactly same, yes football is still king but the Patriots are a well established and competent franchise. I would be willing to bet Nationals world series ratings will crush the Skins right now.
  8. This thread is pure insanity, we've gone completely manic
  9. Because this team is ****ing garbage and winning any game will fool people into thinking otherwise. This ship needs to sink now.
  10. Yeah it's absolutely already happened. You'd be hard pressed to find ANYONE under the age of 35 who's both born and raised in the area and still likes the Redskins. They've been horrible for 20 years...basically one generation of adults...completely lost. **** the Wizards doing something interesting this year might push them out of the Top 3.
  11. hp703

    Season Ticket Holders Mutiny

    This. Right. Here. Can we have the remaining 73 season ticket holders to give them up...other than being stuck in a contract, is there a good reason to even hold on to these things anymore? If you are in a contract, how much to get out...I imagine even that would be better than paying another dime to this organization.
  12. hp703

    Season Ticket Renewals

    It's a cheeky way to say this team is far behind the times, as par for the course the Skins are great at falling behind in nearly everything.
  13. hp703

    All things Sports Talk Radio - DMV (met)

    No way, no one comes close to miserable Feinstein...he is the textbook definition of "bitter old curmudgeon"
  14. What are you reading exactly? The media praise pre and post draft seems all but unanimous. In many of the mock drafts and rankings he was usually listed no lower than #2. All this praise and adoration has me feeling this will blow up in our face. This is why I was glad he didn't move up to get him.