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  1. i want burgundy jerseys with gold pants and a gold helmet.... EXACTLY LIKE THIS! and someone has probably already chewed out zorn for the maroon black and yellow comment
  2. props to slinky for making this but im thinking this for home then white jersey with those stripes but burgundy and burgundy pants and that helmet
  3. yes i love it if you add that helmet to this that would be B.A. but i like the grey face mask instead of burgundy
  4. the more i look at it the more i would love a yellow helmet with the head logo.. can someone photoshop that up and post it possibly alone and def with the jersey that Jethrodsp has made
  5. i like the jersey's now for the most part... i would like something new... atleast change up the stripe though... i wouldn't mind us wearing the retro more often... like the 3 divisional home games next season... maybe an alternate helmet though... retro with the new logo... or we could make that the permentant helmet what ever happens.. i see new jerseys within 3-5 seasons
  6. i agree gold helmet with the logo we have now... along with the uni. pictured above
  7. that is fwooking sick that would look so good but what about the away do we go burgundy pants and white tops like we have now.... just change the stripes or do we dare try a gold jersey instead of white
  8. i love this deisgn just put the face on the helmet instead of the R and wear this home then flip flop the colors on everything even the helmet for away
  9. well on second thought i like the R helmet more but it should just stay retro... i say burgundy jersey with burgundy helmet, gold pants(i mean gold) and Burgundy socks... number should be gold... or burgundy like the jersey outlined in gold
  10. id say a new uniform would be nice... def need the burgundy and gold instead of red and yellow... but i agree with everyone saying we need to keep the head as a logo... its B.A., I love the R but i like the head more....
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