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  1. I can't believe that I bought into ANY crypto, let alone a meme coin, but here it is making me as much or more money than I made (and then lost) on AMC, GME, PLTR, CCIV or any other meme pump and dump stock.


    Plus, here's my issue with BTC or really any "real" crypto...

    They're all too ****ing expensive to be relevant.


    BTC is ~$56,000 right now. Say Amazon starts accepting BTC for payment. Are you going to order your jumbo Bounty paper towel for $5.99 in BTC? That's like .001 BTC? It's so incongruent with the USD that it makes zero sense to actually use as a currency unless you're buying really, really, really expensive ****. So what's the point? This **** will never actually be anything other than a manipulated currency exchange that we will never use unless it gets close or equal to a 1:1 or 1:10 or 1:100 exchange and then STABLE.


    So people laughing at dog coin can **** right off. Nobody is going to use your Bitcoin for anything, any time soon. It's just as much of a meme coin as dog coin. Now come here and tell me I'm wrong and there's some sort of non-imaginary value of Bitcoin.

  2. OK, so back to raising kids instead of preventing kids...


    My wife and I finished up with our 6 year old's Kindergarten last week. We did home school from Calvert. A combination of Kindergarten and 1st grade to get their equivalent of what FCPS would consider Kindergarten. We did school 4 days a week for about 1-1:30 each time. Frankly, I think that we are more happy that he finished than he is. Teaching is HARD. Especially when you're only teaching to one person. You know if that person isn't paying attention or doesn't have interest in the subject. It can be frustrating. Our guy was really, really good for most of it and retained a lot of the information and did well on most of the tests. So we are lucky. He is ready and willing to learn and even outside of "school" he's trying to learn new things.


    All that said. We are no teachers. We have a rising Kidergartener as well (so 1st grade and K next school year). We can't feasibly do 2 kids home schooled. We are totally ready for school to start full time next school year. I appreciate you teachers.

    3 minutes ago, PleaseBlitz said:

    True story:  when i was growing up my mom forced me to read Etiquette by Emily Post, in its entirety. 



    So Im pretty much a savage, but i know my forks and always send thank you cards when appropriate. 

    But seriously, **** that little fork. 


    We refer to them as "little fork" and "big fork". Big fork is for adults and little fork is for kids. The end.

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  3. 15 minutes ago, skinsfan_1215 said:

    Amen brother.

    Don’t touch the wife (or yourself) for two weeks, let things heal up. Make sure you get your samples checked after 3mo. Then go back and have it checked sometime between 6-9mo, and at a year. Most of the time when things grow back together, it’s within the first year.

    Source: me, dad of three, who had vasectomies after #2 and then again after #3. 

    Damn, my doc said he was going to check me after 2 weeks and 10 ejaculations... and I feel like if I’m shooting blanks then that’s all she wrote.

  4. I mean EA usually releases straight paywallwed ass so I’m not holding my breath on a BF BR that is a WZ killer but I’ll give it a shot if my squad plays that.


    Wonder when we will be able to find Ps5’s though. That’s the rough part.

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