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  1. 7 minutes ago, CousinsCowgirl84 said:

    Its a lot bigger. 


    The seats are about a foot higher off the ground so it’s easier to get in and out off.


    There is a lot more storage in the back. 

    the model 3 just got updated, but prior to about a month ago the model y also had a lift gate and heat pump (heat pump means less range loss when using heat). 

    they added that to the model three a month ago.


    @Springfield you definitely want to make sure your vin more recent. Some times Tesla calls people up saying they have a match sooner than expected, but it’s a older newer car and the model three just got a lot of upgrades. 99 percent sure you are fine but make sure your car has the power lift gate, laminated windows, and usb drive in the glovebox. 

    they are part of the model 3 refresh.

    Yeah the advisor at the dealer said I’d be getting a 2021 model, so that’s what I’m expecting. He went through all of the differences so I’ll know the difference.

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  2. 19 minutes ago, Momma There Goes That Man said:

    I don’t see the appeal of the Y over the 3. It doesn’t even look like a crossover. What am I missing? 

    They’re roomier. My wife’s coworker had a 3 and traded it in for a Y. I specifically want a car that’s fast as balls.

    30 minutes ago, CousinsCowgirl84 said:


    well, mine is a him. Fred. But you do have to name your Tesla. It’s part of the setup process...

    Really I gotta name this thing? Well then, thanks for the preparation so I won’t have to come up with one on the spot.

  3. 1 hour ago, CousinsCowgirl84 said:

    My model y is also in red. Have you thought above what you will be naming her?

    whys it gotta be a her? That’s sexist.


    Just kidding. I’ve never been one to name my cars. They’re utilitarian devices to me, not members of the family. Don’t hold against people that do though.

    1 hour ago, Barry.Randolphe said:


    the only correct name in this situation is Red Rocket

    That’s what we called our dog’s penis

  4. 18 minutes ago, CousinsCowgirl84 said:

    nice. You are gonna enjoy the **** out of that car. Also, I don’t think they let you experience the full Tesla acceleration in a test drive so be prepared. 

    I traded my model 3 for a model y earlier this year but model 3 is definitely the faster feeling car.


    let me know if you have any questions.



    did you go for fsd? I know it’s getting a little expensive now but it does give you access to future hardware upgrades...


    Check about Tesla motors club if you want a Tesla related form. 


    I didn't go FSD. I got a Model 3 Performance in Multi coat red with black interior. We didn't go white cause we want our kids to ride in the thing too and I feel like white will just get destroyed.


    The car they let us drive was the M3 LR+. They didn't have sport mode, or whatever the faster acceleration and better handling locked on us. The advisor showed us all the settings. It sure felt plenty fast when we drove it. I got up to like 80 mph when coming onto the Dulles Toll Road in Tysons very quick. I only assume that the Model 3 Performance is going to be even more insane.


    I already joined the TMC forum. Checked my account multiple times today to see if there was any update but of course there wasn't. I did order the home wall charger today, I want that to be ready for when the car gets here.

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  5. 6 minutes ago, Die Hard said:


    Essential businesses remain open... with modifications. Auto-service shops are business as usual here... even in cities with lockdowns.

    The government(s) here (federal, provincial and local) don’t want to shut down the economy again. Basically, the more ‘social’ (large gathering) businesses are severely restricted (restaurant take outs, drive thru, and curb side delivery), no bars/clubs, banquet halls, etc.


    Quarantine is just for people with symptoms (24-hr symptom free)... or positive Covid tests.

    Yeah, we never closed in March and April either. What did happen is people stopped driving (and they still haven’t been driving as much). 

    Our March and April numbers were down 50-60% year over year. So far this year we are down 10% year over year. That doesn’t seem like much but on a 4 million dollar business, that’s 400k. Nearly half a million dollars. And when someone like myself, that gets incentivized based on stuff like this, it stings.


    Like, I’m not gonna starve, but it has me worried that we will need to layoff people. That it’ll be difficult to come back as a business from an extended closure of non-essentials.



    Just now, michiskin said:

    Didn't you just order a brand-new Tesla?


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  6. 2 minutes ago, Die Hard said:


    That was protocol here too. With pretty good compliance. And it didn’t prevent the second wave.


    Now, in the hot spots.... it’s right back to nobody outside your household (and work, if you cannot work remotely) and avoid non-essential public/social endeavours.


    It’s all about the vaccines at this point.

    Frankly, I can’t afford that.


    I can’t just not work again. I can’t have people not leaving their homes to come to my business. I run an auto service shop. I need people driving and I need cars to work on. Quarantine is not an option for me.

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  7. Well, I guess the only bright side (for now) in Nova is that the hospitalization rate is still low and the rate of death is still close to zero. Naturally, you'd expect these things to climb UNLESS the driver of case load is younger people. Of course, it's only a matter of time before those younger people start to infect the older and more at risk population again.


    We know what we need to do, just need to stick with it. Masks, distance, wash hands. Don't stay indoors with a group of people for too long. The end.


    This vaccine can't come soon enough.

  8. This is going to be the longest 3-6 week wait in the history of time. One man can only watch so many Tesla Model 3 videos telling them that the M3P is the fastest car in it's price range and it isn't even close. I want to drive again now. I drive cars for a living (in addition to all the other fun things I do to fix cars). I've NEVER driven a car like this before.

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  9. 1 hour ago, Larry said:


    "Being restrained"?  


    Maybe it's just me, but the restrictions I'm under almost don't count.  


    (I think they should be more._)  

    Nor do they for me, but if you go to a grocery store or gym (I don’t really go to restaurants) you’ll find people all over not respecting social distance and wearing their masks improperly. And this is the Nova area, where people have been following the rules more closely.



    2 minutes ago, Rdskns2000 said:

    I hope Joe passes some sort of relief for first responders. They are literally risking their lives taking care of everyone during this pandemic.

    I hope Joe passes some sort of relief for all Americans who can’t work when we lift restrictions again.

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  10. 15 minutes ago, tshile said:

    You seeing what I’m seeing?


    nova is ****ed. About to be in bad shape. 

    Everyone else around us is as well. It’s only a matter of time for us. People are tired of being restrained. It’s been 8 months, almost 9. Our businesses need to stay open because otherwise we are all poor. We’re just gonna have to let it burn through and hope we all get lucky.

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